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  1. nobody averaged 4 ypc under Koetter. Not Michael Turner, not Jason Snelling, not Jacquizz Rodgers, not Stephen Jackson. Koetter leaves then miraculously our running game came back. Koetters first stint and 2nd stint so far with the Falcons has been a complete dud in the running game
  2. Nah man. Roddy been lost his deep speed and was still productive. He turned himself into a possession receiver and was still putting up 1000 yard seasons. Roddy wasn't still beating defenses over the top like that when Julio was drafted. Roddy was a possession WR that was more productive in his 30s than Mohamed Sanu was (another possession receiver) his entire career. Roddy slowed down but I bet he could still compete with Sanu in a foot race
  3. Roddy had 921 yards and 7tds on 80 catches......with 2 games missed the year PRIOR to Shanahan being hired. Roddy was still a 1000 yard receiver. You don't go from that to completely done in one offseason.
  4. Vick routinely placed the ball right in his hands and he dropped them. The culture was bad for receivers in general during the Mora regime. Knapp was a horrible predictable OC, and the WR coach was a former olineman. No surprise they were excellent blockers but their hands got progressively worse the longer they were in Atlanta. Also add in the fact that we never invested in oline when Vick was here, majority 7th rounders and undrafted guys. Justin Blalock was the first olineman we drafted on the first day of the draft in a very long time......and that was the offseason Vick went to jail
  5. exactly, Mike Shanahan in Denver was the same way. The Olandis Gary's, Mike Anderson's, Reuben Droughns, and Clinton Portis' of the world. Portis was the only one that went on to produce on other teams but just like Drougns in Cleveland, their effectiveness went way down. Portis averaged just under 6 ypc his first two years, then when he got traded to Washington was barely over 4. Watching Shanahan's scheme, the RBs are darn near 10 yards downfield before getting a hand put on them half the time. I could produce in that system. Heck, Trent Richardson could produce in that system lol Look at Alfred Morris his first 2 years in Washington.
  6. Freeman was a 2-time pro bowler in 2 years under Shanahan. When a journeyman RB breaks out at darn near 30, pretty obvious he's a system player. Any RB is successful in that system. They can find an UDFA to replace his production easy
  7. Packaged deal. Bobby kept Paul on his staff everywhere he went. Same thing, they go hand in hand.
  8. did I not say Petrino?
  9. The end of the 2007 season with Chris Redman had me so optimistic on the future. Thinking we had both of our starting WRs of the future with Roddy and Laurent Robinson. Too bad Laurent was made of glass.
  10. fixed. Petrino believed in Roddy, re-inserted him into the starting lineup and put the ball in his hands repeatedly. Those first couple 2007 pre-season games started with a quick pass to Roddy. Also, Petrino didn't have him blocking 90% of the game like Knapp and his two route system did. The QB didn't matter. I know its a sin to give Petrino credit on here, but Roddy's career fizzles out without that hire.....which came with the Horn signing. The Mora regime was a receiver graveyard
  11. cwell1

    Trae Young

    lets be real. You know the masses aint watching you unless you're one of those prime time teams. So how all of a sudden people are experts on players they don't even watch? It becomes evident everytime I see any segment on the Hawks future. They have zero clue what's really going on. Trae is not a great defender, but that's more on effort than lack of ability. He rarely even gets into a defensive stance. He stands straight up and guys run right by him. But when he locks in, he has the lateral quickness to stay in front of ball handlers. His only true weakness is his lack of length to contest shots. I've seen Trae lock guys up too many times to just say he's a horrible defender for life. Once Cam develops as that secondary ball handler and we start winning more, we'll truly see what Trae is made of.
  12. Grimes is the only corner we've had here in the last 10-15 years with above average ball skills. I'm not comparing nothing to Grimes until a guy can turn his head and locate the ball. That running step for step with the guy only to start panic swiping at arms and praying aint gonna work
  13. Only concern I have with Sheffield is his ball skills. He was usually glued to his man in coverage, but unable to finish the play on the ball. Hopefully he isn't another stiff neck. We seem to love stiff necks in Atlanta for some odd reason.
  14. When I say only Shanahan knows how to use him, besides the extra touchdowns, Gabriel’s rookie year with the Browns under Shanahan was just as explosive as his 2016 year here. I doubt his QB was that great then People are speaking on Gabriel as if he’ll be that same guy from our Super Bowl season but you’re not gonna get that guy without Kyle. He was an afterthought in our offense when Sark took over
  15. Gabriel is supposed to be a deep threat/playmaker. Only Shanahan got that out of him. He put up possession receiver numbers in Chicago. 10 ypc with 4.2 speed? Those numbers looks more like Harry Douglas when everybody was hurt that one year
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