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  1. hey man, i'm a student at FSU. I'm a fan but i gotta tell you. they're gettin on my nerves with their bad play and scandals
  2. it pains me too much to even talk about this draft...it is a complete and utter fail
  3. it's quite amazing how bad their pass D is. I mean they got the greatest corner in the league Bailey, and then when they got Bly everone thought that they were gonna be amazing. I guess it's just due to how bad their pass rush is.
  4. lol...I like how the writer was like, "does Bobby Petrino do some voting in his spare time" lol. I wonder how he feels right now?? sucks to be that sucker
  5. ...the NFL is going to fine hime 25,000 dollars for being too rough LOL. that probably would happen
  6. wow...I'm glad those fans are classy. they have got the dirtiest mouths i've ever seen, dang. I guess when your team sucks, all you can do is cuss and talk nasty to help yourself get over the losing
  7. FINALLY...a daggum ATL game, the only one's i get to see here in the panhandle was the kc and TB one. Every week i get to watch the TB games...wooo!!! i hate them
  8. seriously...who cares. Turner was spectacular yesterday. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Turner has been the number one guy all season, why put in Snelling. For real why does everyone insist on putting Snelling in the game if he's not necessary, he may be sort of good but there's no point when Turner is rollin and Norwood is doing his thing
  9. I didn't know that Michael Jenkins and Brian Westbrook were twins...they look awfully alike. LINK
  10. nothin special. i mean he's a good number 2 guy and would be an excellent nickelback but he's not a number one CB. He may have been our best CB though, just depending on how Foxworth plays.
  11. yea he's on my fantasy team and luckily i've had good back up. i just traded peyton manning for Ronnie Brown. and i got Rodgers and Rivers as my two QBs so I'm feelin pretty good. I'm bout to dump LJ
  12. Once again I get the Tampa games...I live right in the panhandle of Florida, so every week i mean EVERY week i get to see the Bucs play. wow i HATE them so much
  13. wow Petrino was a D-bag for sure...how the heck did he even become a coach. my goodness, man thank the Lord we got Mr. Smith
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