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  1. As long as Sean Payton is coaching the Saints, the Falcons will be chasing them. He's 12-2 against the Falcons and would be 13-1 if Hartley wouldn't have shanked a 29 yard fg in overtime. And.....the Bucs and Panthers are only getting better. I see fourth place in the division in the Falcons future for the next several seasons if they keep Smith.
  2. Brees has a SB ring and a slew of NFL records. Ryan is regressing. Ryan's lucky if he makes the Falcons HOF. He will NEVER make the NFL one. Period.
  3. This might be the most ridiculous post ever. If you think the Saints are going to let Jimmy Graham get away you are a totally delusional fool. First of all, he loves Payton and Brees and the entire Saints organization for giving hIm the opportunity when no one else would. And second, see the first reason because there is no other.
  4. You obviously didn't see the last play of the Saints/Patriots game when Brady threw the winning td pass. The Patriots o-lineman had Junior Gallette in a wrestling hold around his neck and no flag was thrown. That gave the game to the Patriots.
  5. Perhaps what you really hate is the way he abuses and manhandles the Falcons DB's. If Graham was a Falcon, he could completely rip down the goal posts and eat them and no one around here would say a word.
  6. Classic Atlanta delusional hilarity.
  7. You are right. Unfortunately last year was THE year in the life of the Falcons. The planets were aligned, the ball bounced their way every game and it still DID NOT happen. They are now light years away from the playoffs and a universe away from the SB. Sorry but Ryan will never, ever get there. Period.
  8. Allow me to answer that in French: Ryan is a poo-say.
  9. The reason he wasn't traded is because the classless Falcons refused his request. Check it out, it's true.
  10. Ask the Cowboys how much the Saints cheated last night. That "cheating Taints" thing is getting old and is exposing the Falcons fans overwhelming jealousy.
  11. Big Ben would retire first before going to Atlanta. And the delusion continues.
  12. So friggin' what? Every single team in the NFL has injuries. The difference is the great teams don't fold their tents and quit like the Falcons have done this year. End of story. Stop making excuses.
  13. When the Saints fans come on this board and accuse Falcons fans of being the worst fair weather fans in the NFL, everybody goes totally ape****. This just proves their point.
  14. Hilarious delusion. Rob Ryan is going to leave the Saints to come to Atlanta??!! Dream on.
  15. No way. No one picked the Giants to win the Super Bowl. Many, many so-called experts and sports mags picked the Falcons. Falcons win hands down .
  16. Exactly right. Let us not forget that the Saints manhandled these very Cardinals to the tune of 31-7.
  17. Total BS, not one Saints fan wants that. That's a plant from another team (probably the Falcons) that said that, if anybody actually did.
  18. 100% of all Saints fans do not want Ingram back.
  19. Here's an undisputed fact: one playoff win, ONE! If you are satisfied with that brand of mediocrity, good for you. Oh, and did I mention? One payoff win!!?? Pathetic!!
  20. Actually the Saints have several new players on defense.
  21. Truly a national tv embarrassment for the ages. While your team is mounting a furious comeback, they are playing to a practically empty house! Pathetic and unforgivable. Los Angeles needs a team. The Falcons ownership should seriously consider moving them to L.A. Every other NFL team fan base now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Falcons fans are the worst, period. Rise Down!
  22. Hahahahahahahahahaha, this has been very entertaining! Hahahahahahahaha!!!
  23. Contrary to the belief of most Falcons fans, the universe does not revolve around the Falcons. Sean Payton is not the least bit concerned about the Falcons unless they are the next game up. Period. Oh, that and because he totally owns and dominates them.
  24. Actually the Falcons failed to win in the last seconds of the game.
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