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  1. Agreed. I really think what doomed the Smitty years was exactly that... lack of communication/consistency. It was like the team had multiple personality disorder... one year we want to grind the ball through the running game & use a 4-3 on D... then the next year we want to be "explosive" & switch to a 3-4 look on D... then back to wanting a running game & 4-3... and then focus on the passing attack & a hybrid D... etc, etc, etc. They were so wrapped up in trying to keep up with what everyone else in the league was doing, they never seemed to lock in on their own actual identity, or rather what the end result of Smitty's "process" was actually supposed to be. The second things got a little bit sideways, a coordinator got thrown under the bus & fired and rather than bringing in someone with a similar plan, they'd always seem to switch gears completely. Quinn pretty much started doing that as well. Kinda hard for a GM to put a team together when the coach keeps changing the type of players they need because they're unable to actually stay consistent at all in terms of scheme & identity.
  2. Better open up the roof, Artie! Dusty Coldcuts about to punt that thing to the moon.
  3. He put together teams that were able to get to a SB in & NFCCG under two different coaching staffs. And heck, they probably would've had another SB appearance had the refs called any of the multiple penalties that occurred late in the 2012 NFCCG... roughing the passer, pass interference in the end zone, etc. Also don't forget that in 2017, after everyone wrote off the Falcons following the SB collapse & the defection of Boy Wonder to Sf, they were still just a dropped Julio pass from another NFCCG. The guy wasn't perfect, no GM is, and every single team has a weakness. But he did his job better than any Falcons GM before him. This team was a perpetual joke before he arrived. He immediately helped turn the franchise into a contender, got the "no back-to-back winning seasons" monkey off their backs, and as mentioned earlier, found success through multiple coaching staffs. So rather than nitpick every move he made, I appreciate the good things he did, wish things could've worked out better, and won't pretend like I know all the things that went on behind the scenes which may have forced his hand one way or the other on any number of decisions. I can't help but to feel like those things are usually not anywhere near as cut & dry as a lot of folks here like to make things out to be.
  4. Sorry, brother. It’s just really hard to think otherwise after watching this team for 35+ years. 😆
  5. 1. Falcons are down 28-3 at halftime & all hope seems lost. 2. Patterson returns the kickoff for a TD to start the second half & the defense gets a TD on the following Bucs drive, adding a small glimmer of hope. 3. The offense finally shows signs of life in the late 3rd & helps the team close their way back. With just seconds remaining, the Falcons are miraculously in position for a game-winning 46 yard FG attempt. Koo kicks it & it splits the uprights!!!! Then after a few seconds of celebration, we realize there is a yellow flag on the ground. Falcons get backed up 5 yards & Koo has to try again from 51 yards out. The snap is good. The kick is up. It’s long enough. But clangs off the left upright as time expires & the Falcons lose in typical Falcon fashion.
  6. Exactly. This was the first drive of the first game of the season.. the excuse just doesn’t hold up.
  7. Old Tub Parent Company/Distillery: Beam Suntory/Jim Beam Proof: 100 (50% ABV) Age: NAS (Bottled-in-Bond release, so it’s at least 4 years old) Price: $24.95 Nose: This gives off pretty typical notes of light caramel, vanilla, and oak, and is slightly sweet smelling in a way that is not unlike Stevia or Splenda. Fruity & yeasty notes combine to give me rhubarb pie vibes. In the shadows, some hay/grassy/vegetal notes emerge. There’s a bit of the nutty Beam funk showing up, but generally not enough to be off-putting. Although, there is also a bit of a cardboard/papery note here as well, and when that mixes with the yeasty/nutty funkiness, it can often stand out a bit too much, which throws the whole thing off the rails. On one of the later tastings however, the fruit/nut notes revealed themselves more in a way that resembled cashews & cherries in a yeasty, doughy pastry (like the bready part of a honey bun without the sugary glaze). Ethanol is a non-issue, and this really doesn’t come off like a 100-proof expression at all. While there are some things here which can be enjoyable (especially after the bottle has opened up a bit), it still feels clunky… like something that was throw together in a hurry, rather than thoughtfully put together. Palate: This initially came off incredibly rough around the edges, tasting cheap, young, and having a super thin & watery mouthfeel. Sugary sweetness hits first, along with some black pepper. This is suddenly followed by a papery vanilla note, which seriously tastes like licking an envelope — specifically, the kind that came with a box of Valentine’s Day cards you’d give out to your classmates in elementary school, which had that faint hint of vanilla. There are some additional notes of artificial sweetener, powdered cinnamon, and raw nuts. Like the nose, it feels like a disjointed mess. Some nice, rich caramel shows up to try to right the ship… but unfortunately it gets chocked out by a bitter oak note on the back palate. Nothing seems to be working in conjunction here, and the result is a spiky, uninviting, unpleasant drinking experience. Finish: This has a medium-length finish featuring dark caramel, damp raw peanut shells nuts, and a tannic bitterness. Peppery spice is met with cinnamon & quickly becomes the dominant flavor. Sadly, it’s not the sweet, toasted nut & cinnamon stick goodness like you get from Old Grand Dad Bonded, but rather a sharp & unpleasant burn without much flavor over a backdrop of bitter, soggy oak & wet cardboard. Again, more disjointed flavors. While the spice isn’t overly hot, it still seems really overbearing & just doesn’t play nice with the caramel/vanilla notes at all. It actually made me gag a bit during one tasting. To make matters worse, this leaves an aftertaste of rotting apples. Overall: When Jim Beam rolled this out in 2020 as a limited edition release, I was genuinely intrigued. For whatever reason though, it was never one I pulled the trigger on buying until recently. Being a huge fan of another Jim Beam-produced bottled-in-bond bourbon at this price point (OGDBiB), I had hoped that there would be enough similarities that I’d find a nice alternative. Unfortunately, this turned out to be one of the most disappointing experiences I’ve had with a bourbon in quite some time. I did more tastings with this prior to writing a review than I have for any other whiskey I’ve reviewed thus far. I was hoping that maybe it just needed more time to come together. While I can say that it was better once I had gotten to the most recent tasting & somehow forced myself through about a third of the bottle, it was still pretty bad overall. The nose got a lot better over time, the palate got just slightly better, and the finish stayed awful the whole time. This is just incredibly rough tasting to me; coming much closer to drinking like Jim Beam 4Y white label than it does OGDBiB. I’m not one to typically drink cocktails, but I did use this for a Boulevardier & found that application to be lightyears better than trying to drink this stuff neat. So having some usefulness as a mixer is about the only thing keeping this from being a drain pour for me. Score: 3.5/10
  8. Yikes. If a rookie was too tired to be out there in a key situation in the first quarter of the first game of the year, how in the **** is he gonna be able to make it through a 17 game season?
  9. The Cowboys lost Demarcus Lawrence for a few months & Randy Gregory is banged up as well. Send them the 2nd from the Julio trade & DQ’s buddy Fowler for Connor Williams.
  10. PS players… just one letter away from piece of poop players.
  11. I think it’s the Antoine Smith/Tevin Coleman thing where they bust a few nice runs when they’re rested & able to exploit exhausted defensive players with their speed. However, when you use guys like that in a larger role, very seldom to they maintain that level of production because they also start to get worn down, and thus have essentially had the thing that gave them an advantage in the first place negated. Antone Smith was unstoppable as a change of pace player, but once they tried using him as 3 down back he was awful. The exact same thing happened with Coleman. Its just not generally what works best for maintaining success from those types of players. Specific to Sunday’s game, we fell behind & by the late 3rd the team was having to rely heavily on passing. With the o-line struggles, they likely wanted a HB out there who could help out in pass protection, and thus why Davis saw the field more than Patterson from that point on, regardless of how they had been running in the first half.
  12. Mayfield (speaking in his best Steve Urkel voice): “Did I do that?”
  13. After the last several seasons, I’d be happy with this team being mediocre, only because that would show some indication of progress & potential from where they’ve been lately. But sadly, they aren’t even on that level. By definition, mediocre means something is neither good nor bad, just simply adequate. So until this team can consistently be hovering around .500, they aren’t even good enough to be called mediocre.
  14. Preseason record at Mercedes Benz Stadium is 0-8 (.000) Regular season record at MBS is currently 11-14 (.440) Combined, the Falcons are 11-22 (.333) in their home stadium since it opened in 2017.
  15. Tony Gonzalez 17 years 15127 yards That is an average of 890 yards per season You seriously trying to sit here and say that Tony G. wasn't a generational talent at the position, or by you own standards, even HOF worthy????? 🤣🤣 Get outta here with your nonsense, man.
  16. Sad state of affairs when there are far more worthy candidates for a Falcons Ring of Dishonor than there are for the ROH.
  17. I mean, if we're going this route... Eugene Robinson Miko Bobby Petrino Fourth spot is a toss up between Mike Vick's dog & D-led ** Honorary mention to Peerless Price, Ray Edwards' nipple rings, and Tom Brady (since he's owned the Falcons almost as long as Arthur Blank has).
  18. Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch Parent Company/Distillery: Heaven Hill/Heaven Hill Proof: 90 (45% ABV) Age: NAS (press release says it’s made from 6-8 year old barrels) Price: $8.95 (375ml) Nose: Surprisingly pleasant & inviting, with notes of light vanilla cake & bright, sugary, fruity frosting at the forefront (think vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing). There is a creamy nature to this, which provides a gentle nose overall. Some caramel/toffee scents come on, along with toasted nuts, and a touch of nutmeg as it opens up in the glass. Not too much going on in the way of leather, oak, or peppery spice notes, but there is just enough to round things out. While this isn’t particularly complex on the nose, it is inviting enough simply by being simple. Being a 90 proof expression, there’s really no ethanol noticeable at all. Palate: Buttery, semi-rich caramel leads the way, joined by vanilla frosting & crushed toasted walnuts. A touch of corn is noticeable, which works with the caramel flavor to remind me of those caramel popcorn balls I’d get at the fair as a child. On the back palate, baking spice & sugary cinnamon emerge along with faint hints of oak & tobacco, adding some dimension. Like the nose, this is lacking a little in terms of complexity, but what is here is very pleasant. The mouthfeel is on the cusp of being oily, but falls just a little short. It’s still rather buttery & provides a solid texture. Considering the price point of this expression, it’s punching above its weight class. Finish: One the initial tasting, I got something that reminded me of these little gingersnap cookies with vanilla frosting that came in a bag my dad used to eat all the time when I was a kid. On the subsequent tastings, it leaned much more on a burnt brown sugar caramel notes that seemed to get darker as it went along, and eventually transformed into an oaky note. This lies over a backdrop of nutmeg, baking spice, and cinnamon which builds to a mild heat level… not enough to get very interesting, but enough to know it’s there. The overall experience of this finish is fine, but I do find it a bit short. Overall: This expression got a makeover in May of 2021, which included a redesign of the bottle & label, a boost from 86 proof up to 90, and a designation as a small batch bourbon (press materials claim it is made in batches using 300 or less 6-8 year old barrels). I appreciated the previous version as a cheap mixer, and felt it was kind of overlooked & underrated for what it was. So, I was very interested to see what this new version had to offer. Unfortunately, the store I frequent isn’t stocking the 750ml bottles of the new version until they move out the remaining bottles of the older version. So I was forced to choose between the plastic 350ml bottle for $9, or the 1.75L for $30. I chose to go the safe route & grab the little bottle. While there are certainly some areas where this could offer a bit more… overall complexity & length of the finish… it’s still very, very easy to drink & actually quite enjoyable when sipped neat. When you consider what this has to offer, and factor in the price tag & availability, it’s punching well above its weight class. The lack of complexity keeps this from being on par with some other 90 proof expressions like Russell’s Reserve 10Y & Eagle Rare which cost about twice as much. However, I think in a blind tasting, this would hold its own against things like Buffalo Trace, Bowman Brothers Small Batch, Four Roses Small Batch, etc. I absolutely love this new version for times when I want something easy, and to warm up my palate before a tasting. Once, I can find a 750ml bottle, I’m sure it’s going to be one I keep on hand regularly. Score: 6.5/10
  19. From 1:20-1:25 of this song, the lyrics should be... Beep! Beep! Who got Koo's shoes & his Jeep?
  20. Yep. We can’t afford to keep him being this year unless he absolutely sucks it up... and if that happens, why bother? So, the best case scenario would be for him to have a very solid season, get signed elsewhere for a high price, and we get a 3rd or 4th round comp pick in the process.
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