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  1. What about bringing in Clay Matthews... not as an every down player, but rather as a dedicated pass rusher?
  2. It's all good til you zip that thing up in your jacket a few times during winter.
  3. I literally still use the Gillette Sensor I bought way back in 1992 or 1993. Gillette actually sent me a Sensor Excel in 1995 when I turned 18 (something I think they use to do when you signed up for selective service), and I still have that one as well.
  4. My pleasure & really glad you like it! I agree that it's better than Buffalo Trace, and that's largely because I find it to be more well-balanced. While it has that caramel, toffee, vanilla sweetness, it's also got a bit of spice & a touch of oak; it's got a pleasant amount of richness to it as well, making it smooth & easy to drink without seeming thin. On the other hand, Buffalo Trace is kind of one-dimensional IMO... just sweetness without much else going on enough to balance it out. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious, easy to drink, and great for the price (if you can find it), but for me it's a step below things like Russell's Reserve 10Y and Eagle Rare. I find the whole story behind Russell's Reserve & the man it's named for is pretty cool, too. It really adds personality to it in a way you just don't find with most other products.
  5. Clowney (6 years) 32 sacks & 8 forced fumbles (he's never had a double digit sack season) Beasley (5 years) 37.5 sacks & 11 forced fumbles When I look at that, it's really hard to see what you're seeing in Clowney to think he'd somehow finally "break out in sacks" and become a pass rushing force here at this stage in his career. If the dude couldn't do it when teams were having to focus on JJ Watt, he's probably just not what he was hyped up to be. I mean, Beasley put up substantially better numbers in terms of big impact plays, and he did it in one less year than Clowney. That's the dude you want? Seriously?
  6. Yeah, in non-control states, the independent stores often have to get into the game of buying a bunch of stuff they don't necessarily want in order to have a better chance at getting the allotted stuff. So a store that gets a good amount of stuff like WL Weller, George T. Stagg, Pappy, etc., and also normally seems to have Eagle Rare & Buffalo Trace in stock is almost certainly scratching the back of the distributor who handles the Sazarac products for that area. This usually comes in the form of buying several cases of one of the company's lesser products and giving it a prominent display in the store. In addition to the great bourbons made by Buffalo Trace Distillery, Sazarac also owns brands like 1792, Ancient Age, Benchmark, Southern Comfort, Very Old Barton, Kentucky Gentleman, Ten High, Fireball, and more + A bunch of Canadian and blended whisky brands + A bunch of vodka brands like Skol, Firefly, Wheatley, Nikolai, etc. + A bunch of bad tequilas: Margaritaville, Monte Alban, Montezuma, Corazon, etc. + A bunch of bad gins & rums So if you see a good bit of that stuff in the store, especially if any of it seems to be kinda featured with a display, that's probably why they're able to get Buffalo Trace products with regularity compared to most other places. Here's a pretty interesting interview with a guy who's been on both sides of that coin... a former rep for a large distributor who now owns his own liquor store: https://bourbonpursuit.com/2020/01/16/236-how-the-distribution-game-is-played-with-mike-bridges/
  7. Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of it. The guy who rang me up when I was buying that B520 a few days ago wasn't very familiar with bourbon, but mentioned that he got himself a bottle of Buffalo Trace after a customer suggested he try it. I told him he's lucky he got one, and he agreed, pointing out that they were wiped out as soon as they got them on the shelf... literally gone in minutes.
  8. Not sure how it is where you all are, but here in NC it seems like the ABC stores got their allotment of B520 in at least two batches... the initial batch happened a few months ago (that's when I got my first bottle), and then there was none to be found here anywhere until they just got another shipment in about a week ago. What's really curious to me is all that A120 showing up at my neighborhood store as well. I don't recall from previous years, but perhaps they hold back a little of the previous batches & then send those out along with the latest one. If that's the case, then they may send out even more B520 once the C920 is out. Or maybe that A120 originally went out to stores that never moved it & so the Abc stores sent it out to bigger market stores once the B520 came in for the second time in hopes that it might get sold in those stores.
  9. I recently made a rule for myself that I can only have anything I spent more than $40 on during the weekends. That keeps me from blowing through the harder to find bottles and/or the barrel strength bourbons. The Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve costs $49.99 here & is 120 proof, so for me that one gets reserved for weekends. It's amazing, but probably not something you'd roll with as an every day sipper. To my palate, it's got a lot of the same characteristics of the ECBP, just slightly less pronounced. It's basically Booker's that's been left in the barrel another 3 years. Considering Booker's is now being sold for $90 vs $50 for this, it makes this one that much more of a steal. Knowing you enjoyed the ECBP, this would probably be a good one for you to try, but again... also not something for everyday drinking. Also, because it's a single barrel release, it's going to vary a bit from bottle to bottle. Sometimes you get ones that seem unbelievably fantastic (aka bottles from a "honey barrel"), and then another bottle you pick up a few months later might still be very good, but a little underwhelming by comparison. As for the Russel's Reserve 10Y, that is my favorite regularly available, under $40 bourbon. It has a super delicious toffee, vanilla, caramel thing going on with just the right amount of spice. It's 90 proof & super smooth, and makes for a fantastic every day sipper IMO. It's $38 here (and often on sale for around $35). Finding a 10 year old bourbon of this quality at that price is an amazing bargain... especially considering how hard it has become recently to get your hands on Eagle Rare (which is also a 10 year old, 90 proof, easy drinking bourbon w/ a MSRP under around $35). So if you're looking for something to drink a little more regularly, grab the RR10Y... but definitely give that KCSBR a go at some point as well.
  10. I also recently discovered that despite NC being a controlled state with ABC stores, they actually have started doing something here in recent years to allow people to buy what are essentially store picks. They now have a "buy the barrel" program worked out where they select specific barrels from different distilleries just as an independent liquor store in a non-ABC state would when doing a barrel pick. The bottles from those privately selected barrels are then labelled as such & distributed throughout various NC ABC stores. Anything on the NC ABC price list with a (BTB) designation falls into this category. I think I might've mentioned it earlier in the thread, but a good friend of mine picked up a bottle of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked that was one of these BTB offerings. One of my favorite any time sipping bourbons is Russell's Reserve 10Y & I'm a big fan of the Single Barrel as well. This month, NC ABC has the Russell's Single Barrel on sale for $56, and is apparently getting in a BTB version of the Russell's Single Barrel as well, and offering that for the same price. I've always heard great things about how wonderful Russell's store picks are, but I've never had a chance to try them. So, I'm really hoping I finally get my chance this month!
  11. I was honestly shocked to still see the A120 there, and especially to see how many bottles were left. I was sooooo close to grabbing it, but with only one bottle of the B520 left I had to go that route instead. I may just have to go back after payday and try to snag one of those A120s (if they're still there at that point) so I can compare the two. From all the reviews I've seen, the consensus on the A120 seems to be that being 136.6 proof, it comes off as a little too hot for most folks & it doesn't do as good of a job in masking the alcohol compared to the B520. I've seen folks who've had both mention that the nose is pretty similar on the two, but the A120 has a more oak forward taste vs. the sweeter caramel, brown sugar forward taste of the B520. Overall, I've seen most people agree that you really can't go wrong with either, but most generally agree that the B520 is more well balanced than the A120. I'd love to get my hands on it to see for myself. Then again, the C920 rolls out technically in a month... so maybe I hold out for that instead??? Although, it probably won't actually be in the stores until October or November. Perhaps I need to get all three!
  12. Took a trip to the tiny ABC store near my house today & finally got my hands on a backup bottle of the ECBP B520. Glad I stopped in when I did (was thinking of holding off until next weekend), because it was the last one they had at that store. Oddly enough, they also have about 7 or 8 bottles of the batch A120 in stock. I never got my hands on that one when it came out, and was really tempted to pull the trigger on it... but ultimately opted to go with what I know.
  13. Unwound bassist Vern Rumsey has died, aged 47 Rumsey formed the legendary post-hardcore act in 1991 Rumsey formed Unwound with guitarist/vocalist Justin Trosper and drummer Brandt Sandeno in 1991, with Sara Lund replacing Sandeno the following year. Rumsey performed on every Unwound record, from their self-titled 1991 debut until their eighth and final album, 2001’s critically-acclaimed ‘Leaves Turn Inside You’. Unwound broke up a year later in 2002.
  14. Abe’s final year in Atlanta was 2012. Anderson was gone after 2010.
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