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  1. 'Who the h3ll are you guys' should've showed the unhearalded late round picks and undrafted players.
  2. That my man, would be 2 OL free agents and 2 1st round OL draft picks.
  3. Watch "Atlanta Falcons Infinity War (For the upcoming 2019 season)" on YouTube
  4. That is pretty cool and pretty trusting. I commend you nonetheless.
  5. I think 2 is par for the talent and expectations.
  6. So are we still on board for the season boss? I know we didn't go defense of note but give Quinn a chance.
  7. He looks good, great in coverage being on the hip. But his physicality and attacking the ball carrier is a bit much Trufantish, shies away from contact or assist tackle.
  8. Glad you have somewhat come around. But I get the apprehension. I wanted Wilkins.
  9. Oh, nothing. My bad. Misread your statement.
  10. We're not getting any comp picks next year with the amount of FAs we brought in; Carpenter, Brown, AC, the safeties. Who did we lose in FA?
  11. Looked for the name and went back at restarted the video.
  12. This I can really get behind. I figured OL, DL or DL, OL. My first choice was Wilkins at 14, then Tytus Howard.
  13. I want to go with sick. But Auburn did have a decent defense but not to the point of how he was getting beat.
  14. It really does not. Whew, that was bad.
  15. I like the statement but I don't think you set the bar low. Just standard really. I would just like to be above average defensively, Top 15 and Top 8 run, Top 3 pass. Lord knows we have the offensive weapons to do it but never really had the dominant line, now we might.