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  1. new england has a great running game. so i don't know what games you guys have been watching, but it sure wasn't any of the games earlier this season when they had their rb's.

    their weakness is run defense. but nobody can possibly take advantage of that because they're down by 21 points already. when seymour returns that weakness will disappear.

  2. i live in new england and i absolutly hate evryone on the patriots....they are going with a no uddle 4wr spread with being up 35-7 with 20 seconds left in the 4th qtr......i hope tom brady get a season ending injury...i really hate the,

    you're idiotic.

    you play to the best of your ability until the game is finished. period.

    the fact that you think teams are somehow entitled to a close scoreboard just shows you're a ######. this ain't little league.

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