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  1. Dunn has been back and healthy for a month now. He's just out of the rotation since he was hurt so long. He played in garbage time today and put up a shot that landed in Peachtree City when the hoop was downtown
  2. There's the rule and there's the exception. Kerney was a 1st round pick with obvious talent. Kerney making that jump is "he's finally started to live up to his projected ability". JTM is an undrafted guy that nobody even knew was on the roster until he showed up on the field one day. Him making that jump is a shocker to the universe. I'm sure 99% of the fan base was like "Who the heck is #91?" while watching the game one day. We'd be lucky if he jumps from half a sack a year to 5
  3. A guy with 1 sack in 2 years becoming a 10 sack guy out of nowhere? That’s funny
  4. Sounds like a personal problem. He was averaging 7 ypc. He shouldn’t have been blocking anyway
  5. Free got a couple opportunities but he didn't show much his rookie year due to Koetter being boo boo. Nobody expected what he did under Shanahan in 2015. Ollison hasn't had a chance at all. He could surprise people
  6. Coleman only started the season because Free was hurt. Free was going to be the starter from the beginning. They both hurt their hamstrings in training camp, Coleman got hurt first so was able to get healthy before pre-season ended. Free missed the entire pre-season, so they went with the guy that had live game reps. Free would have taken the job regardless because he was the better back, and didn't fumble.
  7. Can they take that Rise Up bs out with Brotherhood? Hate that trash recycled slogan
  8. Hester was a receiver first before moving to CB his last year at Miami. He was never good there
  9. If this isn’t the dumbest comparison. If you didn’t do research on the manufacturer, that’s on you. The guys making the picks did their research on the product. Y’all really think that you’re real scouts on this board and it’s hilarious 😂
  10. That's disrespectful to Grant. Comparing a player with range and instincts to a player without it makes zero sense.
  11. He was just solid. He wasn't a playmaker. He was was always upgradeable but we never attempted to upgrade him. We haven't had a playmaker at safety since....**** i'm only 30 and can't tell you. William Moore was the closest thing.
  12. And Ohio State hasn’t put a good QB in the NFL in EVER
  13. If they have a streaming TV service, which a lot of people have nowadays, it’s much more delayed than Cable or Satellite
  14. Not surprised. Thought he’d be cut before last season. Not good enough to be hurt as much as he’s been
  15. Kazee is buns as a single high FS. His instincts are on internet explorer mode
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