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  1. Um didn't Southern drop 69 on them in the Dome just a year prior? Stop it
  2. the 2003 draft is one of the best NBA drafts of all time. He had 3 of the top 5 picks on one team, not to mention the former starters he had on the bench ring chasing, stop it. It was just as cowardly. Golden State just plays well together, they are not a team of super stars. Dwyane Wade was the leader of Miami and a top 2 or 3 SG in the league, and already put his team on his back for a ring. Chris Bosh was a superstar in Toronto and a top 5 PF. Kevin Love was a superstar in Minnesota putting up crazy numbers, as well as Kyrie in Cleveland, **** Kyrie was even an All-Star game MVP before LeBron came back. LeBron keeps putting together teams of 3 #1 options in their PRIME, Boston's big 3 were on their last few glory years. Klay Thompson is a very good player, but he would not be a superstar on his own team and neither would Draymond. Those guys are just pieces that fit perfectly. Durant left because he was tired of trying to do it the "RIGHT WAY" while watching LeBron cake walk to the finals every year, because eventually the heat was gonna be on his head, and he'd just be another Carmelo
  3. Shanahan sure lost that feel in the most important game of the year smh no passes to the RBs when NE's LB's were some of the slowest we faced all year, wait never mind that game never happened. I keep forgetting
  4. "Jason Webster has been looking like a pro bowler in camp so far"
  5. False. it's easy to find a serviceable back, but not a superstar one
  6. that's bad, especially for a frickin BACKUP! Dude fell in the shower and concussed himself, like wtf lol The hypocrisy is REAL. Let that be Willy Mo and he's being crucified, even though he played WAYYYYYY more snaps. Let Tevin take the full load and he's probably going to miss half the season smh
  7. im pretty sure u can't avoid achilles injuries either, but here lies Franklin Weatherspoon. That doesn't matter, either you're available or you're not
  8. 7 games in 2 years when you're a backup? This isn't including the pre-season games he missed due to injury as well. You're bugging bigtime
  9. He's missed 7 games already and doesn't even carry the load for snaps. Don't forget he also got hurt coming into his rookie year aswell. Only reason Tevin opened up his first year as a starter is because Freeman got hurt a week after him so he healed first.
  10. you're basically saying that when you state what is too much or too little for Freeman to get paid. U Sound just as crazy as the people that cry on draft day every year because they found out they were way off for months lol
  11. I love when people act like they know anything about the NFL market for players lol
  12. we didn't run the ball at all in the 2nd half sooooo
  13. Couldn't be more false. We DIDN'T run the ball. Freeman was averaging 7 yards a carry, so stop that
  14. exactly. People loved Abe and he had a history of disappearing for 2 weeks, then 3 sacks against Detroit, disappearing for 4 weeks, then 2.5 sacks against Oakland. This is nothing new