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  1. One thing to think about might be the fact that the Pats have not shown any real answers for players like JA55 in recent history. Matt Light struggles even with mildly athletic defensive ends, and he has no ability to block against any prototypical 4-3 Tampa2 ends. He usually gets eaten alive by athletic ends and gives up way too many QB pressures. The Patriots struggles on the offensive line could make this turn out to be an even better game than folks are already hoping it to be.
  2. I think most fans have this game penciled in as one of our few losses on the season.
  3. The Patriots drive the league and break viewership records. If we want to get talked about then we can at least start by having back to back winning seasons. Otherwise, know that nobody covers us because the casual fan is not interested in the Falcons.
  4. Big Sey93 thinks he can have his cake and eat it too, meaning he wants to get paid a whole bunch of money while playing for a championship team. There are just not that many teams who can meet those criteria. The fact that he shares agents with Michael Crabtree probably helps explain a lot too.
  5. Constantly injured. Never showed potential. Just a pure bust basically.
  6. Your magazine is wrong. You don't need a franchise QB or RB. Several teams have won without respectable players at either position. The only thing you need is a defense. Not having one will prevent you from winning a championship. That's exactly what happened to the 2007 Patriots; they couldn't stop anybody all year long and it finally caught up with them at the worst possible moment. Their offense could no longer hide their defensive woes. Even this year there are legitimate doubts about whether they have the horses on defense to win the Super Bowl this year. And this is all despite their record setting offense.
  7. Seymour is nowhere near the beast he once was. He went from the best defensive lineman in the league to average and overpaid. Anybody who follows the Patriots was not surprised by this move.
  8. This is getting ridiculous. It's no secret that I've been incredibly disappointed with the guy, but right now Anderson is the *least* of our defensive woes. Anybody who has watched these preseason games knows that opposing QB's are getting rid of the ball far too quickly to be vunerable to a pass rush. Our problems right now center around the secondary and that's not worth ignoring in favor of creating turmoil on the defensive line roster. You could plug Julius Peppers opposite Abe and it's still going to be the same story it's been all preseason long; a three step drop for a 40 yard gain.
  9. Smith should hang this in the locker. Belichick would if it were about the Partriots.
  10. Pedigree and salary. You shouldn't *need* to ask.
  11. Yeah. I had some questions about the front office myself. Last year our defense wasn't the best but they did play well enough to win without our offense having to hang 35 on somebody every week. We weren't that terrible. We could at least hold somebody to 20. Had Brooking not blown that last play we might all be having a different conversation.
  12. I don't disagree with anything you just said. I would only add that improvement is *not* enough. My fear in fact is that Anderson will come out showing only *improvement* from last season when what the Falcons need to see is a man who has finally turned his ship around.
  13. Abe is a known quantity. If we are overly generous and wipe his historical slate of nonproductivity clean, Anderson is an unknown quantity. This explains the lack of concern about Abe, but the huge concern about Anderson. What the heck is so hard to understand about that? Why does this even need to be explained to you?
  14. Except everybody in the world knows Abe can play football. We don't know who else on this defense can.
  15. Honestly, I would love to have Grady Jackson still signed.
  16. That depends on Matt Ryan's development. Turner carried the ball that many times last season because it was part of a smart plan to insulate and protect our brand new rookie QB.
  17. As sad as this thread is, what's even sadder is it'd probably be an improvement messing with JA's super sorry behind.
  18. I would absolutely say Leroy Hill. The reason is because our linebacking corps is the closest unit to completion, being only one starter away from legitimate. The secondary probably has to wait until next season to be addressed considering the fact that it currently looks like we'd be in need of about three more starters in that area if we wanted to fill those positions with proven free agents. Also, because of the rules the value of a good defensive back is diminishing in today's NFL. I'd say a good linebacker can imporve your overall defense a lot more than a good db would be able to. Your primary pass defense is the pass rush anyhow, and one of the best ways to make your pass rush more effective (besides adding better linemen) is to add competent linebackers.
  19. I've not been here for several years. But back when I first started it was his immaturity that rubbed people the wrong way. His latest remark about 'low end message board nobodies' proves nothing has changed in these last past years. Why would you even make a silly comment like that?
  20. I'm interested in whether or not he ever admitted that Michael Vick sucked.
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