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  1. Do you think it is possible to go after Yannick from Jax? He is on the trade block. I know, salary cap. But that can be manipulated with restructures. Go all in. Can we give our 2nd amd 4th this year and 1st next year? Is that enough?
  2. Is this NOT the truth? Roddy was everything a fan wanted as a representative of the team.
  3. That is LITERALLY when I left the game and left the Falcons for the season. Not watching NFL anymore this season. Section 116, Row 34, seats 4&5 have been given to my brother as if today.
  4. 'Who the h3ll are you guys' should've showed the unhearalded late round picks and undrafted players.
  5. That my man, would be 2 OL free agents and 2 1st round OL draft picks.
  6. Watch "Atlanta Falcons Infinity War (For the upcoming 2019 season)" on YouTube https://youtu.be/iJQab7WEF7E
  7. That is pretty cool and pretty trusting. I commend you nonetheless.
  8. I would like to purchase the tix.

    1. The Peregrine

      The Peregrine

      I would like to purchase the tickets.

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