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  1. Other than his "ignore" bits, I don't get why people have such a huge issue with Gazoo.

    I've not been here for several years. But back when I first started it was his immaturity that rubbed people the wrong way. His latest remark about 'low end message board nobodies' proves nothing has changed in these last past years. Why would you even make a silly comment like that?

  2. You dont have to be 320 lbs to be stout against the run.

    But you do if you're going to control two gaps.

    The problem with Jerry is that he is a one gap tackle, which puts added pressure on our porous linebacking corps. We're currently missing a starting linebacker. I have little doubt that Jerry is a good player who will probably get sacks, but I fear for our run defense because of the added pressure his swap out for Grady Jackson will put on our linebacking corps.

  3. I didnt bother looking at the Cowboys, but at the same time you have to realize where MSNBC is located. They are slap dead in the middle of New York City at the Rockefeller Plaza. Plus New York cant stand the Cowboys.

    They can't stand *anybody* in their division. But the Cowboys, the biggest sports franchise in the world, are the only team that got a bad grade in that division.

  4. You guys have to realize that in NE everybody plays their part and does it well. That is the biggest thing TD brought here from NE. Trust me, Belickik, Pioli , TD and others all played parts in NE's draft. I think Belickik might be the best at maneuvering throughout the draft but I'd have to say all 3 are good talent evaluators. McDaniels on the other hand is a screw up. He got talented players but his maneuvering skills are pathetic. I agree that TD was not the genius behind the NE drafts but he was a big part of the evaluation process and for whoever thinks that Belichik didn't even talk to TD is a bit clueless because that isn't how things work in NE. Everybody works together.

    I disagree. If you think about all of the people Belichick has to talk to on a daily basis, I would never have put TD at the top of that list. Few times a year would be my guess. Belichick has said in the past that he has guys on his staff that he in fact does *not* even talk to.

  5. my whole point is that TD has an idea of what to look for in each player and the position they'll be great at. Picking players that are system fits is the best way to hit on players in the draft. If we just drafted players just because they looked good on paper and didn't fit the system, that is the reason why some hyped up players are busts.

    I understand that.

    Its just that TD doesn't actually have a "draft history" with the Patriots.

  6. You think Belichick spent countless hours watching college film in order to decide who to draft? Not a chance.

    The duty of the Dir of College Scouting, in this case TD, is to filter down the possibilities and write up reports on all the players they think are a good fit. Then Belichick would decide who to draft based on these reports. So yeah, he would have had a good deal of influence on who they drafted.

    I would say that if you think Belichick does *not* watch college film then you have got another thing coming.

    Secondly, my response was to the opening post. It paints TD as the genius behind the Patriot drafting machine. In reality, he was very easily replacable by Belichick. TD was as essential to their drafts as an assembly worker on an assembly line somewhere at Ford is to building cars.

    TD drafts well because TD drafts well. Not simply because he is a former Patriot. It was entirely possible for him to come to the Faclons and do a horrible job. Considering the high bust to success ratio of coaches and executives in football who fell from the Belichick tree, I'd even go so far as to say that it was statistically probable. The latest guy, Josh McDaniels, has managed to become the worst coach in the NFL without even ever having coached a single down.

  7. Hold up. What about Bilichek? Loot at what he did yesterday. He is the genius. Not just in the draft room but on the field.

    There are a lot of great books on the Patriots' rise from 2001 through 2004. I've read two of them and neither even so much as mention TD.

  8. OH, i think not. Look for Lawrence Sidbury to challenge JA-98 for for the DE spot opposite ABE... I believe Sidbury was the steal of the

    draft for the Falcons.

    I hope you're right. But it looks like Sid will be situational rather than a starter to me.

    The thing is that when I look at some of the great 4-3 defenses, such as the 2002 Bucs and the 2003 Panthers, they really had it going on personnel wise. Totally stacked. We are getting there with TD, but not there yet.

    I remember when we had Abe, Kerney, Grady and Coleman. Even though it only lasted one game before Abe got hurt, we were able to trash the Panthers up front without ever blitzing. Jake couldn't get any time. That's what I'd like to see us get going again.

  9. We had the 6th ranked offense and the 24th ranked defense last season. This year we will be better offensively, but not remarkably better defensively. In truth, we needed two defensive linemen, a linebacker, a safety and a CB. And that was before we lost all of our starters on defense this offseason.

  10. Even though we had some losses this off season I say yes.. Just the improved pass rush I expect us to get will benefit the whole D. Jamal Anderson will have another year of experience and NO WAY he get's any worse. Hopefully his production will improve. No way Jerry doesn't make an immediate impact. He is a force upfront and I can't wait to see what he does. Can't forget Abe. Also Sidburry was a steal in my opinion an I'm hoping he can have an immediate impact.

    Onto the Linebacker. Peterson will add some power and ferocity to our D. Lofton will have another year under his belt and really start to develop. Nicholas and Dwyer are hard to perdict but I'm hoping they can be solid.

    Our Secondary will def see improvement. Hopefully Houston can start to advance to an elite level and that our new CBs push each other. Owens seems to have a really good knack for the ball and I expect him and of course WILLY MO to become instant playmakers.

    What do you guys think?

    Hard to tell. I'm optimistic, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't still have some reservations.

    Its not clear whether our defensive line is better or worse. And I guess that depends on what you're asking them to do and what the rest of the team looks like behind them. Grady Jackson was a good anchor at the point of attack and run stuffing body. With no two gap linemen anymore, we now are left with all single gap tackles. This means added pressure on the linebackers to stop the run during run plays. Depending on how you feel Grady Jackson was at beating a double or a single block to get into the backfield on a passing play, we might or might not be better at pressuring the QB. Although I'm optimistic because last year we were not able to get very much pressure on the QB, I believe a legitimate player at the opposite DE position in order to help out John Abraham would have been even more effective at generating a pass rush than replacing Grady Jackson with an undertackle.

    The linebacking core is also an area of concern. They should be better than they were last year, but without a two gap tackle on the line of scrimmage their responsibilities have unfortunately increased in step with their collective talent. I was really hoping for a known good entity at linebacker or a great draft pick, but I still maintain that our most pressing need on defense is another defensive end opposite Abraham.

    Our secondary is probably worse without Milloy and Foxworth in the immediately future, but probably better down the road. This is why I wanted another defensive end because most shortcommings in the secondary can be masked or eliminated with a pass rush and good pressure on the QB. Usually a good defensive lineman is immediately effective in their first season. TD drafted an UT, which I'm guessing he predicts will have such a great impact on our pass rush, but I'm pretty much ready to give up on the Jamaal Anderson experiment completely and get a real defensive end.

    All in all, I'm happy with the draft. The most important thing was to draft immediate starters in roles of need and thats what we did.

  11. 1. people keep talking about the patriots "system", so if that's the case, then why do you keep making excuses for the wr's? the patriots wr's were so bad that they couldn't score a point? please

    2. brady's two playoff losses had two (not the one that you mentioned) very costly interceptions. aside from that he had been great. i never did compare his record to manning's playoff record. his defense let him down in last year's afccg, but how much of that had to do with manning's play? i'll admit that in manning's losses, he hasn't played very well, but in several of his wins he played great, like against denver and kansas city in 2003 and 2004, and again against denver in 2004. manning has hundreds of playoff mistakes?

    i never said that brady wasn't currently the best playoff qb in the nfl, but i did bring up the fact that he has not been as perfect in the past two seasons as people try to make him. i personally think that they won't make it to the super bowl this year. it'll be like in 2004 when pittsburgh went 15-1 and was eliminated by brady and the patriots, in 05 when the colts went 14-2 and lost to pittsburgh and last year when tom brady led new england over 14-2 san diego.

    i'm done with this comparison due to the fact that you are too immature to have a reasonable debate without resorting to foolish insults like "******" and "stupid" over the computer. i'm guessing that you're probably about 15 or 16

    if you want a reasonable debate then start off by making a **** reasonable suggestion. don't say stupid stuff that flys in the face of the evidence, make up kooky definitions and then get mad when people flame you about it. try knowing what the **** you're talking about before you type.

    based on history its pure stupidity to claim that tom brady would ever choke before peyton manning would. pure conjecture out of line with history. especially since brady has *never* choked. unlike manning, there has been no tremendous disparity between brady's play in the regular season and his play in the playoffs. a disparity there defines what it means to choke in the playoffs. if you define losing a playoff game or throwing an int as choking, then joe montana was a choke artist too according to your ******** little definitions.

    and your analogies suck. the 2004 steelers and the 2005 colts? never thought they were going anywhere in the playoffs. and i was right. i thought that the 2006 colts *might* go somewhere because they looked like a much, much better team than any peyton manning team in the past. i'd be lying if i told you i knew they would win it all last year, but they definitely had a chance unlike their 2005 team.

    tom brady's system? wtf is that? i don't even want to hear those theories.

  12. they are very smart for doing that.

    they are in the heads of every team the play before kickoff. if they go undefeated this will have alot to do with it. most teams are probably mentally defeated by the pariots days before the game even starts.

    they were discussing this on tv, and said ne is making teams afraid to play them, and they are winning because of it.

    thats a pretty good observation.

  13. they are a great team and the favorites to win the super bowl, but it is really unsportsmanlike to run up the score for the second consecutive week like they did against washington. they kept brady in and kept attacking even thought the game was over and well in hand.

    it is so low brow and disgusting. there was no way in **** that washington even posed a threat. new england could have effectively run out the clock but instead kept concentrating on running up the score.

    roger goodell is a coward. he can ban mike vick for dog fighting, but he can't make bill belleprick forfeit a game for cheating, which he did, and was guilty of.

    it shows the racial injustice in the league and the hypocrisy by goodell. he should have made new england forfeit the jet game. a classless decision on his part.

    cornballs like you who keep harping on the whole cheating nonsense are the reason why the patriots feel like they have to obliterate everyone to prove a point. when are idiots like yourself going to realize that the patriots were always the best team on the field in each of the seasons they won a championship?

    so do everyone a favor and shut the **** up. the patriots had the ball. they could do whatever they wanted to do with it. i'm not even sure what you're claiming this so called "running up the score" business hurts anyhow.

  14. monumental ******, what the **** are you talking about?

    if it was peyton manning that blew an 18 point lead in the playoffs that people would say that he choked. the patriots couldn't move the ball in the second half against one of the worst defenses in the nfl. i love these patriot excuses since they can do no wrong.

    and with all of that said, this team is better than last years team or the team before that. brady doesn't choke in the playoffs. that's something peyton manning does. brady has 3 super bowl rings. has a career record of 12-2 in the playoffs. granted, the past two postseasons he hasn't perform up to the norm for him. but last year, peyton didn't perform up to the norm either. he actually didn't choke last year!

    that's true that new england is better this season than they were last year, but also keep in mind that indianapolis is too. i agree that peyton didn't play up to his standard in the playoffs last year, but at the same time, he played great when in mattered the most against new england. despite his int that samuel returned for a td, he threw for 349 yards and 32 second half points. brady on the other hand, threw an ugly int when it mattered most and in 2005 he had pretty much handed denver the game with the int that champ bailey returned 99 yards. aside from that, he has been extremely clutch in the playoffs. i really don't like the patriots, but i do respect them.

    i'm talking about you being a monumental ******.

    1) the colts' defense performed beyond great in the playoffs last year, and considering the pats recieving core its a miracle they were able to score any points at all. i said this before so i'm not sure why it needs to be repeated. or why you can't read.

    2) peyton manning was a choke artist because of the *huge* disparity between his performances in the playoffs versus the regular season. that great divide never existed with brady, and i can hardly believe anyone is stupid enough to try and compare their respective playoff records. brady has had a few mistakes over his playoff history while peyton has had hundreds. trying to focus on one interception rather than the entire picture makes you a ******.

    now. peyton manning has improved a lot over the last couple of seasons. he is nowhere near the choke artist he once was. but no matter what you think, tom brady has definitely earned the right to be considered the best playoff qb in the league.

  15. they choked last year! they blew a 21-3 lead over the colts and tom brady ended the game with a terrible interception and thier performance at denver in the 2005 playoffs wasn't very good.

    don't be a monumental ******.

    you can hardly blame such an utter defensive meltdown on choking. the fact that new england came within one minute of winning another championship *without* an nfl caliber recieving core speaks volumes about their abilities to maximize talent. they *almost* pulled a fast one on the nfl last year. almost.

    it looks like your definition of "choke" is just losing the football game because the teams you're talking about weren't exactly overflowing with talent.

  16. also take into consideration that if grady follows assignment then he occupies two bodies and frees up another player to stop the medium sized runs and to provide a pass rush up the middle..

    its a team game, if a piece dosent fit right and you cant make it fit, then you get another piece. grady on the stew even said that he didnt follow the game plan and freelanced instead of doing his job.

    the way you occupy two blockers is by being such a threat to the ball carrier that you *require* two blockers, so your comments make pretty dumb sense. if grady jackson recieves single blocking then he is suppose to make the offense pay by beating the single blocker and tackling the ball carrier.

  17. laugh.giflaugh.gif you guys really crack me up.. its like you don't even watch him.. you get so caught up in the stats... he takes tons of plays off.. and it has cost us big time.. the dude has been lazy this year.. i couldnt give a crap what he did last year.. he has been terrible this year.. you need to watch him every down he is in.. he will get push and a tackle on one play then for a about 6 or so plays he is in for he will get pushed off the line.. it really is like he just gets his stats then doesn't give a crap.. i have been calling this out all season.. so i am not surprised about this cut.. he has been lazy this year.. and the fact that you guys think you know more about a player then the coaching staff that is with him every day of practice and every game day.. well its just laughable laugh.giflaugh.gif

    then cut the whole team as far as i'm concerned. hardly any of them have displayed heart so i don't know why you single grady out. he was originally brought here to suppliment our defensive line in playing a limited role anyhow. not have to be in there as much as possible.

  18. its not real clear why they cut grady. as if we had depth to spare on the defensive line as it is. but then you go and cut one of your lone bright spots? that doesn't make sense. a lack of effort in practice should not be grounds for termination unless you have a more productive player waiting in the wings. i don't care what type of disciplinary message you're trying to send.

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