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  1. Definitely not saying they should go DE or CB in the first, but I could see scenarios where it made sense. For example, with Grady locked up, Senat hopefully improving, and Crawford playing well, we aren't in the dire need at DT some think. We just need a big body who can eat up gaps, and those guys can be found in FA & the mid-late rounds. No need to take the kind of DT we need at 14. On top of that, the flavor of the minute in the NFL right now is pass rushing DTs. So there will be a premium placed on DTs & with everyone trying to find "the next Aaron Donald", a bunch of those top rated DTs in this class might go far earlier than in years past. We do have legit needs in the o-line but picking in the first half of the 2nd, we should be able to find the particular type of players we need on the o-line then. With Beasley being bit of a let down & possibly gone this year or next, and Takk not exactly living up to potential yet either, we very well may need to find someone who can rush the passer. With other teams making a run on DTs & QBs, it's possible that DE will be BPA at 14 & would fit an area of need as well. The same can be said for CB. Sure the need may not be as immediate, but think about this... if one of the top corners is there at 14 & is by far the BPA, taking him gives us a TON of flexibility moving forward. If Oliver doesn't pan out, we have a plan B. Additionally, it allows us to potentially cut Trufant next offseason (post-6/1), which saves a butt-ton of cap space for the coming years.
  2. Shanny was the OC when that happened & Person is now w/ him in SF. TD & DQ were not shy about bringing in guys Shanny wanted/was familiar with... T. Gabriel, A. Robinson, etc. So to me it seems more feasible that this particular disaster of a plan involiving having Person play center even though he had zero experience doing so happened primarily as an effort by TD/DQ to appease their OC more so than it was their own idea.
  3. Lawrence says he will refuse to sign if the Cowboys use the franchise tag on him again. DEMARCUS LAWRENCEDL, DALLAS COWBOYS NFL.com's Tom Pelissero reports free agent DE DeMarcus Lawrence would not sign the franchise tag if tendered again this season. Since a long-term agreement is extremely unlikely before the March 5 deadline to apply the tag, Lawrence will almost certainly be tagged again. That leaves mid-July as the real deadline. Lawrence might have more leverage than usual after Le'Veon Bell actually showed teams there are at least some players willing to sit out an entire year. Ultimately, we can't see owner Jerry Jones letting this situation get to that point. SOURCE: Tom Pelissero on Twitter Feb 19, 2019, 2:17 PM
  4. You're entitled to that opinion.
  5. Perhaps, but Irvin must suck too since his production in many key areas is less than Vic's.
  6. Not sure I follow the logic on that. Bruce is going to be 32 this year & has no upside whatsoever. Vic will be just 27 & may still improve. In seven years, Bruce has never had more than 8 sacks in a season. After four years, Vic has a 15.5 season under his belt. Bruce averages 6.2 sacks per season. Vic averages 7.4 sacks per season. Bruce averages 2.1 forced fumbles per season. Vic averages 2.3 forced fumbles per season. I'm curious to know what is it you're seeing that makes you value an older, less productive player over a guy who still may have some upside if they are the same price.
  7. Exactly. Rather than relying on this current version of Schaub, who at this point clearly offers nothing at all in terms of ability on the field, I wish we'd be trying to find the next version of the Schaub we had originally... a young guy who can play decently if he needs to step in for your starting QB, and who has the upside of becoming a very valuable asset as trade bait.
  8. We are talking about a guy who is going to be 32 this season & through 7 years in the NFL has yet to put up more than 8 sacks in a season. I like him, but at this stage of his career & considering what he realistically brings to the table, anything over $4M/year seems kinds generous to me.
  9. This is where I'm at on it as well.
  10. One of his 4 starts at the end of last season was a LG. While I kinda doubt they'd move him to guard full time, I guess anything is possible.
  11. I can understand that, and agree that simply being better than Schraeder was last year isn't in & of itself enough reason to have any comfort in the possibility if Ty taking over as the starter this year. That's why I mentioned everything else though... to show that perhaps, he finally is ready to take the role he was intended for when a team spent a 2nd round pick for him. Not everyone can come right out the gates & be successful in this league, but there are some players who can get there with a little more time/training/etc. I think that this could very well be who Ty is as a player, a guy who looked "completely lost or overmatched" because he was for a time, but since getting a few years to learn the game/position. With the possibility of an entire offseason to focus on being the starter, get acclimated to that role & the level of competition he'll face in that role, I could actually see him becoming a solid starter for a few years like Schraeder & Clabo did before him in a similar manner, and at the same point in their careers. As for getting consistently solid linemen, that IMO hinges primarily on the fact that we very rarely have taken any in the first two rounds of the draft. As for me being comfortable w/ Ty as the starter to open the season... I'd be comfortable until he gave me a reason THIS year why I shouldn't be. I will say that we better have a backup plan in place though, because that's a two-fold helper. It means we have someone else ready if Ty struggles, and it could also help keep the seat warm so Ty feels he still needs to work to hold onto the job.
  12. I seriously am not as opposed to the idea that he could be ready for a bigger role as you are. Can't help but feel like all the "Ty sucks" stuff is based off of his play at Denver... when they threw him into a starting role way before he was ready/able to handle it. The reality in my eyes is that he was far better than Schraeder when he got the starts this past season and quite possibly has spent the last few seasons learning the game & getting up to speed. The reason he was a 2nd round pick is because he had the size and athleticism to be a solid player in this league, but like so many o-linemen coming out of college lately, he just wasn't ready from a mental/technique standpoint. He's had the time to develop, so perhaps he is now ready. Keep in mind, he's only 26 (will be 27 later this season), which just happened to be the point where Schraeder went from backup to starter. Clabo was a backup until he was 27 & then sunnderly became a solid starter for a few years. This pattern is not the unheard of.
  13. JADEVEON CLOWNEYLB, HOUSTON TEXANS NBC Sports' Peter King is "skeptical of the Texans reaching a long-term deal" with Jadeveon Clowney. The Texans almost certainly will apply the franchise tag to Clowney, but King is not sure how hard they will push for a long-term deal "because [Clowney is] not the worker bee some others on that defense are." King does admit "Houston could change its tune" if Clowney continues to produce while making big money on the tag. The former No. 1 overall pick has 18.5 sacks over the last two seasons. SOURCE: Football Morning in America Feb 18, 2019, 9:36 AM Brunging in a guy with a reputation of being kinda lazy is not something I can see DQ doing.
  14. http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/richard-sherman?id=2495507 OVERVIEW Sherman is a size prospect with some good intangibles that will help him mold into a contributing backup corner for a press-heavy team. However, he does not possess the natural coverage instincts, fluidity or burst to be considered a future starter. Is comfortable and capable in press man, using his size to disrupt receivers' releases off the line, but doesn't show enough make up speed to consistently recover when beaten. Awareness in zone and off-man are only adequate. Has average ball skills but some upside as a playmaker. Tough against the run but still developing from a technical standpoint. Sherman is a Day 3 prospect. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Sherman possesses rare height for a corner with enough bulk and speed. Effective when lined up at the line in press man coverage. Uses length well and established sound initial positioning. Flashes the ability to turn and run. Flashes the ability to high-point the football. Willing to help out in run support. WEAKNESSES Can be baited out of position when in zone and a tick late to diagnose underneath routes. Tall, high-cut prospect who displays some hip-stiffness. Not explosive when transitioning or when changing direction. Lacks great recovery skills when beaten off the line. Can struggle tacking in the open field at times. ------------------------------------------- Now, I'm not saying he'll be Richard Sherman v2.0, but just pointing out that the exact same things were said about Sherman coming out of college. For a 1st-3rd round prospect, I agree that this would be too much to consider... but for a guy who will likely go in the 4th or 5th round (like Sherman did), it could be worth the pick if he fits what DQ likes & they can let him have a year to get up to speed & work on some of those weaknesses.
  15. I was also wondering if that could be a thing for him, so I can kinda understand that, but at the same time I'm not so sure I see it based on the game footage I've watched. While he's looked pretty good most of the time with being able to immediately wrap up a WR he's covering after they make a catch, and he has run down RBs who've broken away & would've scored... there's also a lot of times where he looks slightly hesitant to initiate contact, particularly against TEs & HBs. It's odd because he doesn't seem like he's afraid of hitting or being hit... he just seems to avoid it for whatever reason at times, and then at other times he seems totally fine getting physical with an opponent. Like this writeup mentions, he seems to run extremely hot & cold when it comes to contact, and seems to wait to see if the play comes to him rather than trying to tackle someone in space. That is not the approach you want in a safety & so he'd need to show a lot more consistency in this department in order to make that position switch.