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  1. Preach!!
  2. And Trufant should've went for the ball while Cam was diving bit he wanted to 'act' like he was trying to hit Cam. These defenders are shying away from contact and still making stupid mistakes and penalties. Can't get off on 3rd down.
  3. I haven't seen it. My next question(s). What play did he make? The tackle after jumping on a pile or the play where his head did a 360 spin?
  4. Annoying or not, they are inferior. See definition below. They have a lower ranking, lesser talent, and we supposedly have better quality talent based on the masses and we're expected to win by the NFL fanbase. There are always inferior and superior teams. There are the creme de la creme and then there are the bottom dwellers. It just is. Look, I get the any given Sunday mantra, but is New England superior to Cleveland...absolutely!! Can Cleveland pull off an 'upset'? Absolutely. Why would it be considered an 'upset'? Because Cleveland is inferior to New England. NE is expected to win because of superior talent and coaching. It is well understood, just as we are/were considered inferior to Miami. Maybe not anymore and we will be viewed differently now. in·fe·ri·or ˌinˈfirēər/ adjective 1. lower in rank, status, or quality. "schooling in inner-city areas was inferior tothat in the rest of the country" synonyms: second-class, lesser, lower in status, lower-ranking, subordinate,second-fiddle, junior, minor; More 2. low or lower in position. "ulcers located in the inferior and posterior wall of the duodenum" noun 1. a person lower than another in rank, status, or ability. "her social and intellectual inferiors" synonyms: subordinate, junior, underling,minion, menial, peon "how dare she treat him as an inferior?"
  5. I agree with that too. For me, it's not that we lose but the way we lose. It started with Smith and getting too conservative with a lead and letting teams come back and win. We got our coach who did an excellent job motivating the fanbase. But we are seeing the same results from the Smith era. Not to mention the SB lead blowing. And here we are now blowing 17 point second halves to an inferior opponent AT HOME no less. I am not comfortable with any lead unless it is halfway through the 4th amd we're up 30 and we have the ball, at this point. It brings a lot of skepticism in believing in the team at this point. It also gives opponents a lot of confidence when we have them down. No belief from the fanbase, pundits and other fans in general. Pretty much the whooping stick/laughing stock of the league.
  6. It is getting old because it's happening too much!! I'm not doom and gloom but D A M N there is a cause for concern.
  7. As someone said, coporate seats.
  8. Oh no...I haven't sold any tickets yet. I'm considering selling for the Cowboys game. Tickets in my section are on the market between $600-750/per ticket. That's quite a bit. The only thing holding me back is the wife. She is adamant that she will not sell. Well, she can make a new friend on November 12th.
  9. Well, with PSL costs, people are selling their tickets to games they don't want to attend to offset some of those costs, including me.
  10. If he is reading his thread, he already knows this...there isn't any one to agree with him on this. Time to tuck the tail with head down and let the thread die.
  11. IQ test here: But wouldn't there ALWAYS be top 10 players in penalties. Once those top 10 are 'out of the league' there will be a new top 10. Learning lesson here my friend.
  12. It has been well documented how Worrilow helped Deion with development even though he knew his job was being taken, how Worrilow was a Pro's pro. Just because Low didn't have the speed and measurables, doesn't mean he can't teach him the game at this level and how to prepare and read plays.
  13. Well, not just splash plays. He also had 4 times as many tackles through 4 games. 25-6 including a few tackles for losses. Also, Debo is more physical. Stop with the Debo vs Riley comparisons...besides playing LBer for LSU, there is no comparison.
  14. This is what my wife and I do.
  15. NO!! Matt Ryan has missed on some pretty open throws to Julio, Freeman, and Hardy. But give me Matt over the rest of the field.