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  1. McClure is such a joke. Mini-camp is done so there is absolutely nothing to write about & this azzhat does what he does "best"... makes up some BS to try to ruffle feathers. When your entire premise is wrapped up in phrases like "there could be", "imagine", "if" & "has the potential for" it's hollow. Additionally, his feelings on the Julio situation, the o-line, and what other teams have done this offseason are all 100% nothing more than speculation & opinion with zero facts to back up anything he said. He is so obviously trying to stir some sh!t because he's not clever enough to come up with anything to write about or trusted enough to have access to real information from the team. He is a hack & an obvious troll.
  2. This is just silly. Free agency starts in March of 2019. They literally have over 9 months to get deals worked out with those guys... and up to 21 months should they opt to use the franchise tag next offseason. Julio asking to rework his deal has absolutely ZERO impact on the timing of resigning Matthews or Jarrett.
  3. Well, if the team is only being held accountable for a portion of the deal, why is that not also applicable for the player? Seems awfully one-sided.
  4. I was on the Alford train before he even was a Falcon. In the first mock draft I ever did, I had us getting him in the 2nd & was absolutely thrilled we got him... even though most everyone here seemed to be like "who the F is Robert Alford & why did we take another CB. Anyhow, he's been my dude since day one & I have gone to bat for him on these boards for year, so I'm not gonna argue any of that... I just appreciate that people finally understand how good he is. As for Julio, yeah it'd be nice if he wasn't banged up so much, but that doesn't completely take away the fact that other teams have to account for him when he is out there. No doubt he does get banged up a lot more than we'd all like, but some of the onus of those lower than ideal snap counts have to go to coaching staff also. Remember how everyone wanted to lop off Shanny's head his first year here, because we had serious red zone issues, yet he basically refused to calls play to Julio down there? I highly doubt Julio is telling the coaches not to use him on critical downs. That's their decision.
  5. I know others have different views on this, but I am firmly of the mind that the sheer presence of Julio opens up so much for the rest of the offense, including playing a significant role in having success in the running game. We do not knowingly have another WR on the roster that commands the same level of attention from opponents, so his value is IMO larger than his stats alone.
  6. Like I laid it out in that other thread, it's an easy fix to make it work for both sides, but the owners gotta get off their high horse for a second & get with the times or the players need to strike to force it into being. The prospect of a strike blows, but in the long run, updating the way contracts are structured to something closer to other sports leagues would eliminate hold-outs & make things run much, much better.
  7. Yep. The owners have significant influence on the media too & are thus able to use that influence to paint a picture of a player in a negative light should they not play by the rules that the teams don't often adhere to themselves. They're using an archaic, antiquated way of negotiating/paying players who are making the teams/league more money than any other major sports league in the USA. Anytime a player feels they need to reassess because the deal is so one-sided, that player gets all this BS stigma attached questioning their loyalty, honor, drive, etc. Yet nobody ever talks about how every single year, every single team in the NFL prematurely ends the contracts of dozens or even hundreds of players with absolutely no severance. Where's the honor in that?
  8. Yep. Been in those situations in the music industry for two decades & now facing it some in design/photography jobs.
  9. Yep. There are always guys who have 'breakout' seasons in their first year of significant action (whether it's their rookie year or they've just been on the bench for a while), because there's often very limited tape of them in the NFL & in the system their current team is using. When the D has little to go on & doesn't have a feel for an opposing player's tendencies, the advantage fully goes to that opposing player. You can't really make adjustments to a complete unknown. This is exactly why you see backup QBs or RBs seemingly come out of nowhere for a game or two (always feels like it's against us for some reason), but then come crashing back down to Earth once DCs get a feel for their abilities & tendencies.
  10. Spot on. From a leverage standpoint, this is probably the best time for them to strike & have the owners feel the pressure. The interest in the NFL is still higher than other major sports, but keeps running the risk of losing more & more fans with rules changes, social stances, etc. It'd be best to strike while the iron is hot (pun sorta intended), because it might not be for much longer.
  11. Yeah, I don't think the owners would ever sign off on it though without a HUGH strike or something like that happening to force their hand. Everything is extremely in their control at the moment, allowing them to make absolutely stupid amounts of money. They aren't gonna voluntarily change things any time soon.
  12. I hear ya. I just think the entire system the NFL works with is antiquated & in dire need of a reboot.
  13. Sorry if I misread what you were getting at, but it came off to me as if you were suggesting people are just in one of two camps. I personally don't often find too many issues in this world to be a this or that, all or nothing deal. This is no exception for me. I understand why fans are upset the Julio's not in camp, but I also understand why he feels like he needs to get this addressed right now.
  14. Honestly, the NFL is lightyears behind the other major sports in terms of how they deal with contracts, so I have a very hard time faulting the players. Especially considering that teams very rarely honor the contract themselves. It's even more absurd considering that the NFL makes more money than any of those other leagues. IMO, the fix to all this is pretty simple... Guarantee the entire deal like they often do in other sports. This doesn't have to be an absurd amount like $20M/year or anything, but let's say you had a player how might get a 5 year deal worth an average of $20M/year under the current contract structure system. Instead of how it's done now, you give them a fully guaranteed 5 year/$70M deal. Then also allow the player to make more from low hanging fruit bonuses for performance & health... play all 16 games = $1.5M catch 70% or more of targets = $1M 1000 yards = $500k 1250+ yards = $800k 1500+yards = $1.2M 10+ TDs = $1M MVP selection = $2.5M All Pro selection = $1.2M Pro Bowl selection = $800k Plus bonuses based of number or percentage of snaps They get a fully guaranteed $14M/year for five years and can make close to $20M in a year if they are healthy & continue to perform well. Win/win for both sides.