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  1. They might have an unorthodox way of building a team... but don't sweat the technique.
  2. Those fact checkers did a pretty piss poor job considering they didn't even bother to look that the piece was posted to ESPN yesterday... meaning it was written even before that, probably a day or two ago at least... when the Falcons were in fact prepping for the Saints game.
  3. Saleh is just another Dan Quinn. He is literally a Quinn guy... runs the same sorry scheme & was on DQs's staff in Seattle. don't want to see any of those dudes considered for the job.
  4. Based on what we just witnessed yesterday, wouldn't surprise me to see Takk & Vic get 5-6 sacks against us this week.
  5. Yeah, kinda hard to get excited about a GM when the only thing they can really highlight is that he nailed two completely obvious choices within the top 5 of the draft & got a serviceable QB in the 2nd round. I mean seriously... how much credit should a GM of a team in dire need of WR help actually get simply for staying put at #4 overall & taking Amari Cooper... who was a Biletnikoff winner & the overwhelmingly consensus WR1 in that class? Kinda the same deal with them giving credit for taking Khalil Mack at #5. Pretty much a no-brainer making that selection. So, not sure it
  6. This is completely false. The Rams were complete garbage from most of the time Wilson has been in the NFL. Only in the past 3 seasons have they started to be competitive. They never had a winning season in the first 6 years Wilson faced them... nor did they have a single winning season for the 7 years prior to Wilson’s arrival. They were trash for about 15 years. Counting this season, the 49ers have just 1 winning season in the last 7 years. They were good for 3 years when Wilson first got to Seattle, but didn’t have a single winning season for 8 straight years before that. So outsid
  7. I get what you’re getting at, but Mora went on to be HC of the Seahawks & UCLA after he was fired by the Falcons. So not really sure how well that example fits your narrative of nobody wanting anything to do w/ him after the Falcons cut him loose. Also, why no mention of Dan Reeves? Out of all the HCs under Blank, he’s the only one that didn’t get another coaching gig afterward. So going off of your logic, doesn’t that make him the biggest loser of the bunch?
  8. Did they have to move someone to the PS to make room for Benkert, or was there still an open spot on the 53 after letting go of Takk?
  9. Exactly. We always seem to have one of the "hardest" schedules in the league and that's because we play in one of the toughest, most consistently competitive divisions (over the past decade) in the entire NFL.
  10. I was gonna say... 3/4 of the members of this message board doesn't respect this defense, and the few who do only really started feeling that way in the past few weeks... so how can you blame Sean Payton for not respecting them either?
  11. Seems the bourbon gods are shining brightly on you, my brother!
  12. I'm in NC, which is also a control state, so the ABC runs things here. Each county in the state has it's own ABC board, and they each handle their own distribution process for the BTAC stuff. Some have it set up where they list everything that will be available (the BTAC stuff plus other allocated offerings like Blanton's, EH Taylor Barrel Proof, Elijah Craig 23Y, Michter's 10Y, etc.), and you have to place them in order of preference. For other smaller counties, they do it live on a certain day & you have to be there in person if your name is called. It's different from county to count
  13. Awesome! Congrats on that WLW!! It’s generally very highly regarded, but seems especially so with this year’s release. From what I saw, most of the media folks who cover the whisky world & had the chance to review all of the offerings in this year’s BTAC (Buffalo Trace Antique Collection) before they went out to the public had pretty much unanimously placed the WLW at the top of the bunch. I know a lot of places handle those lotteries differently, so I’m curious how in was in PA. Did they offer you a choice of which bottle you could buy, or were they just like, “Hey man, you won
  14. Considering he’s only 60 yards behind Kittle & that Kittle is expected to miss at least another 6 weeks, I think it’s an extremely safe bet to say Hurst will surpass Kittle In yardage very soon.
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