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  1. I liked the mock as well but this just made TOO much contradictory sense.
  2. Just ask Curry
  3. There is more than enough money going to cancer research. They don't want to reveal the cure. Too much lost revenue in medical and pharmaceuticals. #conspiracy
  4. I'm already doing that TOO!! #SAINTS TOO
  5. I pointed this out to my Nawlins bretheren. He's hurt but he's good.
  6. I was JUST gonna comment that he is our Burner. PLEASE bring him home. LOVE IT!!
  7. His talk is cheap. No worries. He really seems undercover Stains fan.
  8. There is a cheap guy talking...
  9. Trufant is not more sticker in my eyes. Alford is always in position and the vicinity of the ball/player. Trufant is 15 yards off the player on a 3rd and 8. Trufant is RUNNING AWAY from contact. Trufant gets turned around so easily. I don't see nothing Trufant does better than Alford. Tru gets his share of penalties as well.
  10. I've tried this same logic, reasoning and play to this Saints apologist. They fixed it because they missed those 4 blatant calls. Chalk it up to they were missed.
  11. Can someone escort this Saints fan to the Saints Report? AFMB has no sympathy for Lose-iana. (thanks Tandy)
  12. So your logic is to 'disregard' all the other penalties because they didn't determine the outcome of the game? When actually, the facemask on Geoff possibly could've kept the game from going into overtime and Saints would've needed a td and not a fg. It would've been 1st down at the 1 or 2. They only got 3 out of that specific drive. But keep your Saints sympathy and take it to New Orleans and revel in y'all 'own' 2019 SB by watching the 2009 SB. Go on now, GIT!!
  13. Do you think there cared for phantom calls and missed calls for Patriots in SB51? No sympathy. NONE!!
  14. Not only that but consider everytime it is 3rd down, there is a conversion. Long and/or short are consistently converted. Well, 4th downs as well if we hold them on 3rd down.
  15. Beasley and Trufant. Hands down. Duke Riley has even started progressing, just a tad.
  16. Yeah, I would've kept Richard Smith but that again is the loyalty to some that I don't get.
  17. This is atrocious. Not just the game but this post and thought.
  18. This is such an emotional response that it should be shut down. How in the world are we worse than the Giants, Bucs, and even lowly Raiders. Tighten up bruh.
  19. Either that or his loyalty to some players and/or coaches. Some heads need to roll. Where is the duty to chastise and hold accountable?
  20. Trade his @$$ to Buffalo for a 3rd and never look year of course
  21. This dude was 15 yards off on 3rd and 9.
  22. No, I'm saying I thought winning the division over rode winning record.
  23. If we win out, don't we win the division having won the division title?
  24. He was a highly touted LBer out of North Carolina Tar Heels that never reached his potential but he has the measurables.