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  1. LOL, if he didn't know...he will probably purple font from now on or /sarcasm.
  2. Can we scale back a bit Falcons fans? I think it is called sarcasm based on how the media think we will regress without Shanny. Sheesh!!
  3. Uh yeah, there has been a flood of those threads around here
  4. Yet and still, you can't go on top 5 potential. Production is the name of the game when mentioning Top 5. Same reason I questioned why Watkins is even mentioned for the Clemson HM.
  5. Not to hijack your thread but I posted this over a week to 2 weeks ago. No worries. I'm not a board police AND you possibly missed it.
  6. That is one great year and one decent year. But NOTHING to say top 5.
  7. I definitely would not put him above Jordy Nelson. Dez Bryant didn't have the season last year but don't be fooled, Dez is still a beast. Hopkins only had 1 pro bowl season and that is because they forced him the ball and he was their 1st and 2nd option.
  8. Gray came in as a 5th round pick being labeled too small and he became a starting NT and came away with 3 sacks in the SB against the untouchable Tom Brady.
  9. Watkins hasn't done ANYTHING to warrant such praise. Injuries, not a knock but still not enough production.
  10. I don't think Hopkins is top 5. JJ, AB, ODB, Mike Evans, Dee Bryant, AJ Green, Jordy Nelson, Ty Holton and Hopkins are tied, Demaryius Thomas, Armani Cooper.
  11. Yes sir! That he is. He KILT it in the playoffs!!
  12. Grassroots effort. They brought back the Sax player for the National Anthem during the playoffs due to popular demand. Me personally, would prefer the Sax but would love to see the young lady get some spotlight. My son and his percussion drum line is the official band of the Falcons this season.
  13. I definitely think he has to best him in those categories to even be considered. Not to mention the rings he has and the heroics he had on the big stage. Julio was robbed of his heroics in 2012 San Fran NFC Chip game when he had 212+ yards receiving and last year's SB. Those were career defining plays only to have it snatched away. As far as intangibles, I don't think Julio compares. Rice work ethic were 2nd to NONE, not even TO. That is why the guy had a 20 year career in an era where taking a players head off was not only cool but encouraged. There were no defenseless receivers. Work ethic - Rice. Leadership - Rice slightly/wash. Julio is a lead by example and is just finding his 'voice' as a vocal leader. But I will mainly call this a wash. Humbleness - wash even though I think Rice was more fiery on the field. Julio just goes out and does his job. Community work - not sure, no comment. So we cannot say outright that Julio has better intangibles than Rice.
  14. That my man is a pretty informative list. And it does gives credence to our cries. The only thing is...everyone else has a SB. Which, again, I highly think MR2 will get. The list also tells me that Ryan was asked to do more in his early years than others...hence the number of pass attempts. Aside from him having a running game early on with The Burner, he had no help from the defense. Also, hence the number of 4th Qtr comebacks in hi career. That's our qb.
  15. That's hella light for a dominant player. I'm not sure why we can't feature him in the red zone more. Plus the nagging injuries are definitely going to slow him down at some point. Won't be able to have the longevity or production of Jerry. I think Julio has 3-4 more years of domination and then 2-3 years of twilight if he doesn't leave before he pulls a Roddy (favorite Falcon all time). Add to the fact of his business deal.