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  1. I would definitely be down with this. I just joined the ATL CAST and it was phenomenal to meet new fans. I would look forward to it.
  2. I get what you're saying that is wasn't as tense but it was always a rivalry.
  3. Are you serious? Oh, late blooming fan?! What about the rivalry between Vick and his first cousin, Aaron Brooks. We owned them during that time. Or how about the team swaps of players; Hebert, Tolliver, IronHead, Joe Horn later. and there are a few more...Morton Anderson.
  4. Nah bruh...ALWAYS been a rivalry. Even as bottom dwellers in the NFC West with the Rams and 49ers. There is a genuine history and rivalry between these 2. It just never got the attention because of the records and game play history.
  5. Those Roddy success and turnaround stories are far and few in between. Odds are against him but he is still getting the opportunity. I don't think he does but good luck. If he does, better for us.
  6. And to think some were comparing his rookie season and numbers vs Debo, saying they had similar numbers...not even close.
  7. Man, Levitre looks like he has canons for guns. Might need to try to hold onto him for an additional year or two.
  8. That is why I made sure I put encouraging first. But the fact remains that Tru is a vet that is supposed to be tops in the league and Ridley is a rookie but as I stated, good to see the battles, even when pro bowl players get beat ( by pur team in practice of course)
  9. I mean, Fletcher Cox did his thing in the game. But that is ALMOST in the same breath saying Watt and Donald doing their thing. He has established himself as a force in the league. Cox is BETTER than Jarrett and Geno Atkins and that is saying something. But we still competed and had our opportunity IN PHILLY! Mind you Wes has had another off season to get stronger and better technique. Let's not just write him off as non serviceable at the moment. We had a chance to get back to the NFCCG on the road in one of the most HOSTILE of environments. #RISE UP #BROTHERHOOD
  10. I didn't see it but that sounds encouraging and discouraging at the same time...good to hear the offensive and defensive battles going on. Some may worry bout Tru in that the same sone worry bout the offense not winning battles. We have a legitimate team on both sides...gonna win some battles and lose some battles Iron sharpens iron
  11. This is so hard to fathom, the depth of our secondary 3 years in with Quinn. But honestly, the defense as a whole is totally transformed, morphed into one of the better defenses in the league. If we make a top5 D this season, I don't think we surprise no one but just accepted leaguewide that the phenomenal drafting the past few years have hit their stride. 'They are who we thought they are'
  12. AB is more consistent. Julio has his shares of drops as well. And not minor drops...we're talking clutch drops.
  13. What is my lane? A fan on a message board or a paying STH? So Julio is the only player that is risking injury for a new contract? The first player? NO!! But he is the 1st player to sit out with 3 years left. Albert Haynesworth anyone? You are right, we don't have $hit to discuss.
  14. yds vs tds