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  1. Watching this train wreck of a football team has become comically predictable. After we scored that last TD, I told my wife that I wished we would just go for two to try to win the game rather than going the "safe" route of kicking an extra point & playing for overtime. I mentioned how the offense seemed unstoppable at that point & while our defense had stepped up, could you really count on them keeping that up in overtime? I then said that I doubted whether DQ had the onions to potentially put his employment on the line, so we'd almost certainly play it safe... adding sarcastically that we'd probably blow the kick. As Bryant trotted out for the XP & the announcer kept bringing up how Schaub was holding since Bosher was out I thought, "How funny is it gonna be when he shanks this?" Like clockwork, Bryant missed it. "How'd you know?" my wife asked. "Falcons gonna Falcon", I replied.
  2. I was hoping Vic could turn it around, too... but I mentioned several times leading up to the draft that I wanted Brian Burns & would've preferred we took that route over bringing Vic back at $12M. Folks here said Burns was too small & just another Beasley... All he's done in Carolina thus far is put himself in position to be DROY. Dude had 4 sacks in preseason & hasn't let up a bit. He's had at least a half sack or better in every game except opening week, giving him 4.5 sacks already, plus a forced fumble & a TD. For perspective, that's more sacks than Vic, Takk, and Grady combined.
  3. Don’t forget Freeman
  4. It won't really matter in the grand scheme of things because throwing the ball won't be what beats us. The Cardinals are pretty depleted in the secondary as well, so they'd be better off running it a ton, and keeping our offense off the field & our sorry defense on it (missing tackles left & right and running out of gas by the 3rd quarter). Watch this be the Kyler Murray breakout game where he gives us all Vick flashbacks and has like 120 rushing yards & 2 TDs by halftime.
  5. Mike Shanahan had just one winning season in his last 6 years as a HC. It has been like 15 years since he coached a team to consecutive winning seasons. Very, very, very hard pass.
  6. I think Freeman could still have a good game here & there, but he really just doesn't seem to be the same player he was before all these injuries. So no, I don't see him returning to form as a guy you can count on for 1000 rushing yards & a bunch of receiving yards to go with that.
  7. Doesn't really serve any purpose to "nuke it now" if they look like garbage tomorrow & end up losing again. It's not like that's somehow going to make the team start winning games. There's no exciting HC prospect on staff who is waiting in the wings. Now that doesn't mean another loss doesn't matter. One more terrible showing could be enough for Blank to make up his mind about the future of this team, but I'd imagine he'd almost certainly let Quinn finish the season since it's already a dead season at that point anyhow... or at least let Quinn know he'll be fired at the end of the year unless he'd prefer to be relieved of his duties immediately. Isn't that what Blank did with Dan Reeves? Gave him the option to stay on & finish the season? But if I remember correctly, Reeves chose to be let go immediately & I believe Wade Phillips served as the interim HC for the remaining few games of that season.
  8. Mike Smith & Dan Quinn aren’t the same person???
  9. While there have been a few exceptions, history says the season is likely over already. Here's every time the Falcons have started a season 1-3 and their final record that year. 2019: ??? 2018: 7-9 2013: 4-12 2007: 4-12 2003: 5-11 2002: 9-6-1 (won WC game, lost in Divisional round) 1992: 6-10 1989: 3-13 1988: 5-11 1987: 3-12 1978: 9-7 (won WC game, lost in Divisional round) 1976: 4-10 1974: 3-11 1973: 9-5 1968: 6-8 So, they've made the playoffs just 2 times out of 14 previous 1-3 starts. Needless to say, it doesn't look good right about now.
  10. LMAO at this nonsense! Matt Ryan won the MVP, got the team to a Super Bowl & then the following year got the team back into the playoffs, then the year after puts up numbers par with his MVP season despite missing half his o-line & having no defense or running game... but he should've accepted a "prove-it" deal???? Haha, what? When/how did Julio ever become a "problem with his contract"? The dude handled that like a pro. He never complained & always kept in behind closed doors. He still worked out & he stayed in touch w/ player & coaches in order to be in shape & ready to go when the deal was done... a deal which the Falcons promised him they would do because they agreed he had outplayed they guaranteed portion of his old deal & deserved to be compensated accordingly. Stop buying into the way the media & gullible fans twist things to make something outta nothing & pay attention to the man himself. Julio never once made his contract a problem. And as far as trying to save cap space by trading him for Von Miller... hate to break it to you but Von Miller's cap numbers are significantly higher than Julio's. 2019: Julio - $10.3M Von - $25.1M 2020: Julio - $23M Von - $25.6M 2021: Julio - $19.2M Von - $22.2M
  11. You are making my point for me. If he's such hot ****, why hasn't he been offered & agreed to take one of these HC jobs he's interviewed for? It's one of two things... A. He's not actually that great of a HC candidate B. The Saints are buttering his bread extra heavy to keep him from leaving (ala McDaniels in New England)
  12. Well, he hasn't gone anywhere after 9, so....
  13. I'd imagine Carmichael's deal could be very much like the Josh McDaniels situation... where they are the in-house heir apparent to the current HCs of their respective teams. Could totally see Carmichael pulling one over on us on purpose (and w/ the blessing of Payton) by agreeing to become the next HC of the Falcons & then backing out at the last second like McDaniels did to the Colts, so that we are left without a HC and are scrambling to find someone after all the other guys we've interviewed have already gotten jobs elsewhere & the combine/draft is fast approaching. Never trust a Saint.
  14. LOL. Bosher has had more punts blocked than any other active punter in the NFL and that's "fine"??? The once clutch Bryant is now clanking chip shot FGs off the uprights & has made just 60% of his attempts this year, but that's "fine"???
  15. I fully recognize that it's only 1/4 of a long season thus far, and that technically they could flip the switch, go on a tear, and get a bunch of wins in a row to get right back in the thick of it all. As a fan, I honestly hope that's how this plays out. As a realist, I just don't see it happening like that at all. This is the first time in a loooooong time where I just flat out stopped watching & shut the game off. It's one thing to be rusty & taking a while to work out communication, scheme specifics, etc. But this is just flat out inexcusable. The play calling is garbage on both sides & the execution is somehow even worse most of the time. I really like Dan Quinn, but he seriously does seem to be in way over his head.
  16. If we go 1-7 through the first half of the season, I think Blank will inform Quinn that his services will no longer be needed after this year, and that he can either go ahead & step down at that point, or ride out the rest of the season.
  17. I'm surprised alright... surprised there's actually another team in the league with more penalties than us.
  18. I really liked Iloka coming out of college but I wonder how much he really has left in the tank at this point.
  19. Ok, just saw they are saying Grady might play Sunday against the Titans. Not sure if that’ll actually happen but at least it doesn’t sound like anything too serious. Gonna suck if he’s not able to go vs Henry & co on Sunday though. Didnt know Brown went back in, so that’s good to know. Sounds like Ito will probably sit out this week & quite possibly Barner as well, so we should see Hill and/or Ollison his weekend.
  20. Saw the news confirming Neal is done for the year. Also saw that Ito has a concussion & Barner might as well. Also saw that Takk was ok enough to return to the game. However I haven't seen or heard any news on Grady or Brown yet. Any updates on those two guys yet?
  21. Yeah, I kinda think it was ultimately gonna be up to the refs to pick that yellow flag up & I was hoping they would've since they seemed to talk it over for a bit. Unfortunately they chose to play in by the book with no room for interpretation or circumstance.
  22. Kinda important to remember that Quinn is also calling the plays on D. So I would imagine that in that moment he was a little mentally occupied trying to figure out how in the world he could make an adjustment to keep Indy out of the end zone & keep the team in the game. Personally, I'd prefer him doing that as opposed to wasting the time until the next play getting overly emotional about a call that is technically correct even if the circumstances were crappy.
  23. I'm not so sure it's necessarily all a Quinn issue. As HC he's definitely a big part of it, but IMO this falls more on the players as much as anything else. Keep in mind the team rarely played well for a complete game while Smitty was in charge. They also struggled against backup QBs & RBs regularly in those days, and often seemed to play down to lesser teams... often getting caught with their pants down against teams they should've easily put away. That's why Ryan has had so many comebacks in his career. They would often start strong, then look like trash in the 3rd & let an opponent back into the game, just to have the game come down to the last possession in a nail-biter that should've been totally avoidable.