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  1. Fortunately I have a wife who REFUSES to sell even at $600/ticket for Cowgirls game. We'll be there regardless.
  2. Well, it's only going to get worse if the losses keep coming AT HOME!! Once we are out of playoff contention, it will be a road game for us in the Benz.
  3. My section, 116, must still be in church during the game. They don't yell, scream, or chant. Heck, I don't think they know when to yell...not while we are in the huddle guys...we do that against the other team.
  4. It appeared to be facemask to facemask and not as eggregious as portrayed. The commentator said, 'you should've known the qb was going to go into a slide.' Not Cam...unless Debo knocked some sense into him at the goalline his rookie year and now Cam slides or run out of bounds against the Falcons now. I think penalty yes. Ejection, maybe. Fine, okay. Suspension, no. This qb protection is ridiculous. Mind you, I understand anout that being called on a rb, te, or wr. But suspension?
  5. He picked Campbell. If Cam would've stayed in the pocket, he could've hit the receiver on a crossing route for big yards. That was ugly defense by #42.
  6. I was in the stadium and it appeared that Ryan expected Julio to be in a different area, thus Julio not in the same zip code, but you could be right.
  7. That was horrible. Right to him, didn't even have to move or adjust to the throw.
  8. No, not solid...perfect game by the OL. Ryan not sacked once. Didn't seem rushed or pressured hardly at all. Levitre goes out and we keep rolling. Excellent all around game outside the miscommunication between Ryan and Jones for the int.
  9. This was hilarious.
  10. Can they, yes! Will they? No probable but I pray so. I genuinely said a prayer for the football God to watch over us and show mercy and leniency.
  11. I get what you're saying and it's possible. But Foles was an above average starter before he went to Philly and they had a bonafide top 3 Defense to help guide the ship.
  12. That is some good optimistic thinking and is highly possible. I hope you are right.I don't mind being wrong and would celebrate being wrong in this instance but I'm on the fence.
  13. Well, do your time safely. I've done mine. Everywhere I was stationed was an Air Force Base or Naval Station. So, no, we do jab other services as they jab USMC. Your point?
  14. Oh well then...leave me the F alone or FOH!! Nothing else need to be said. Still don't know nothing about me to say $*** to me about what I need to do. And if you are a veteran, you would know the jabs between services. But I'm done with you.
  15. Are you serious? You don't know a dam thing about what I need to do or show? F*** you, medically retired E-6 dummy.