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  1. Jagz is an offensive line coach at heart, I think, not a QB coach. But I suppose it's not impossible, guys do sometimes move around.
  2. Nicholas has become a good starting LB. He's a very well rounded player. He can plug his gap, cover TEs and RBs, and can rush the passer when required. He's also a good character guy. He should be here for a while. Peterson is fine, and he's an important leader. Yes, we want to avoid having him matched up one-on-one in the flats vs Reggie Bush, but you can say that about a lot of LBs. He doesn't miss tackles, and does make impact plays. We need a young guy to develop to replace him after next year (although maybe Adkins can be that guy), but at the moment we have other, more important holes
  3. Owens and Houston were both pretty good yesterday (albeit that the TB offense is not a great challenge). Hill and DeCoud had the only major hiccups on pass coverage, both on that one drive. Apart from the two play, 80 yard drive, the D overall had a pretty good day. I think that Owens and Houston will have a decent chance of shackling Maclin and Avant. If Jackson plays, however, we may be in trouble.
  4. Being a GM is all about resource management. Spending a 1st rounder on a RB when that is arguably our strongest position would be ridiculous. A third rounder? Maybe. A fourth rounder? Sure, that would make sense, a 3rd down type back who falls for lack of size. But anything higher would be silly. Besides, without a new CBA Norwood will be back as an RFA on the cheap.
  5. Norwood's great, but in reality 3rd down RB / KR can be found for cheap in the 3rd or 4th round of every single draft. O-line is all about consistency and chemistry. It's crucial to keep that line together, especially the right side. Also, it sets bad precedent for them to be a huge part of our sucess and then refuse to pay them. I'd let Norwood go, especially as we'd get a 3rd or 4th round pick as compensation.
  6. Johnson will not be playing on many pass downs. We don't have a simplistic rotation like this, but this is probably the closest approximation: Run down: Anderson Babs/Jerry Lewis Davis Pass down: Sidbury/Biermann Babs/Anderson Jerry/Babs Abraham
  7. (a) he doesn't actually look quick at all. ( good blocking by the bucs downfield, fair enough. © he was playing against scrubs in the 3rd q of the second preseason game. Let's see whether he can throw the ball. I'm not worried about his scrambling.
  8. I could see definitely see us drafting someone for Gonzo to mentor, but: (a) I really expect Gonzo to play three years - he'll be having so much fun catching passes from Ryan, and we'll at least be in with a chance of winning a SB every season... I can only see him retiring after two years if he has already won a SB (b ) I think we need to draft D in the first. We have a pretty good group of TEs already, who can play their role. My option would be to draft a high ceiling project in the mid rounds and let Gonzo (and Mularkey) shape him into a star.
  9. This is a nothing story. They've just taken what Coach Smith said in his latest presser, and tried to twist it a little: Q. What are some of the keys in making a transition for a guy right in the heart of the defensive line? A. “I think the biggest thing is pad level. I think that you can get away when you’re playing in a college game with superior talent that play with higher pads. You have to play with your pad level down in this league or they are going to knock you out of your gap. I think the intensity in which a guy is playing with every down against an outstanding player. I think those
  10. really? what, you're looking for 3rd and 15? 3rd and 20?
  11. "Of the three teams I visited, the Falcons' easily featured the most strips, interceptions and pass deflections." Given the quality of our QB and receivers, that's really good (and surprising) news.
  12. The only interesting thing to come out of that game was the fact that the Panties' starting run D looked very shaky. However, they'll prob find a replacement for Kemo, and the Giants have one of the best run O's in football. Still, it raises hope that we'll be able to pound them on the ground...
  13. Norwood won't be a punt returner. His kind of agility is better suited to KR, not PR. Someone like Grimes would be better for PR.
  14. It's great to have a backup QB who: 1. You can trust to manage a game if necessary; 2. Accepts his role; 3. Has valuable experience to pass on. Redman, in my opinion, is all of those things.
  15. We should be flattered that they chose Matt as the example: it's basically saying that he is one of the most valuable players in the league, exactly that the soft rules aim to protect.
  16. Coleman isn't going anywhere - he's a quality (underrated) player, and is the leader in our secondary now. We'll make the most of the different talents of our various safeties - a position at which we're set for at least the next three years. Moore will probably be the base SS, but on obvious pass downs I could see DeCoud coming in as a coverage safety, and we could even have a package to get all three safeties on the field at the same time, as the patriots did. I can't see DeCoud as the base SS; he can put in a good lick on ST and on WRs, but I can't see him consistently dumping big RBs.
  17. I agree that Moore compares to Adrian Wilson. However, I think that he has a higher ceiling than Wilson. Wilson is fantastic in-the-box, blitzing safety, but doesn't show the same ability in coverage. I think that Moore has the ability - as a ceiling - to be better than Wilson in coverage. If you take Wilson, and add coverage ability, you get Dawkins. That's who Moore could compare to if it all comes together. That's a big IF, but he does have the athletic ability.
  18. Been a while, poetx. Good to have you back. It will be interesting to see what Tampa will be running this year, and how far they will veer away from what they were running under Kiffen. As most have said, the key to a cover 2 is the pass rush. If the D-line can force a badly thrown ball, then the secondary are prepared to force turnovers. If the QB gets time, there are soft spots in even the best C2 secondary.
  19. Nonsense. During the season you need discipline. A 15 yeard penalty doesn't help anyone but the other team. Fights in OTAs and TC are fine.
  20. Is P.Jerry back in full training now? How has Trey Lewis been looking - is he having any issues with his knee?
  21. Yeah, Coleman is a definite starter, and we now need to make sure that we train Moore and DeCoud properly to succeed for us. If they'd take a 3rd and either Moore or DeCoud, then great, but that's not going to happen. We're pretty much set at safety for at least the next two years (the first time that's been the case for a long time, I know!!).
  22. That looks fair enough to me. I'd probably have Peterson at 6, and bump everyone else down by one. I also think that Lofton will be above Davis by the end of the season, and possibly also above Ruud. I think that the NFCS may have the best four middle linebackers in any division: Beason, Vilma, Ruud, Lofton.
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