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  1. If you’re touched going down then you’re down by contact
  2. And the fact he only gets to the free throw line once a month
  3. Malcolm Jenkins was definitely drafted as a corner out of Ohio State
  4. most injuries hurt like **** at first. Could be just a slight sprain. He walked off the field under his own power with no limp
  5. doesn't look bad on the replay. His leg didn't get caught at all
  6. the call wasn't because of helmet to helmet contact. He lead with his helmet
  7. he can watch it all he wants. He's not capable of making plays like that. The people that need to be watching is the people that make personnel decisions
  8. Wouldn’t be a problem if we weren’t so small up front too. Can’t be light and fast across the whole front 7. Defeats the purpose. Even Ray Lewis screamed for a Haloti Ngata
  9. no it's called effing stupid! No Owners of winning organizations is doing this type of thing. Nobody is performing at the same level of freedom when the dude writing the checks just pops up out of nowhere in the middle of a game.
  10. crap makes me sick. Unless you're out there involved in the game plan, stay off the sidelines. If you weren't out there when the lead was built, then don't be out there when the lead is on the line
  11. I wish Blank would stay his tail in his sky box. He always jynxes us. Stop doing that dumb crap
  12. that edge has done nothing on the field when it comes to rushing the passer. He isn't even getting close to QB's. Vic would have atleast tripped and fell into a sack or 2 by now. Fowler has been cheeks man
  13. that's not a pass rush if you have to blitz to get any type of pressure
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