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  1. Oh yeah I forgot, he doesn’t break tackles either, like at all. JACKPOT! Lol
  2. Kuzma and Tatum didn’t do nothing but chuck their lives away smh
  3. A RB with no vision, balance or wiggle. Can’t make something out of nothing. Yeah that screams big money every down back lol that’s funny
  4. And whoever gives him that money will regret it
  5. He only started because Freeman got hurt after him. Both pulled their hamstrings early in camp, Coleman got hurt first and healed first. Coleman healed in time to play two pre season games, Free missed the entire pre season. That’s the only reason Tevin opened 2015 as the starter
  6. Way to start off with basically "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, STOP READING NOW", saved me some time out of my day
  7. thats being generous. Those 2 points came from the defense smh
  8. You can only give up a 25 point lead when your offense doesnt score a single point since the opening drive of the 2nd half. Defense gift wrapped 14 of the 28 points we scored. Debo forced fumble...7....Rocky pick 6......7. You telling me the number 1 offense could only manage 14 points on their own? Couldn’t even manage a few first downs down the stretch? It doesn’t matter what the defense did. If the other team has enough time to score that many points in a quarter and some change that means your offense is getting the ball and punting it back in darn near less than 60 seconds each time. Didn’t run off a lick of clock. No defense had ever shut Brady out like that for as long as we did, he was bound to get off eventually. Shanahan blew it, period
  9. facts. People forget even though this is Bembry's 3rd year, Bud never played him his rookie year and his sophomore year was riddled with injuries. He has the ability to be something special as a defender, ball handler, and slasher. He can get to the basket with ease, he just struggles to finish at times.
  10. The fact that it’s hard as **** to find solid NBA players outside of the lottery, yet we somehow seemed to have nailed the 19th pick two years in a row is insane
  11. Easy, Kyle Shanahan
  12. Only years where our running game was completely nonexistent was when Koetter was our OC. NEXT!
  13. how often is the rookie of the year considered the best player in his draft for the long run? It's not how you start it's how you finish
  14. Exactly. Completely untouched, the lane was directly in front of him so no need for his Trent Richardson like vision on that play. He was pretty much untouched on his TD run as well.
  15. .....when he’s untouched