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  1. I live in Charlotte now. I was born in the ATL and was a fan before the Panthers were a Jerry Richardson wet dream. The stupid Panty chants of "85 South". I was almost afraid for my wife and my safety leaving the stadium because of those pointing, drunk, necks.
  2. Did I miss something today? Why did we only have 2 RB's active? If they released Stecker, why was Hayes not active?
  3. For me, this is the 1st game all year, where our coaching was atrocious. From the decision to only go into a game with 2 healthy RB's to that terrible 2 pt call, we got outplayed and out-hustled by the Panties. We are a RUN 1st to setup the pass. We had them on the ropes, to deliver the KO, and we let it slip away. And Delhomme picked today, to have his best game of about a year and a half.
  4. Nope, now he know what to expect out of a full NFL season. He is only going to get better.
  5. 1) Appreciating every win because they may be few and far between. 2) Sweeping the Panties..
  6. FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- The Falcons traded two of their second-round picks (No. 34 and No. 48) and a third round pick (No. 103) with Washington to move to No. 21 overall and select USC tackle Sam Baker. The Redskins also sent the Falcons the No. 84 and No. 154 pick.
  7. I still hope we go OL/DL with #3 and grab QB in later rds.
  8. Seems like Duckett has done well in Det as a change-of-pace back, but not a starter.
  9. This team has too many holes to fill to use a 1st and 3rd on one player. Stranger things have happened , though..
  10. I say forget all of them and lets get a HC 1st.
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