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  1. That Dallas game week 2 in 2015, when Freeman broke out in his first start is the one that comes to mind
  2. And is that anything new? Lol Samkon Gado once torched us for 3 TDS and was out the league 7 minutes later
  3. I have zero confidence in Keotter honestly. We couldn't run the ball for crap when he was here the first time
  4. Cook hasn't accomplished a darn thing in the league yet for y'all to be crowing him as some superstar like he's a multi year probowler already. Most of his runs were untouched, any back would have done well with how bad our defense played the run, even's Tevin's garbage ***
  5. he sure under threw him today, which caused the DPI that was reviewed. a good throw and thats an easy TD, he had that guy beaten
  6. Nah he'd most likely under throw it like he normally does, and the times he doesn't under throw it he over throws it
  7. he is not a fulltime FB. It would be dumb to make hime one. That's something Mike Smith would do smh
  8. Coleman is not that good of a back. Let it go lol
  9. It's either both or just Ollison
  10. i've heard that one before
  11. that wasn't ESPN. The rookie class voted that Cam would have the best career. ESPN just reported it
  12. The speed football moves at.......a still shot? Are you serious? Can’t be
  13. This sounds just as ridiculous as those rules. Your head is a attached to your shoulders and sticks out more than your shoulders ever would. Where ever your shoulders go, your head is going to go with it. That’s like saying pull your middle finger down without your ring finger moving. It’s impossible
  14. EXACTLY! I look for abilities, what he can do, what he's comfortable doing on the court and what he's hesitant to do. I don't care if he made the shot, I care more about the move he made to get open to take the shot, aggressiveness etc.