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  1. As a fellow New Yorker, your post laid out perfectly why Rex sucks as an HC. He had the best team in the league his first two years, more talent on that roster than the Hawks last year. Literally the only position you could say was bad was QB. He couldn't get a championship with a team five times as good as any team the falcons have ever had, **** a better team than most franchises have ever had.

    Once all those amazing players started leaving, so did the wins. We don't need a coach that can do well with a perfect team, and sucks otherwise, we need a coach that can get the best out of each and every player, regardless if we have the best roster in the league or not, and win with it.

    This man talks the truth.

    I've seen enough of Rex as a head coach. Safe to say, he ain't the next Harbaugh.

  2. Here is the thing about this............... While we have exponentially more talent than the jets had at any point of his tenure... particularly on offense ... some of the same things that haunted him in NY......... have happened here the last couple of years.

    IE the offense not being able to stay on the field, going 3 and out, turning the ball over, dropped passes etc etc.

    Again if he is hired... I may not be sold but I would welcome into the Falcon family and hope to **** he does well.

    I just am worried people are going to expect a savior of the defense..... and I am not sure he will be it......... I have no doubt he will make an improvement for the jury is still out in my mind on exactly how much of an improvement he will make.

    Its not hard to improve on Smitty's defense. Our defense looked as bad as it did as a direct result of Smitty neglecting the need for pass rushers in a passing league, which is insane. If we just get a sane head coach, thats an improvement on defense.

  3. Yea I agree. I dont think that we are rebuilding. The offensive pieces we need are OL and RB. Rex has had a top 6 running game in 4 out of 6 years I believe. He knows how to build an OL and a Running game.

    And we know he knows how to build a defense.

    Add to that his intensity that is sorely needed on this team.

    He's not the perfect coach but he may be the perfect coach for our situation.

    With Rex Ryan as a head coach it will not be long before the offensive side of the ball is in shambles. Rex is the type of coach that can come in and push your team over the hump, kind of like John Gruden, but he cannot build and maintain a successful roster like a Tony Dungy or a Belichick.

  4. Rex Ryan is a defensive coordinator. He doesn't know enough about all the other aspects of running a football organization to be a head coach. There are only so many excuses you can make for a guy who put out on the football field the sort of unprepared football team that he did week in and week out.

    Love him as a DC, but never as a HC.

  5. Fire Mike Smith for his poor defense and horrible game adjustments. THAN, hire him back to be your defensive coordinator? Wow. This is a new low. This is why the franchise will never be where it needs to be because of the marks on here who say stuff like this. We just want to be mediocre at BEST. Mike Smith, thanks for ******* up the defense but since your such a nice guy, please be our defensive coordinator.


    I wanted Smith gone years ago because I saw his neglect on defense. It doesn't matter how good Matt Ryan, Roddy White and Julio Jones are. You don't win in the playoffs without a defense. And Smith didn't know defense.

    We're in a passing league and, as Blank's press conference made clear, Smitty refused to place due importance on a pass rush. He needs to go back to the Jaguars with that crap.

  6. You might want to look at his Raven defenses as well to get a clearer picture since people are doing that with the defensive coordinators.

    Or not.

    The Ravens' defense was good before Rex got there and good after he left.

    Rex, just like many other defensive coaches who worked for the Ravens organization, had his reputation unfairly bolstered by the stellar play of the players in that organization on defense. IOW, because a guy was some type of defensive coach for the Ravens' organization doesn't prove very much of anything about his abilities as a coach to transform a defense.

  7. Amen.........I started a thread a couple of days ago (that seemed to attract the Matt Ryan haters) pointing out his production was better than Tom Brady's this year, where Brady lost a couple of weapons and his numbers suffered. Ryan lost ALL his weapons except TG, including both starting WRs, his starting RB, starting FB, and both starting OTs and STILL performed better than Brady.

    Now, we add the crushing strength of defensive schedule Ryan faced which was much more difficult than Brady faced and you'll see why he is rated #4 in NFL. I agree with the rating, Ryan was one tough SOB to take all that pounding all year and still produce.

    Its good to see even Football Outsiders agrees with me that Ryan played better than Tom Brady, who is receiving huge media kudos for his play and even demands for MVP from his fans, while Ryan is accused of being paid too much and not blocking blitzing defenders better.

    That's laughable.

    Only a complete fool would think Matt Ryan outplayed Tom Brady this season or any other season.

  8. Oh yeah, and the best defense in the league this year said they're modeling their defense after Rex's.

    Is that why their defense also seems to come up short in big moments?

    Look. Rex is a good coach. But he ain't his father. He's not even **** Lebeau, who has been successful for a lot longer and actually innovated popular concepts like the zone blitz.

    Rex is a good coach. But it doesn't go beyond that. He's not a football mastermind.

  9. Stop. You have no idea what you're talking about.

    I asked a question. You couldn't answer.

    I mean. Personally, I would consider somebody like Chuck Noll a defensive mastermind. You probably have never heard of him since you seem really young, but if you asked me why I felt that way I'd have no trouble listing his great many innovations on defense and his influence across the league both past and present.

    You, OTOH, can't tell me a single **** thing that makes Rex Ryan a mastermind. You haven't told me anything. What defense did he invent? What scheme did he innovate? What makes him more than merely a good coach?

  10. I would, but I don't feel like doing all your legwork. Multiple seasons as the coordinator of the #1 defense in the league. Perennial top defenses.

    And if that's not enough, he was also the Defensive Line Coach of the Super Bowl Champion Ravens. He would do wonders for our D.


    Pretty much everybody who had a coaching job with the Ravens got to be hailed as a defensive genius by some, regardless of their actual ability to coach. Regardless even of the fact that the Ravens had a dominant defense before they got there. Truth is, no matter who it was wearing whatever hat the Ravens defense kept on playing great football, which was a testament to the caliber of players they had.

    So correction. You would answer my question with something more specific if you actually could.

  11. I mean what was Spoon suppose to do, stop in the middle of a tackle and gently put him down? The NFL as it stands today is grossly lopsided in favor of the Offense. But hey whatever gets the ratings right? It will be less physical than Sarcastaball pretty soon.

    They don't care about what he was supposed to do. The purpose of this bogus safety campaign does not have anything to do with that.

  12. It's nothing against Wilson. From my experience, no quarterback will succeed behind a line incapable of run blocking and not strong enough to hold up long enough to effectively pass block.

    That is exactly what Peyton Manning did for his entire career in Indy. So I certainly wouldn't say its impossible.

    To make matters worse, the qb would also have to deal with an absent LT, his top 2 receiving options injured/out along with his #1 running back. As if that wasn't bad enough, the quarterback would also have to overcome a soft defense that can't tackle and yields 28 points per game.

    This all sounds like some of Peyton's years in Indy. Even some of Tom Brady's years in New England. So, again, I wouldn't say its impossible.

    With the standard for a 100 million dollar QB being set by guys of their high caliber (including Rodgers), we actually *expect* Matt Ryan to still be able to perform admirably under his poor circumstances. So I think expectations have been quite the contrary to what you've implied they should be, which explains the level disappointment expressed.

    For all these reasons and, unfortunately, many more, Matt Ryan struggled over that 4-month stretch and I firmly believe Wilson and any other qb would, like Ryan, find success hard to come by under such overwhelming circumstances.

    Depends on what you consider success. At least a couple of 100 million dollar QB's out there are capable of picking up a great deal of slack all on their own. Enough slack to make sure their team competes year after year with a winning record.

    I'm not saying Ryan is a bad QB. He's not. I'm not saying we can't win with Ryan. Ryan is more than enough to win a championship with. But he has weaknesses that Wilson does not have; namely his presence in the pocket and his ability outside of the pocket.

    I think you have to admit Wilson or any pocket savvy mobile QB would do better, especially if you're a person who blames the entirety of Matt Ryan's poor performance this season on the offensive line as many here have.

  13. LOL at comparing Seattle's physically dominating defense with any finesse unit the Falcons have fielded in the entirety of their not so storied history. Despite what certain statistics say, the defensive units we have fielded over the past decade have always had glaring weaknesses which above average offenses have exploited. We have never fielded a well rounded and physically dominating defense. It's just not in our DNA. Wilson has such a defense and will reap the benefits of having said defense.

    But I don't think for a second that Wilson would have performed much better than Ryan if he was the Falcons signal caller this season.

    Why not? His abilities in the pocket are clearly superior. Whearas Ryan often runs into pressure in the pocket, Wilson avoids it.

    Granted, I give Pete a lot of credit for Wilson's development. I do not think Mike has nearly the same ability to develop a QB.

  14. This current group of Offensive Linemen are not suited for the current Base or Man blocking style the Falcons try to emply. Going back to a zone blocking scheme would help create lanes for a quick shifty back like Rogers. The Falcons didn't have the greatest O-Line when Warrick Dunn was in the back field. However, the system employed took advantage of the lines athleticism. Running more inside and outside zone plays is a sure fire way to get the run game going.

    The outside stretch play should be called no less than 12 times a game. The Broncos, Redskins, Saints and a host of others continue to employ this style of blocking. Our offensive linemen are simply not strong enough at the point of contact to Man block even when double teams are employed. Zoning gives a weak guy like Reynolds an advantage as he takes the defender from an angle.

    Slide protection is also another key to the Falcons success. Once again this group of Linemen can't Base(Man block anyone). Sliding to one side or the other with a back taking opposite side helps with Blitz pickup and allows Matt time to set his feet and throw the ball down field. Sliding to block an area as one with the QB set up behind the protection is the best and only way to go with this group.

    Back when we were running the zone blocking scheme fans were complaining that our line and our zone blocking scheme sucked. We wanted a more traditional scheme period, even it it involved the same personnel.

    I keep saying it, but half or more of the league fans are dissatisfied with the performance of their team's offensive line. Not that any of these armchair QB's actually know what they're talking about, but it's always easy to be critical of the offensive line when your favorite QB seems to be playing poorly.

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