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  1. Their decision to not pick up his option doesn’t give us any leverage at all. The reason they chose not to pick it up is so they can take a wait & see approach with him. If he can stay healthy, stay out of trouble, and continue to produce, then they will work out an extension at the end of the year before he hits free agency. Had they picked up the 5th year option, they would’ve been on the hook to give him $14.5M next year. When you think about the fact that he tore his ACL in his first practice & missed his entire rookie season, he only had 4 sacks the following year, he’s had legal issues & has been suspended by both the team & the league already, and that it was only last season that he finally showed flashes of why they spent the 3rd overall pick on him in the first place, it actually would’ve been incredibly risky & kinda stupid for the Jags to pick up his option. This way they can see if he’s got his act together. If so, they give him a deal that pays less than the $14.5m they would’ve owed had they picked up his option. If he gets in more trouble, gets hurt, or doesn’t produce, they can just let him walk & they get a nice comp pick. We have no leverage, because they don’t need to move him at all unless the price is just waaaay too good to pass up.
  2. Gone isn't on the PS. He's already on the active roster, just has been a healthy scratch for both games so far.
  3. Zac Kerin's draft profile from NFL.com 6'4" 308lb OVERVIEW 2013: Second-team All-MAC selection after starting in all 12 games. 2012: First-team All-MAC selection after starting in all 12 games. 2011: Second-team All-MAC selection after playing in all 13 games (starting 12). 2010: Played in 11 games as a reserve. 2009: Redshirted. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Has stature to engage and seal. Gets out of his stance and is able to reach the second level. Plays hard and keeps his head on a swivel. Smart and vocal -- makes line calls. Tough and aggressive. Intense and competitive. Football is important to him. Team captain. WEAKNESSES Has short arms and is too reliant on his upper body. Does not generate power through his lower half to drive nose tackles off the ball. Can play with better leverage -- got away with inconsistent pad level and anchor against inferior competition. Lateral agility is just adequate. Needs to improve second-level sustain. Personality could rub some people the wrong way and coachability should be examined by position coach. DRAFT PROJECTION Priority free agent BOTTOM LINE Short-armed, grab-and-grapple type blocker with average physical traits who lacks experience vs. NFL-caliber defensive tackles and did not physically dominate MAC competition. Best chance is in a zone-blocking scheme, though he's a very average athlete who will have to get by with smarts and a junkyard dog mentality.
  4. The Jets already talked to the Jags back in Aug. about trading for Fowler, and he's still a Jag... so there is speculation that they my have a pretty high asking price. Considering Fowler's coming off a great game & was PFF's highest rated edge rusher this week, that price may just get even higher. The Jags would have all the leverage in trade negotiations for him, because they could just keep him & re-sign him or franchise tag him if he continues to play at a high level. If he doesn't, then they just let him walk at the end of the year & they still get a nice comp pick. So unless someone comes at them with a huge offer, it seems highly unlikely they'd be inclined to move him.
  5. I'm just curious as to whether he's actually still that good. I know he had a decent rookie season & then showed a ton of promise with a great season in his second year... but that was a long time ago. Are people just still going off of hype from what he did 5 years ago, or is there something I missed where he's done anything significant recently?
  6. Hill had to brought up anyhow. There's no way they go into the game with just 2 HBs active.
  7. It was definitely the smart way for a team to acquire him. If he can actually show that he's still able to play & put the off the field concerns to rest, then the Pats get a much needed weapon at WR & only give up a 5th. If he blows, they can just bench him & they get a pick back.
  8. Agree 100% and mentioned the same thing as soon as he re-injured the knee.
  9. Yeah, if they really aren't sure... and I'd imagine an injury like this, where it seems to be an issue of the elasticity of his tendons, would be more of a case by case type thing & is a whole lot harder to estimate than something like a broken bone.
  10. Pats give a conditional 5th for Gordon.
  11. That's pretty much the same thing though isn't it? If someone is day to day, it means there is no certain timetable for return. Could be tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after, or the day after that, etc., etc. just depending on how the player heals & with consideration for any possible setbacks. Even having a general window of when you expect they might be ready doesn't mean you actually can pinpoint when they return. So day to day = being unsure of exactly when they'll be back.
  12. I fully understand that & don't have any delusions of Ryan or any other QB hitting on a high % of those throws. My only thing is that since last season, it looks like he's throwing those long balls a little different than he did when he was noticeably better at it back in 2016. In 2016, he seemed to be throwing the deep stuff with his upper body (arm, shoulder, chest) upright more often & thus the ball was covering the same distance but travelled a bit lower than it does now, but with a lot more velocity. This made it appear that he had a lot more control over the placement of those passes. Since 2017, I feel like he's gotten into a habit of bending way back and chucking it toward the ceiling, throwing the ball up almost as much as he's throwing it out, and that results in his throws having too much air under them, losing velocity, and becoming jump balls rather than deep strikes. Granted, the o-line has been nowhere near as consistent as it was in 2016, so that's surely a large part of it. If he doesn't feel like he's gonna have enough time to stand in the pocket, let the receivers get downfield, and make that deep strike, he might be trying to work around it by getting the ball in the air sooner & higher so that they have time to run under it & try to make a play. The issue I have is that this also gives the DB a better opportunity to run under it & try to make a play.
  13. That sucks & is kinda what I suspected the more I looked at it. Hooper got a little better with his blocking but it's undoubtably still a weak spot for him. Need to run that play with a guy in there like Paulsen who can actually block rather than Hoop.
  14. That play was a mess & I wonder if the INT actually ended up being better than what could've been. Hooper actually had to come all the way across and try to chip Horton otherwise he probably would've had an easy strip-sack.... which might've resulted in the Panthers getting the ball at mid-field rather than deep in their own territory. Not sure if that was a bad call at the line or what, but Schraeder absolutely let Horton go untouched on the play, like he was passing him off to someone else. The way it happened really made it look like that was per the play design... like he was supposed to let Horton go & help Fusco double the DT or something. The problem with that... there was nobody there for Schraeder to pass him off too, because Teco was already out of the backfield sprinting toward the flat & Hooper was still coming across from the opposite side of the line. Furthermore, Fusco didn't need any help w/ the DT, so Schraeder was just standing there blocking no-one at all & thus had zero reason to not just stay put & engage Horton himself. Maybe Schraeder had it right & Hoop was supposed to get over there faster. Who knows?
  15. Because the MLB is usually Debo, who is one of the best coverage LBs in the NFL. With Riley at MLB... not so much. Seems like a decision that was based on personnel, not strictly based on position.