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  1. First sentence and you've already undermined your point. Even if your understanding of the game was at the level of an NFL Coordinator (Which let's face it, it probably isn't) you still can't say with certainly what the play call was from just watching the tape as an outsider. The effort's you've put in to defend your guy is commendable, and your arguement itself is plausible, but I also think sometimes the obvious answer (Stone was at fault) is also the right one!
  2. He does NOT like when you bring that up. I mentioned it in passing on twitter back in March and was immediately blocked! Fortunately I'm not missing much by not being able to follow him anymore.
  3. Fair play to the guy, he is very fair to her in that letter. Most do not have that much patience for her, and rightly so; she is a despicable kunt!
  4. I also think Hardy could be a huge upgrade for us. Just watching his highlight videos he just seems such a smooth player... tough as nails and catches everything. The one word of caution I would add though. I thought the same things about Kerry Meier once upon a time!
  5. Ideally I'd prefer someone else... both Hawk and Worrilow are below average, 2-down LBs. If I have to choose one I'd take Worrilow because he's cheaper and seems like a good man!
  6. At the risk of repeating myself, the draft report I linked to disagrees with your "Coming out of college he was praised for his athleticism and speed" Theory
  7. "Lacks adequate speed for the guard position. .... Because of sub-par speed, downfield blocking needs to get better. Struggles to get to the second level in the running game." - http://www.nfl.com/draft/2010/profiles/mike-iupati?id=497016 Just screams perfect OG for a zone blocking scheme, right?
  8. Hasn't watched football since 1985, but knows who Mike Shanahan is?
  9. You sprint to the podium and take Clowney anyway... Our pass rush has been so Anemic that 1 guy, no matter how amazing he is, will not be able to totally fix it.
  10. Don't worry about it folks... D-Led probably just misread the txt message. Just ask Brent Grimes
  11. Being/staying healthy is a talent... It's all well and good being a top 10 back "when healthy", but when you are permanently operating at less than 100% health, what difference does it make?
  12. Despite the injury I don't think Maclin will be cheap. He's a better/more complete receiver than DeSean Jackson... In a league where Brian Hartline gets a contract worth 31 million over 5 years, Maclin (even coming of an injury) will get at least that... someone will pay him 6 or 7 million a year!
  13. Having been a fan of the team for over 15 years, and never having actually been in the building for a game, just got tickets to my first Falcons game! Ridiculously excited!
  14. "Nobody plays the game to be average..." NOT TRUE... Peter Konz does... unfortunately he never lives up to his goals of being average!
  15. It's insanity that he hasn't even been sounded out about the possibility of coming on as a assistant/consultant!
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