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  1. Of course some concepts are going to be similar because they did not overhaul the entire scheme... but as has been said several times now, the way those plays are run & when they are run during the games is the difference. When Sark got here, he looked over the film from before he arrived, kept what he liked, but adapted those plays to his preference. As far as FB goes... FB usage is not always about running the ball. Also, the specific times when you actually chose to put the FB on the field can be a huge difference maker. It can help sell run to the D & give you a better opportunity to make something happen with play action, can give you an extra blocker in the backfield to help buy the QB time in the pocket, which allows the WRs & TEs more time to get open, and frees up the HB to sneak out of the backfield for a pass. Shanahan knew how to use that to his advantage, Sark clearly does not. I mean, when you keep running goal to go plays with an empty backfield, you are doing half the opposing DC's job for them. As for the toss plays... much like using Coleman in the passing game, it's one of those things Sark took waaaaay too long to figure out. Running a toss play once in a while isn't the issue, it's that they failed far more often than not, and yet he kept right on calling them rather than making an adjustment. Shanahan is not without fault. The dude could get arrogant/cute with his play calling at times and would ultimately outsmart himself. But at least he could figure out how to move on to something different if what he first had in mind wasn't there. There's a reason Ryan set a record for hitting so many different players with a TD in 2016. Shanahan adjusted & could get everyone involved. Sark cannot seem to do those things, and so just because they both called a handful of the same plays, does not mean he's using Shanny's playbook.
  2. Exactly. HOW & WHEN you call plays is as big a part of it as WHAT plays you call. And in the case of Shanny vs Sark, they really aren’t all that similar in any of those three things.
  3. Yep. These days everyone has that “never draft a guard in the 1st” mentality, but Fralic was the 2nd overall pick in the draft & was consistently great for the Falcons.
  4. Other than the fact they stayed with the outside zone run game, Kyle & Sark's playbook are very different. Sark absolutely loves tossing the ball for some reason, hardly ever uses a FB & we barely ever use play action with him calling the plays (even when the run game is working). Shanahan was constantly shifting guys around at the line to keep opposing Ds guessing, used play action a ton, and had designed roll outs for Ryan a bunch. I know there was a lot of talk when Sark came in about keeping things the same, but an actual look at the two should make it crystal clear that the two offenses have a ton of differences. In this AJC article from last year, DQ even says they can't just dust off the old playbook, tell the players "Here ya go" & six months later everything's great. “How do you take something that’s really good and try to get it better?” Quinn said. “It’s the same exact challenge that we do the players that are playing and we go, ‘OK, now you go to here.’ It’s not like we just going to play that out, it’s not like we just going to playbook-up and dust it off and six months later, we’re ready to go again. We’re always about what could be better.” I also don't think it's likely that is the same verbiage that Shanahan used, which was kinda long & complicated. I actually know they don't because in that same article in the AJC last year they were talking about how Sark immediately changed it to try to simplify things. “(Sarkisian) made it a little more friendly, verbiage-wise, to shorten things so we can get to the line and play faster, dictate to the defense,” Schaub said. “… He’s really dove headfirst into it and started fast with knowing what we’re doing.”
  5. If Sark is so terrible he needs to be fired, why on Earth would we stick to his playbook?
  6. A $10M increase each year is kind of a moot point when you consider how much contracts have steadily inflated as well.
  7. This issue is absolutely Cousins. Thus far in his career, Cousins is 4-24 vs teams with a winning record. This year he is 0-5 vs teams with a winning record. His m.o. is the same as it was when he was with the Redskins... put up good numbers for the stat sheet, but when it comes time to make a game-deciding play, he'll almost always come up short or commit a costly turnover at the worst possible time & lose a bunch of games his team could/should win. There's a reason the Redskins were never willing to commit to the guy long term.
  8. Yeah, I could see a complete reset at ST honestly... fire Armstrong, let Bryant hang it up, and cut Bosher loose. As of right now, Bryant & Bosher are set to count $6.7M against the 2019 cap. We've already got Italian Ice under contract for a $600k cap number in 2019, so we'd just need to bring in a punter. A cheap FA or an UDFA in that role helps save a good chunk of change. Agree 100% that Schaub needs to be gone, but we won't need to move him , because his contract is up after this season anyway. A late round draft pick or cheap FA should be able to handle the role & will be much younger than the 38 year old Schaub, and much cheaper... Schaub is eating up $4.5M in cap room this year. Would not keep Beasley for $12M... he's just not worth that at all... but extending him for a few years at a fair price would be a solid move. I agree that the CBs are having a hard time because they don't have consistent help over the top, nor is the pass rush consistent... thus, the CBs are having to try to cover opposing WRs far longer than should be reasonably expected. It clearly had a substantial negative effect on Alford. I'd love to see him get a chance to redeem himself, but his drastic decline in play combined with the money saved by cutting him, and his age, may all work against him. Not at all sold on Oliver being ready to take over, and Tru is still trying to pull himself out of a slump too. If we end up with a pick in the 3-5 range, I think drafting a CB & letting Alford go might be a possibility to consider. Definitely need to get younger & better at DE. Do we go after someone like Dante Fowler if he hits free agency? Fusco is't the answer & is barely even a stop gap in my opinion... but he's relatively cheap. Agree 100% that either OG or RT needs to be a priority in the 2nd.
  9. Yeah, there's absolutely no reason to cut him this offseason. He's still producing to the value of his contract. As a matter of fact, he's only 67 yards away from his best year as a Falcon & still has 3 more games to go. If he gets 154 yards over the next 3 games, it'll be his best season in the NFL period.
  10. If we stay put and are picking in the top 10, I doubt RT is the pick. But a trade down scenario, or even a trade back up into the the late 1st round could be possible if a stud RT is projected to be available.
  11. If you can't run the ball, you are gonna have a real hard time winning with any consistency. The Bears D shut down Todd Gurley tonight, and the Rams had no answer. Since so much of their explosive offense is built on forcing teams to respect Gurley as both a runner & a threat to catch out of the backfield, and therefore opening up the field for other players via play action, etc. it meant they were unable to run the offense like normal... which forced Goff to be uncomfortable & make throws he shouldn't. The normally impressive Rams O was held to just 6 points, and Goff ended up taking a safety & tossing 4 INTs.
  12. Don't forget you've got Schaub eating $4.5M in cap space this year. Let him walk, sign a cheap FA backup QB or use a late round draft pick on one, and we can free up some more $. Also, the $1.75M we're using for Justin Bethel can be better spent IMO. He's not bad for ST, but not sure he's needed at that price.
  13. Now this is where he & Smitty are very similar. Always talked about being aggressive but then played soft zone & bend but don't break and prevent defense constantly.
  14. With Smitty it was the opposite... we'd have a lead at halftime but ALWAYS seemed to be asleep at the wheel for the entire 3rd quarter. Teams would make adjustments at half time, but we wouldn't... so we were always blowing leads in the 3rd (or at least letting teams back in to what should've been an easy victory) & then having to pull out a comeback or at least down-to-the-wire nail biter in the 4th to get the win. I'm pretty sure Ryan had some crazy record for the most 4th quarter comebacks at some point because of this.