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  1. 20-0. Undefeated regular season & Super Bowl win. Because all of our players are voted to the Pro Bowl, the NFL allows us to use it as a scrimmage and we kick the AFC's arse. Matt Ryan will be MVP, Paul Warrilow will be defensive player of the year and DJ Shockly will arrive in a time traveling DeLorean, finally arriving in the future. But seriously, let's all just take a deep breath.
  2. As a collective, this board is the biggest group of vajay-jays I've ever seen.
  3. Ummm...coying my post? Don't do that.
  4. I typically wouldn't mind DD being the primary back-up. But a typicall Falcons team is 9-7 or 10-6. The expectations this year are going to be so high. If, God forbid, Matt Ryan gets hurt and is out for a considerable amount of time, do you feel comfortable with DD leading a march into the playoffs? I dont.
  5. Forgive me as it appears I may be a little late to this party, but I just found out Luke McCown signed with the Saints. I didn't think he was a very good option when we had him, but that's besides the point. I've been racking my brain trying to think about who we could sign or trade for. I know DD has some potential and played well in the preseason. But let's be real...the Falcons have built their team and are ready to make a run this year. If Matt goes down for any considerable amount of time, especially toward the end of the season, we need a solid/proven QB to step in and take us the rest of the way. There is no way DD is going to be that guy...is there?
  6. Not trying to be a homer here, but Ovie Mughelli was cut by the Rams...might be time to bring him back. EDIT: Sorry, didn't see the other thread...
  7. I'm having a hard time understanding why so many people are goofing on Chris Redman. All the guy ever did was anything the organization asked of him. That's a lot more than some of the clowns we've had on this team. He was here since the Vick fiasco and never b-tched or moaned about anything. He knew his role and he played it well. I'm glad the Falcons are going in a different direction but I'm sorry to see him go.
  8. Come on guys...if Matt Ryan is out for a game or two b/c of injury, there is no question that Redman would and should be the guy. He does not have the physical tools of Davis and is a mediocre backup at best. But he is "seasoned" and with the offensive weapons we have, Redman can win a game or two. Davis is, no doubt "the future" (kidding) at the backup position, but right now, there is no way I would want him starting. And yea...JPW is out.
  9. I just read this and it makes me sick to my stomach. If this is true, and it appears to be, he should be fired. The line "Kids don't [expletive] belong at the baseball park" is sad. Embarrassing to be a Braves fam today.
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