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  1. Pass blocking and run blocking are definitely not the same skill set. You should not compare the two in the manner that you have. It's possible to be bad at pass protection but good at running, or bad at run blocking but good at pass blocking. Plenty of pass happy teams in the NFL have offensive lines that fit the latter description. You know, about half the fans of NFL teams across the league are convinced that their offensive line is inadequate or one of the worst in football. Even Broncos fans are doom and gloom about their offensive line, pointing to Ryan Claddy's injury. They already have their fingers ready and pointed in case they lose in the playoffs.
  2. Green Bay lost Aaron Rodgers. I don't think any impartial outside observer would agree. At the same time, it's no excuse for how bad they are playing.
  3. I've looked at it. I agree that our line isn't the best. But every team has or will inevitably have its weak links. The question is whether or not the team has the coaches or the players to disguise or compensate for those weaknesses. We don't, it seems. Speaking about Matt Ryan specifically, what I'm hearing is his skill set cannot compensate for a below average offensive line. He does not have the physical mobility, pocket presence, or savvy reading defenses required. What I'm constantly hearing from people is that we need a good line to protect Ryan, a good running game to balance our offense, and a good defense to go along with our already good passing attack before Matt Ryan can be expected to show how good he truly is. And for several reasons, I just don't think that's reasonable or makes much sense.
  4. Pretty funny comment. Eagles fans have been cursing their allegedly horrible offensive line since McNabb's days. Even before that. Then they finally realized it was McNabb. Then they started back up blaming their, again, allegedly terrible offensive line when Vick took over for McNabb until they finally realized it was Vick. Blaming the offensive line is pretty commonplace amongst fans all across the NFL who want to apologize for the way their favorite QB is playing, but the truth about sacks and things of that nature is that it's the QB's fault about 90% of the time. Improper protection calls, late getting rid of the ball, poor pocket presence, poor pocket awareness, bad footwork, etc etc lead to QB pressure more often than anything else. Problem is, analyzing those sorts of factors is much harder to do for armchair QB's. Blaming the line wholesale is simple and seems more obvious.
  5. We need to ditch all former Jacksonville Jaguars personnel.
  6. If thats true then its because Matt Ryan was never taken as seriously as a potential championship quarterback as those other three.
  7. The Falcons have over the past few seasons been unusually healthy for an NFL team. But we always lacked depth and sophisitcation. When injuries hit us, that weakness was finally exposed.
  8. I'm confused. You blame the offensive line in one thread, but in this thread you're calling for a new QB? And neither is a pressing need over our abysmal defense.
  9. Ryan is at least better than Flacco. Always has been ever since their rookie seasons.
  10. I've been listening to this stuff about how terrible our offensive line is for years. Our previous QB, Michael Vick, used to be the beneficiary of the same sorts of excuses from the fans. Just like now, everybody then liked to blame the offensive line instead of the playcalling and ultimately the QB. After he left, it was Eagles fans complaining about having a bad offensive line.
  11. Average. This sort of complaining about offensive line play is pretty commonplace on team message boards all across the internet. Posters like to whine, but nobody seems to have any real and unambiguous supporting data.
  12. They are no better or worse than the average offensive line in the NFL. Decent, but not great. Nobody here can show otherwise.
  13. The coaching staff is a critisicm I can hear. They are good, but not great. What would a bunch of Jacksonville Jaguar transplants know about winning big games anyhow? But being critical of the offensive line is pretty ridiculous. Its the same crap that David Carr's supporters use to do in Texas; blame *everything* on the offensive line. Our line is no better or worse than the average line in the NFL. Good enough to win with, but not great.
  14. Pretty ridiculous. Made me laugh, though. I don't know how anybody could have ever thought Matt Ryan to be in the same class as Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. Anybody without Falcons colored sunglasses on realizes that Matt Ryan has been underperforming at the QB position considering the amount of talent has has had to work with around him over the years. Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Tony Gonzalez is arguably more offensive firepower than the combination of Randy Moss, Daunte Stallworth and Wes Welker.
  15. That's disrespectful. Chuck Noll was an important innovator in NFL history. Mike Smith never came up with anything. He never could have built that team or that scheme.
  16. Except he didn't say anything everyone didn't already know.
  17. This man speaks the truth. No elite team in any sport will ever make injuries an excuse.
  18. Have the last five years really been that impressive? Relative to the Mike Vick era, sure. But most non-Falcons fans around the league have remained unconvinced of us over those past five years despite whatever we have done. There is a good reason for that. There are QB's in the league that would go straight 16-0 with the talent we have had on offense over the past five seasons. And do it without a running game.
  19. Pretty easy to key in on the run when teams know you can't pass the ball worth a crap.
  20. Nothing. If you're the Steelers head coach then under such circumstances you actually get a contract extension. The Falcons are just what happens when you give the Jaguars coaching staff a ton if talent to work with.
  21. And Matt Ryan has never been impressive maneuverability wise or elusivity wise in the pocket. That has never at any point in his career been a strength of his. He has always frustratingly felt ghosts that weren't necessarily there. That isn't something that was conditioned into him by a horrid offensive line season after season. He was like that from day one.
  22. The whole entire pass happy league can't and won't run the football. We aren't the only team with a weak running game. We're just the only team with a weak passing game right now to go with it. There have been plenty of offenses to get it done in recent years with just decent pass blocking and a weak run game. Heck, Peyton Manning made an entire career out of doing just that in Indy.
  23. Agreed. But even still. For people who don't know anything about football, the offensive line is among the first thing they start blaming for offensive woes. You hear that from fans all across the league, New England fans included. Even though it was pretty much the same group of players up front, New England's line went from great in 2004 to bad in 2005-2006, to great again in the first half of 2007 to poor in the second half all according to their fan base at the time. But for people who understand the sport, you know that 90 percent of pressures and sacks are on the QB. If your QB makes the correct pre snap reads, calls the right protections, gets into the right plays, moves efficiently in the pocket and gets rid of the ball on time, pretty much all pressure and all sacks will disappear from the stat line. It will seem like your offensive line is all pro caliber. That's why QB's like Tom Brady will always seem to certain fans to play behind great offensive lines. And that's also why fans of QB's like Mike Vick will always complain about their guy having to play behind bad offensive lines. The single biggest thing you can do to help offensive line play isn't changing the linemen. It's switching from David Carr to Peyton Manning. Neither Peyton Manning or Tom Brady have ever played behind offensive lines with more than about average to below average caliber players. But they make average talent work not only at receiver, but at the line as well.
  24. None of you understand particulars very well. Teams like the Cowboys and the Texans run a Bum Philips 3-4, which is still a 1 gap system. Because it is a 1 gap system, it is very easy to switch from a base 4-3 to a base 3-4 because not much really changes in terms of gap assignments or personnel requirements. This is the most popular base 3-4 scheme in the NFL. Teams like the Patriots run a Fairbanks 3-4, which is a two gap system up front, requiring a completely different front 7 personel than a modern Tampa 2 style 4-3 or a Bum Philips 3-4. The Fairbanks 3-4 is the true 3-4, and the Patriots are the only ones to have run it in recent years with success. The Steelers run a hybrid 3-4, which features an anchoring nose tackle who is responsible for 2 gaps while having 2 DT's on either side who are responsible for 1 gap. The Steelers are the only team to run this base style of 3-4. For the most part, teams customize their schemes independent of base alignment. Pointing at the Steelers' scheme as a goal, while offering up the Texans' completely different scheme as proof that an overnight transformation into a number 1 defense in the NFL is possible for the Falcons merely by changing alignments is absolutely ridiculous.
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