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  1. Watch "Atlanta Falcons Infinity War (For the upcoming 2019 season)" on YouTube
  2. 'Who the h3ll are you guys' should've showed the unhearalded late round picks and undrafted players.
  3. That my man, would be 2 OL free agents and 2 1st round OL draft picks.
  4. That is pretty cool and pretty trusting. I commend you nonetheless.
  5. I think 2 is par for the talent and expectations.
  6. So are we still on board for the season boss? I know we didn't go defense of note but give Quinn a chance.
  7. He looks good, great in coverage being on the hip. But his physicality and attacking the ball carrier is a bit much Trufantish, shies away from contact or assist tackle.
  8. Glad you have somewhat come around. But I get the apprehension. I wanted Wilkins.
  9. Oh, nothing. My bad. Misread your statement.
  10. We're not getting any comp picks next year with the amount of FAs we brought in; Carpenter, Brown, AC, the safeties. Who did we lose in FA?
  11. Looked for the name and went back at restarted the video.
  12. This I can really get behind. I figured OL, DL or DL, OL. My first choice was Wilkins at 14, then Tytus Howard.
  13. I want to go with sick. But Auburn did have a decent defense but not to the point of how he was getting beat.
  14. It really does not. Whew, that was bad.
  15. I like the statement but I don't think you set the bar low. Just standard really. I would just like to be above average defensively, Top 15 and Top 8 run, Top 3 pass. Lord knows we have the offensive weapons to do it but never really had the dominant line, now we might.
  16. Yeah, but not Brees (hate him but respect him) nor DEFINITELY Sean Payton.
  17. I'm with it, old school NFL smash mouth, SEC way. No excuses but 22 other teams would have excuses, really 31 but just speaking on Top 10 defense and run game. I hope we draft RB. I wanted the OK rb last year that went to Bengals. I want a bonafide starter this year but may not be possi le but we did find our current and last year starters in 3rd and 4th round.
  18. Ramczyk with the Saints is a eerily similar scenario and he has turned out well for them. IJS
  19. That would be bad luck 2 years in a row. But we have not had a good online for DECADES outside of 2016 and 2012. We have tried in the past with Holmes, Konz, Reynolds, and Johnson but with little success. You have to keep at it. Oline is the most important unit to me because it protects your most prized investment and allows the entire offense to work. And we have been getting by for years with Matt taking brutal hits just to tough the **** out and not call anyone out. Get the man a line. And I think we finally did.
  20. Definitely capable run game, IF Freeman gets back to form and protect himself better. I lole Ito but cannot be a primary back if Free goes down again. Brian Hill is probably a journeyman who may fumble his way out of the league or onto a practice squad. I would like another RB. Defense is an ongoing process. But we have invested heavily in the defense in years past. Tru, Alford, Beasley, Neal, Jones, Collins, Hageman, Takk, Oliver are all 1st and 2nd rounders. Some planned out, some didn't, some wasted potential.
  21. So you're not gonna enjoy the team this year? What if we draft rb Harris or Ogzibo? And say a Daylon Mack and Isiah Johnson. That is your DT, CB, and RB. Make a couple of trades to get back into the 3rd. Just curious because they are still moves to be made.
  22. We fully addressed one side of the trench and added depth on the other side of the trenches. We did lose close to 5 starters at some point in the season on defense, a few for extended period. Neal - 15 games, Jones - 10 games, Allen - 13 games, Shelby - 9 games, Jarrett - 2 games, Takk - 1 game bit played injured. You would be hard pressed to find a team to accommodate the loss of pro bowl, starter talent for that many injuries. I have a silent tongue and listening ear if you care to share.
  23. If Tyeler Davidson is as advertised, our run defense should progress. AC plays the run well. I was a Hageman fan just on his size and strength and the potential he brought. But he was a bit soft most of the time and very inconsistent. Hopefully, the 2 years out of the league lights a fire into a man possessed on his last opportunity. I think our biggest increase for our defense will be Debo and Neal getting back to form and Jarrett progressing. We have defensive weapons, but injury derailed the season and growth and development. Btw, ALL of my jerseys except 1 are defense, Roddy White. 45, 55, 78 Coleman, 21 Sanders throwback, and 22. I am praying the defense flourishes.
  24. I get the confusion of the draft but I actually have come around on the picks. Didn't see either coming, but we are hitting the trenches. I know, wasted capital and resources on the OL for the offseason but at least we focused heavily in the trenches. Our defense lost 2 bonafide Pro bowlers, 1 being an All-Pro for the season in the 1st game. Then lost your defensive captain in Allen and Grady Jarrett for a few games and Takk for a few games. Hard to compete with that much lost talent. Hageman is no scrub although he never reached his potential. He should come with a fire and hunger never witnessed from him knowing his career is on the line and he saw what life out of the league could be like for him. AC is serviceable. I think we will be ok on defense. What would the Ravens look like without Ray Lewis and Ed Reed lost to injury? Definitely not top 10. Not comparing the players, just the scenario.
  25. I liked the mock as well but this just made TOO much contradictory sense.