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  1. lots of whining old farts in here as usual lol
  2. that's a fact. Good nickel backs are hard to find. Chevis Jackson was great his rookie year then fell of a cliff afterwards. Robert McClain came out of nowhere one year then came back down to earth afterwards as well. Poole made alot of plays for us.......and made alot of plays for opposite teams as well as time went by
  3. Yeah this is old. Edwards was actually the 3rd person to mention Cam in that video
  4. Sadly I don’t think that will ever happen with Kevin. Bill Clinton was president last time he went to the free throw line. Hunter and Reddish both attempted more free throws this year than Huerter has taken in his 2 year career. I really thought he would put up 16-17 PPG this year, yet he made zero improvement in his game. FG% still the same, mediocre 41%. 3 pt % still the same. Played more minutes and only went from 10 points as a rook and 12 as a sophomore. Body still the same with no added strength. Just as bad as Trae on defense. Smh I’m done
  5. Teague a "very good defensive player" lol Since when? Not even in his prime years
  6. Only 2nd year Hawk I got issues with is Kevin Huertus
  7. its the product of us not having a true offensive scheme outside of Trae playing NBA 2k Mycareer ball.
  8. Huerter ain’t it. Hunter has already passed him in career FT attempts and Cam is right there as well
  9. please. Team Giannis lost because of having Kyle Lowry's trash self in the game the whole 4th quarter taking shots he can't make on his best day. They had zero shot makers or play makers on the floor. They tried bully ball for 20 minutes and choked the lead
  10. Cam has All Star written all over him. And the scary thing is......I think he knows it now.
  11. No it’s the offense giving the ball back to opposing teams offense within 90 seconds over and over again without even wasting two minutes of the game clock. It’s almost like fatigue doesn’t exist. The Defense sits down after a long tiring drive only to have to get right back up 5 minutes real time later. 3 plus quarters in, it’s going to take a toll on you When you go two straight Super Bowls scoring ZERO POINTS in the 4th, while also running zero time off the clock, you’re basically giving the middle finger to your own defense. That’s all Shanahan 100%
  12. No he should be the 2nd PG. He's already shown he can produce in that role. I love Jeff but he's only here because they needed a veteran voice. He's darn near single handedly won two games for us with Trae out
  13. people are way too quick to limit young wings to a 3 and D role nowadays. It's sickening
  14. Two? Bembry is in his 4th year. Hunter the other rook was cheeks tonight