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  1. This man talks the truth. I've seen enough of Rex as a head coach. Safe to say, he ain't the next Harbaugh.
  2. Its not hard to improve on Smitty's defense. Our defense looked as bad as it did as a direct result of Smitty neglecting the need for pass rushers in a passing league, which is insane. If we just get a sane head coach, thats an improvement on defense.
  3. With Rex Ryan as a head coach it will not be long before the offensive side of the ball is in shambles. Rex is the type of coach that can come in and push your team over the hump, kind of like John Gruden, but he cannot build and maintain a successful roster like a Tony Dungy or a Belichick.
  4. Why are some people content to just blame the GM for everything that went wrong in NY and credit Rex for everything that went right?
  5. Mike Holmgren would be A list. John Gruden would be A list. Bill Cowher would be A list. Even Marty Schottenheimer would be A list. Not Rex Ryan. Jesus Christ.
  6. Rex Ryan is a defensive coordinator. He doesn't know enough about all the other aspects of running a football organization to be a head coach. There are only so many excuses you can make for a guy who put out on the football field the sort of unprepared football team that he did week in and week out. Love him as a DC, but never as a HC.
  7. Right. I wanted Smith gone years ago because I saw his neglect on defense. It doesn't matter how good Matt Ryan, Roddy White and Julio Jones are. You don't win in the playoffs without a defense. And Smith didn't know defense. We're in a passing league and, as Blank's press conference made clear, Smitty refused to place due importance on a pass rush. He needs to go back to the Jaguars with that crap.
  8. Hiring Rex Ryan would be good to generate short term ticket sales. But not good for our football organization in the long run.
  9. Or not. The Ravens' defense was good before Rex got there and good after he left. Rex, just like many other defensive coaches who worked for the Ravens organization, had his reputation unfairly bolstered by the stellar play of the players in that organization on defense. IOW, because a guy was some type of defensive coach for the Ravens' organization doesn't prove very much of anything about his abilities as a coach to transform a defense.
  10. That's laughable. Only a complete fool would think Matt Ryan outplayed Tom Brady this season or any other season.
  11. Is that why their defense also seems to come up short in big moments? Look. Rex is a good coach. But he ain't his father. He's not even **** Lebeau, who has been successful for a lot longer and actually innovated popular concepts like the zone blitz. Rex is a good coach. But it doesn't go beyond that. He's not a football mastermind.
  12. They're calling the games as they have been instructed to do. People need to stop blaming the refs and start blaming the league.
  13. I asked a question. You couldn't answer. I mean. Personally, I would consider somebody like Chuck Noll a defensive mastermind. You probably have never heard of him since you seem really young, but if you asked me why I felt that way I'd have no trouble listing his great many innovations on defense and his influence across the league both past and present. You, OTOH, can't tell me a single **** thing that makes Rex Ryan a mastermind. You haven't told me anything. What defense did he invent? What scheme did he innovate? What makes him more than merely a good coach?
  14. If Rex Ryan is who you consider a "mastermind" then, I assure you, you're the one who is clueless.
  15. It seems that merely being his father's son and inheriting a great Ravens defense is what he's done. Perhaps I'm a bit more reserved in my use of the term "mastermind" than some.
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