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  1. I’m with you on the RB battle. Sure there’s likely going to be a bit of a a battle for RB2 & RB3, but I don’t see any way Davis doesn’t already have RB1 locked up. He’s the only one of the bunch that has actually done anything at the position in the NFL.
  2. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof - Batch B521 Parent Company/Distillery: Heaven Hill/Heaven Hill Proof: 118.2 (59.1% ABV) Age: 12 years Price: $69.95 Nose: As often seems to be the case for this line, this is immediately pleasant, with caramel, dark fruits, and dusty oak at the forefront. This isn’t very spicy on the nose, but I do find a hint of cinnamon, or maybe even some nutmeg. A tiny bit of vanilla cream is in there as well. I also get a baked dessert note which reminds me a lot of those Entenmann’s Cheese Danishes. As this continues to open up in the glass, the fruitiness evolves fro
  3. It's definitely easy for folks to get too wrapped up in proof, and to make the mistake of thinking you absolutely have to drink barrel strength expressions neat. That kind of thinking seems to actually go against one of the most appealing aspects of a bourbon being offered at barrel strength... the fact that you can proof it down as much or little as you desire. Being given that amount of flexibility to essentially customize the bourbon to your own preferences is amazing. While I personally tend to not add water very often, there are certainly expressions that come off a little too hot & s
  4. Ok, that ratio makes more sense. Adding an ounce of water seemed like a bit much unless it was a sizeable pour to begin with. So adding .5 oz of water to 2oz. of 107 proof Baker's, you end up with it being 85.6 proof. Round up & you're at 86 proof, which is a pretty common proof point for lots of bourbons, and even some other types of whisky.
  5. How many ounces of bourbon are you pouring before adding the water?
  6. I was gonna say, I don't remember Zaccheaus' catch being the longest TD catch in Falcon history. I didn't get to see the Haynes play, but I distinctly remember watching Jam's 94 yarder.
  7. I highly doubt 1998 was the last time that sort of thing took place, but it was certainly the most memorable.
  8. Well, one could point to the cap number for a big part of why Julio was excluded (I mean the whole point of this exercise is to put together a team within this year’s cap). Meanwhile, Ridley’s got a super manageable cap number, yet he wasn’t considered at all either. Take that for what you will.
  9. I listen to the Bourbon Pursuit podcast a lot at work & they’ve been mentioning the new Heaven Hill expansion a bunch in recent episodes. Smart move to add the ‘bottle your own’ aspect. I could be wrong, but I feel like Jim Beam had or has something like that, and I know at least for a while Maker’s was letting people dip their own bottles in the famous red wax. Seems pretty cool when the distilleries can offer something a little extra like this for the people making the trip to visit them.
  10. Apparently today is National Bourbon Day… So cheers to that!!!
  11. Saw that someone I know on another message board was already able to pick up a bottle of the RR13y in Texas. They mentioned that while the initial release is expected to be very limited, there is expectation that it will be become an annual release. I sure hope he’s right.
  12. Old Elk Single Barrel (NC Private Selection) Parent Company/Distillery: Old Elk Distillery/MGP? Proof: 106.8 (53.4% ABV) Age: 5 years Selected by: Greg Metze Price: $54.95 Nose: This smells very delicious & very inviting; with a nice amount of complexity. Vanilla, syrupy caramel, berries & cherries, cinnamon & nutmeg all work together to bring visions of syrupy French toast into my head. There is a perfect portion of dusty oak & tobacco, which helps add some character. Under it all lies a slight brightness, almost like lemon that’s not super vibrant, which helps kee
  13. I think the success of any GM or HC has less to do with coming up with a master plan, and much more to do with their ability to quickly come up with contingency plans. I doubt they both wanted to jettison Julio the moment they arrived, but I'd imagine that it was fairly obvious early on that he had no intention on staying with this team... so they set to work on a contingency plan, which so far looks pretty darn good. As far as compensation, the Falcons had very little leverage due to the need to make cap space & other factors, and teams knew that. Additionally, for a great as Julio
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