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  1. There's a high school right down the road from me & this was their logo: Until they recently changed it to this abomination:
  2. Chargers should've made their primary logo an updated version of that original logo from the 60's-70's w/ the shield & the horse: -OR- an update take on the horse & shield logo they had as an alternative in the 70's & 80's:
  3. I think the days of "locking a guy up" for 5 years or more are just about over, because without fully guaranteed contracts it just makes way more sense for both sides to do 1-3 year deals.
  4. That new Rams logo looks like something from an early 90's Sega Genesis football game where they didn't have a licensing agreement in place to use actual NFL teams, so they made up a "close enough" version.
  5. Well played, sir.
  6. Gotta be thinking about safety as well. SS We have zero clue what we still have in Neal at this point. So to assume he's going to bounce back just fine after back to back season ending lower body injuries strikes me as dangerous/foolish/blindly optimistic. Not saying he can't or won't bounce back, but it doesn't seem like a gimme by any stretch. And what if he does come back and play decent enough this year? Do you get sucked into giving him a long-term deal (seems risky after just one year back), franchise tag him (might not be worth the price), or let him walk? Bottom line, there is lot's of uncertainty with this spot at the moment. FS Consider that next year Rico has a cap hit of $8.375M... which is $5M more than his cap numbers from the past two seasons. Is a 30 year old version of Rico really gonna be worth that kind of cap hit? He can be cut next offseason for a $6.25M savings & $2.1M in dead money. Consider also that Kazee will be a UFA after this season. People got a little too high on the guy because he got a bunch of INTs a year ago, but the reality was that he also gave up a ton of huge plays. He seemed a little better this past season, but nothing particularly special. Is he the long-term solution at FS if Rico is cut next year? Maybe, maybe not. It seems highly unlikely that both of those guys would be brought back long-term beyond this season... and it's entirely possible that neither are the long-term solution for the position. For a team that will still need to be working toward better cap management/flexibility over the next year or two, getting young, more reliably healthy players on rookie deals seems like a better way to do things IMO compared to continuing to get hitched to giving big money to players who were good a few years ago but have since become replaceable.
  7. I'ma wait until the dude passes the physical & the deal actually becomes official before I let myself have feeling on this whole thing.
  8. Irvin signed with the Seahawks
  9. We picked up his 5th year option which is fully guaranteed for injury. So we can’t cut him until he can actually pass a physical. Not only is he currently still rehabbing from the Achilles tear, and likely to still be doing so for at least another month or two... the NFL just suspended OTAs indefinitely AND are not allowing teams to have players in for physicals. So even if by some miracle he was healed up enough to where he could pass a physical already, we aren’t allowed to give him a physical until who knows when.
  10. Yep. Folks need to look at it in full perspective & remember that Deshaun Watson is in the final year of his deal. Surely his agent is salivating at whatever monumental sum Mahomes will ultimately be getting & will try to ask for something close to that. Also gotta consider that JJ Watt has just 1 year left after this season & has had no remaining guaranteed money on his current deal since 2017. He's almost certainly looking to re-do his deal as well, and it wouldn't shock me at all to see an extension for him worked out any time now. So they weren't gonna also make Hopkins the highest paid WR in the NFL, which is almost certainly what a new deal for him would take. Rather than having him hold out and potentially become a distraction in the locker room and media, they decided to move on & at least get something in return.
  11. There is some buzz that Hopkins wasn't happy w/ his contract, because there is no more guaranteed money owed. With $40M & 3 years remaining on his current deal, Houston wasn't willing to negotiate w/ him & opted to trade him instead. Basically what some folks here though we should've done w/ Julio when he was having a similar issue w/ his contract.
  12. I’m listening to the Around the NFL podcast & Greg Rosenthal mentioned that he’s been told Hooper will indeed be resetting the TE market. While that’s kinda been common knowledge for a bit, Rosenthal says he would not be shocked to see Hooper get $15M per year.
  13. But with the cap supposedly set to jump next year to like $240m or something, couldn’t we restructure the deals for Matt & Julio to where we go ahead and give them a bigger chunk of the remaining guaranteed money in 2021, which would then significantly lower their caps hits for 2022 & beyond?