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  1. Very astute and in-depth observation and analysis.
  2. Have 4...2 in section 116, Row 36, seats 3 and 4 for me and the wife and section 218, row 12, seats 13 and 14, I think for the fam. Don't ever use those.Also, have Hawks season tix. I contributed.
  3. But Julio produced yards. That wasn't the full extent of the content in the ever going debate. Data and word manipulation. There are other variables that was stated to go along with those sentiments even though I NEVER depreciated Julio's production.
  4. I never said Julio was in violation of the CBA. But as such, the termination of contracts by ownership obviously was written and agreed upon in the CBA. Also player holdouts as a right but with penalties was in the CBA as well. No argument on that. Julio is handling his business and the Falcons have every right to handle their business.
  5. Thisbis a false nareative because they have administrative personnel going on convoy supply operations on a daily basis - MSR TAMPA. Going in and out of fob on a daily basis. The military were short staffed during the full blown war to where they had cooks amd admin and HR and postal workers going on patrol as part of duty.
  6. I have constantly said I THINK. Never said I know. I did ask hypotheticals. But you don't know what was said behind closed doors as well. I can gather a hypothesis from what has been said publicly however. But it is just that specualtion and a deducted, educated guess. Timing, consistency because BOTH of those were off and were issues for Julio last year.
  7. He is. I'm not mad at that. I'm disappointed in the way he went about it first of all and I think the Falcons really have compensated him handsomely. Another team issuing a ridiculous overpaid contract should not mean we up the ante to comfort Julio's ego and pride. We would be the Browns.
  8. Lol. What about when he drops a game winning touchdown? Just playing antagonist to this theory.
  9. Dez also was kind of a locker roon cancer, off the field issues, beefing with rookie qb and legendary te Witten. Not to mention production. Just so many variables to warrant the cut. But Dez got his guaranteed salary.
  10. I get it. This is part of their platform to renegotiate. I just don't want to be known as the organization to be forced to overpay, or forced into something we don't need, a standoff. I think Julio went about it the wrong way. I think if he went to Blank and Dimi they would have obliged or at least entertained it. My rationale for this is because Blank emphatically stated that Julio will be a Falcon for life early on. But now in a public standoff, he has to do so in a way that does not gives precedence for upcoming contracts. Do you think the Patriots would be held hostage in a holdout? I know they are currently renegotiating Gronks contact but they also considered other variables like trade scenarios. MAYBE Gronks demands diminshed a bit and then Patriots decided to renegotiate. Speculation much but the rumors of trade seeking was out there
  11. Statistics have different variables and degree of variables on different sides of the ball. You could say the same thing for Julio vs Aaron Donald but he doesn't play offense.
  12. And yet and was voted on amd ratified by the PLAYER'S ASSOCIATION. Wow! Screw Demaurice Smith and Vincent/Troy Brown, huh?
  13. Already 1 game that he single-handedly won and the Panthers game as one single-handedly lost. But he is comparing an offensive impact vs defensive impact, where we have proven to win without Jones, Julio that is. Not say we wouldn't without Deion. Point being, it's a team game and we have a good TEAM as it stands with PLENTY of offenseive weapons. Not as many weapons on the other side of the ball. And I'm thinking of the cap situation and precedence it brings.
  14. Nope. He would still be complaining about Sammy Watkins gettingnposted about more on chiefs board making more money.
  15. Anybody and everybody rhat has been in the military has, as well as public services. EVERY-DAY!! There are lots of veterans on here I'm sure. But to down play it, they have very little mediums to not show up for work. Now remember you compared people's everyday lives and jobs to sports.