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  1. You nailed it. Never expected him to be on the team after this season one way or another due to age, cap number, and the continued emergence of Ridley & Hooper in the passing game. So if we can get something useful for him, that's a win.
  2. If you go back and read what I said again you'll see that I didn't mention Vic. I was responding to what someone wrote about trading Free & Tru in addition to trying to unload Beasley. Vic is far more trade-able because he'd essentially be a rental for the remainder of this season. If a team with cap room thinks he has potential, he could be worth trading for. If he panned out in their scheme, they'd be able to start negotiating an extension... and if he continued to blow, they could just let him walk & they are only out a draft pick. That's not the case with Tru or Freeman though since both those guys have a few years left on their current deals. Neither of those two is easily cuttable next offseason without taking on a good chunk of dead money & both carry kinda large cap numbers. If a team was to trade for Free but then decide to cut bait after the rest of this season, he could be a post-June 1st cut, but that doesn't do any good during prime free agent signing period. You gotta wait til 2021 to cut Free outright without taking on a bunch of dead money. Tru's situation is even worse. The absolute earliest a team could cut him without taking on lots of dead money would be as a post-June 1st cut in 2021. To cut him outright & not take a significant dead money hit means waiting until 2022. So again, I can't really see a team trading for those two guys.
  3. "Hooper lasted until the third round of the 2016 draft due to concerns about his hands and route-running, but he has largely quieted those concerns over his first three years in the league. And while his receiving ability is going to be what gets him the payday he’s seeking, he was an above-average performer in terms of run-blocking and pass-blocking last year, per Pro Football Focus’ metrics." https://www.profootballrumors.com/2019/05/extension-candidate-austin-hooper
  4. I think we'd be pretty hard pressed to find a team willing to take on the contracts of Tru or Freeman.
  5. After a few years of defending Hooper against people parroting that stupidly misinformed idea he has bad hands, it's nice to see most folks finally starting to appreciate the guy.
  6. dream scenario... Falcons get: Kenyan Drake 4th round pick 6th round pick Dolphins get: Vic Beasley Devonta Freeman 5th round pick
  7. Yeah, I agree fully, which is exactly why I mentioned the possibility.
  8. He'll become a college coach.
  9. I tried to tell 'em. Dude can get after it like nobody's business AND can play the run. People just look at the measurables & make up their mind rather than actually paying attention to the player. I also wanted Yannick Ngakoue a few years ago & folks were like "who??"
  10. Dude has been bad, but in his defense it's pretty hard to cover WRs downfield when your team's complete lack of pass rush is allowing opposing QBs to take as long as they need in the pocket. Also doesn't help that a large chunk of the yards he gave up yesterday came because the refs allowed a pretty obvious non-catch to stand.
  11. Yeah, I'm not against the Lindstrom pick at all, and fully understand the rationale behind it. I think it'll be good to great in the long run... just think betting on Vic & Takk was a reach by DQ & TD like you said, and we really could use a guy like Burns right now. Then again, maybe it's got less to do with the talent & more to do with coaching, meaning Vic & Takk would be having more production if they were playing for a different team, too. I was pleasantly surprised with Sheffield. Honestly did not care for the pick at the time (seemed like a guy who was super fast on the track but super slow between the ears) & will be happy if he proves me wrong.
  12. Watching this train wreck of a football team has become comically predictable. After we scored that last TD, I told my wife that I wished we would just go for two to try to win the game rather than going the "safe" route of kicking an extra point & playing for overtime. I mentioned how the offense seemed unstoppable at that point & while our defense had stepped up, could you really count on them keeping that up in overtime? I then said that I doubted whether DQ had the onions to potentially put his employment on the line, so we'd almost certainly play it safe... adding sarcastically that we'd probably blow the kick. As Bryant trotted out for the XP & the announcer kept bringing up how Schaub was holding since Bosher was out I thought, "How funny is it gonna be when he shanks this?" Like clockwork, Bryant missed it. "How'd you know?" my wife asked. "Falcons gonna Falcon", I replied.
  13. I was hoping Vic could turn it around, too... but I mentioned several times leading up to the draft that I wanted Brian Burns & would've preferred we took that route over bringing Vic back at $12M. Folks here said Burns was too small & just another Beasley... All he's done in Carolina thus far is put himself in position to be DROY. Dude had 4 sacks in preseason & hasn't let up a bit. He's had at least a half sack or better in every game except opening week, giving him 4.5 sacks already, plus a forced fumble & a TD. For perspective, that's more sacks than Vic, Takk, and Grady combined.
  14. Don’t forget Freeman
  15. It won't really matter in the grand scheme of things because throwing the ball won't be what beats us. The Cardinals are pretty depleted in the secondary as well, so they'd be better off running it a ton, and keeping our offense off the field & our sorry defense on it (missing tackles left & right and running out of gas by the 3rd quarter). Watch this be the Kyler Murray breakout game where he gives us all Vick flashbacks and has like 120 rushing yards & 2 TDs by halftime.