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  1. only attribute Coleman has on Freeman is straightline speed. Everything else Freeman>> Coleman
  2. the same Super Bowl he was averaging 7 ypc in and didn't touch the ball at all in the second half?
  3. He's another guy that constantly gets away with the same crap that Alford got flagged for for years. Constantly grabbing, constantly early. Barely ever gets called for it
  4. guarantee if Tevin gets signed to be a lead back anywhere it won't last long. He's a change of pace guy, period
  5. They can't take over a game because the coaches never allow it. The hot guy always gets pulled. Plenty drives this year Freeman was hot and got pulled for Tevin and the offense immediately sputtered. This game Tevin was clearly the hot guy and it was Chubb Michel all over again
  6. No he hasn't, stop it
  7. u chose to read what you want, because at the bottom of that post it clearly reads: "Edit: nevermind, I found the bashing lol"
  8. Tevin will be gone within the next year. you can't pay him and Free, and Free is the better back and already under contract. It would be stupid not to draft a back
  9. Where is the bashing? I missed it. Typical these days, if you aren't completely nut hugging then you're a hater smh. I like Coleman but it's obvious some team is gonna pay him to be their starter in the next year or so why not find his eventual replacement? It's fact that Coleman's only elite trait as a back is his straight line speed. His vision, balance, and ability to run through tacklers is all below average to average at best. Stating facts is not bashing Edit: nevermind, I found the bashing lol
  10. Tevins speed doesn’t matter if he can’t even stay on his feet
  11. Nick Chubb 18 carries 25 yards Sony Michel 14 carries 98 yards. =why UGA lost period. #14 should never play another down of football again but that running Chubb nowhere repeatedly when Sony was gashing them takes the cake. He was killing them one drive, Then here comes Chubb and a punt immediately followed smh
  12. Whoever’s idea it was to keep feeding Chubb who went nowhere all game and leave Michel on the sidelines is a **** idiot. Gotta be Kyle Shanahans cousin
  13. exactly, dude would be sick if he realized just how many NFL superstars came from the state of GA. The number is INSANE. They may have went to college else where, but many come from here
  14. ending last season as the #1 corner helped him grow lot
  15. The Vikings had 7 points heading into the 4th quarter. They made plenty stops. 9 points is inexcusable