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  1. Do you think it is possible to go after Yannick from Jax? He is on the trade block. I know, salary cap. But that can be manipulated with restructures. Go all in. Can we give our 2nd amd 4th this year and 1st next year? Is that enough?
  2. Is this NOT the truth? Roddy was everything a fan wanted as a representative of the team.
  3. That is LITERALLY when I left the game and left the Falcons for the season. Not watching NFL anymore this season. Section 116, Row 34, seats 4&5 have been given to my brother as if today.
  4. 'Who the h3ll are you guys' should've showed the unhearalded late round picks and undrafted players.
  5. Watch "Atlanta Falcons Infinity War (For the upcoming 2019 season)" on YouTube https://youtu.be/iJQab7WEF7E
  6. That is pretty cool and pretty trusting. I commend you nonetheless.
  7. I would like to purchase the tix.

    1. The Peregrine

      The Peregrine

      I would like to purchase the tickets.

  8. H*ll, don't support them. They don't support American beliefs. Half of Americans don't support American beliefs. The constitution applies to WHO? AMERICANS!! Not illegal immigrants, not foreigners, not people of other coutries. For those "Americans who are screaming that illegals have a right, F**K YOU!! They are the ones who use illegal services. How about you MARRY one to make them legal MFer? It wouldn't be an issue then." I'm tired of this immigration bs. It is clear-cut. The word ILLEGAL has a DEFINITE meaning. You are not a citizen, you are illegal and you are breaking the law. If you a
  9. As an American, I respect your opinion. As a disabled vet...f**k that MF. He shouldn't get S**T. F**k a due process. If he's guilty without a doubt, he's guilty. If you are CAUGHT doing a crime you are GUILTY. (They say you aren't guilty of anything until you're caught). Well, he's on video with multiple eyewitnesses AND victims AND the bullet wounds to prove it (he got shot by the security officer). Tell that "due process" to the family of the victims. Well, I don't know the victims, but I have a friend that was just leaving the area. ( well, at least he said he was. He is stationed there an
  10. ^^^This^^^ And to top it off, the story is not even interesting or intriguing in the least. After they finish their story, the crowd disperses and they fux up the entire moment.
  11. WOW!! Get the cross, dagger, and garlic. She looks like she naturally belongs in True Blood or Twilight. She is TOO pale. She needs a tan. But you can insert any average looking chick with potential in that video and it will turn guys on. And if they say they wouldn't I question their manhood. For people who say that wouldn't hit this chick or that chick needs to stop lying to themselves or look at their hands because they know their hand a bit too much. Or they must make those statements on Thursdays. You take a look at their history of chicks and it would be like...WTF? Are you serious? You
  12. Tell that to people who live in straight fear in LA with the gangs there and the MS13. They are terrorists too. they don't kill in masses but they strike fear to their lands their claim. FACT is, we have criminals crossing the border, EVERY TIME an illegal crosses the border. It makes them criminal. To label whether they are terrorists or criminals is absurd. BUT, criminals (other than it being criminal crossing over the border in the first place) cross over the border. Then, when they do dirt here, commit a crime HERE, they run back across the border to Mexico until things cool down, get a ne
  13. This is my exact point that I was hitting on. AZ did not step on the toes of Federal law. They just legislated a state law in line WITH federal law to impose and enforce it where the FEDS did not impose and enforce. How can the FEDS block AZ law when it is written in law about illegal immigrants.
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