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  1. I don't think anyone's against the idea of developing a QB. Obviously, we need a backup for at least the next year or two, and hopefully that guy becomes Ryan's eventual replacement. While we might not be in position to throw in the towel on Matt for another year or two, we do need to be thinking about & working toward a long-term solution at QB. We will almost certainly draft a developmental QB, but taking one in the first is kinda dumb given the current situation. Like you said, it's a luxury we just don't have this year.
  2. Another thing to think about with regard to this idea of drafting a QB in the first just to have him sit... Arthur Blank ain't getting any younger. He wants results & he wants them sooner than later. So, Fontenot & Smith gotta get off to a fantastic start & knock it outta the park. There is almost no way I can imagine they're gonna have their very first pick as GM & HC be someone we gotta wait several years before they're ready to step on the field. They need someone who can make an immediate impact or they likely won't be employed by the time someone like Lance is ready
  3. Matt Ryan didn't need two years to learn how to play. He came in & hit the ground running. That is the kind of QB you draft with a top 5 pick... not a freaking project.
  4. Arthur Smith is coming directly from the Titans who have been dealing with a 1st round OL becoming a complete failure due to character concerns. No doubt that was a pick Smith had a huge say in since he was the OC & has a history with the OL. He's probably feeling like he dodged a bullet by getting outta there before that crap hit the fan. So I really can't imagine he's gonna take any chances with his very first pick as an NFL HC, and bring in a guy with any sort of glaring character issues.
  5. Yep, journalism has more in common with fishing these days than it does reporting factual information. Just get some sheeple to take the bait, keep 'em on the hook & tuned in so you can sell some ads, and then collect those awards.
  6. Hurst will be a 29 year old free agent following this season. When a player is almost 30, and all he has done to this point is "show some promise", the odds are pretty darn good that he's not the answer & likely isn't worth investing a substantial amount of time and/or money. So depending on how he performs this season & what he'll be looking to get paid afterward would seem to have a pretty large impact on whether or not the Falcons let him walk. The better option might be to let him walk, hope someone decides to give him a lucrative deal, and we get a 3rd or 4th round comp pick
  7. The scouting report The Draft Network has up on Cisco makes him sound like a slightly bigger Kazee. Essentially says that while he's definitely got a nose for the ball & can make plays, he has a tendency to always look for the big hit or INT rather than playing fundamentally sound football... and thus gives up as many big plays as he makes. Says he's not very disciplined & while he has the tools to become a great FS, he's got a ways to go before he could truly be trusted. Also says he's not consistent at all with playing the run. I take everything I read from the guys at The Draf
  8. Don’t think this is really about comparing the skill level of QBs. It’s just that Joe Theismann is still understandably scared sh**less every time he hears the name Lawrence.
  9. He's one I haven't checked out yet, but plan to soon.
  10. If we can come out of this draft with either Hufanga, Nisirildeen, Moehrig, or Ford (or possibly Grant), I'm a happy guy.
  11. It really seems like a cop out to call him a poor man's Polamalu given they both: Are of Polynesian heritage Went to high school in Oregon; played both offense and defense Played safety in college Went to USC Displayed great playmaking ability Showed they could cover, hit, and had the range to play all over the field But if the shoe fits...
  12. This dude needs to be playing FS for ATL.
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