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  1. Actually freeman has been making a lot of plays where there is no clear hole and neutral blocking. Freeman is playing well, not shame in giving him credit.
  2. Right now KC has the more impressive victories, but I'll take Atlanta's roster any day. We need to start playing up to our level of talent, and Quinn needs to get the group to have a killer mentality
  3. For me I look at the defense and it is sexy. We hit hard, we are fast, and we have talent at every level. And yet despite all of that, we inexplicably allow the opponent to run it back in the 4th quarter every game without fail. And then throughout the game, we will seemingly take drives off (see first drive in GB game). For me I want to see more consistency out of our defense more than anything else. As for the offense, we expect there to be growing pains with a new playcaller/coordinator. I will say that the offense is clicking much sooner than we expected, after a very bland performanc
  4. I would not want a Atl vs KC superbowl only because I think Matt Ryan has some color blindness and struggles against other teams with the white/red jersey theme
  5. im just waiting for him to deliver in the 4th quarter. our offense has been terrible at closing games out
  6. Love the direction of the defense. I have no idea how we are gonna afford everyone though....we are going to have to keep slaying it in the draft
  7. cowherd is a ******** clown...how is he gonna talk **** about Ryan all week and then pick us while quoting his great stats from last year LOL
  8. It does seem that Quinn's week 1's have been strange. I'm not gonna say that he is calling it differently, but theres defnitely a lot of growing pains early in the season. I'm glad we got a tough road win but it would be nice if we won more convincingly. Our run game looked very weak and that has me concerned. Especially with our RG and FB playing poorly
  9. yea offensive line did no favors in the run game...and Matt Ryan had to get rid of the ball very quickly as well
  10. It was an ugly week 1...as is tradition so far under Quinn.
  11. Quinn's vision for the defense is fantastic. I'm extremely hopeful that now we can see the stats reflect the defensive improvements.
  12. most people will look at it as though its flukey. Converted such a high ratio of hurries into sacks is not common.
  13. He definitely can, but not early in the season. Kazee is going to make waves this year for sure
  14. is he in a contract year? maybe he'll show more consistent effort
  15. guys like Upshaw, Shelby, Reed are expendable on the dline, Hageman would be retained at the right price. Gabriel will probably be signed which would mean we lose Hardy in 2 years.
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