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  1. :laugh: I'm serious dude. She is not even fine. With her hip stuck out. Hilarious.
  2. I'm ignorant because you don't agree with me. Now that's ignorant. Also, I'm tired of looking at that flat ##### women in your sig.
  3. That basically is what this amounts too. Why did Dummytroff even suggest trading Hall in that AJC article? Blank and company have just about completed ridding the team of stand-up players and "true" team leaders. Watch out Horn and Milloy, you might be next. Brooking, for what ever reason, you seem to be safe. I still, for the life of me, haven't figured that one out yet. If this team drafts Matt Ryan first, this franchise will be doomed with bad luck for the next 15 years a la the Atlanta Hawks. I have been watching this team for about thirty years now, and I am just disgusted with Bla
  4. My opinion of him dropped drastically after seeing him get "ate up" more often than not everytime opposing teams decided to run to his side. He's still on the smallish side for a 4-3 WLB. But good luck to him in KC. Seems like teams were running right up the middle to me. Right at our wonderboy MLB.
  5. B.S.! your hatred has you blind. You don't remember the philly game?Hall shut owens out,or the 1st game against the bengals,chad shut down,and you're so into the one drive against the panthers that you forgot that Smith a great WR was shut out. But you are Blind at the play of your MLB. If you think that Hall shut Smith down in that game then you would be wrong. If you go back and watch the game you will see that Hall didn't actually defend a pass to Smith. Most of the passes to Smith were poorly thrown and he did not haul them in.[/quote] Take me now Lord, I have seen/heard/read it all!! Are
  6. Roddy has every right to say what he did about our Oline. We can say the line is bad, but Roddy can't. May I ask why not? The truth is indeed the light. I notice a lot of people on this board cannot stand it when a player comes out and speaks the truth. Are the players supposed to be seen and not heard? These are grown men. You cannot silence them.
  7. if you have the portable/removeable tuner, you can buy a dock for a desktop. Edit: oops, didnt see you said computer. I thought you just meant in your office, etc. My bad. Thanks man.
  8. Roddy is smarter than Mayock and Kiper, Jr. Heck, I'm smarter than those two when it comes to drafting for the Falcons.
  9. Quick question about Sirius radio. I'm getting it installed in my truck tomorrow. Is there a way for me to listen to it on my computer at my desk?
  10. Funniest thing he said was "you never know when a franchise QB is going to come around again". Try next year. This dude has a thing for Ryan just like he had a thing for Cutler two years back. He constantly dogs McFadden out. Marshall Faulk ate his lunch one night when debating on Darren McFadden. I would trust a future HOF rb's assessment of another rb before I listen to a free agent safety drafted 30 years ago from Boston College that had 2 cups of coffee in the NFL.
  11. Does anybody know the top 5 rated guards coming out?
  12. I like Rey M., but MLB IS an immediate need. I want Knowshon Moreno in 2009!!
  13. I think that the team is not looking to draft a QB early, contrary to popular belief. I also believe Matt Ryan is in for the fall/slide of his life. No team is about to spend big time money on a questionable QB prospect, no matter how much Mayock and Co. hype him up. I think teams have learned alot from the Carr, Harrington, Alex Smith mistakes. These QBs never won anything in college and didn't have any extraordinary skills to warrant such high picks. Picking Ryan could get somebody fired quick.
  14. Right now, I wouldn't mind either one in the middle. Boley, Mayo/Lofton, and Nicholas sounds **** good to me.
  15. Interesting questions. After MV's time served PETA shouldn't show up -after all they got what they wanted and almost $1M to "take care of the dogs". . . . question is would PETA protestors want to deal with tailgating football fans. Preach!! There might be some whipped arses laying around outside of the Dome if they start that PETA protest crap. It can get kinda crunk down there amongst all the Vick faithful.
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