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  1. Kazee is buns as a single high FS. His instincts are on internet explorer mode
  2. Jenkins ran a sub 4.4 coming out of Ohio State. He had good straight line speed, but lacked everywhere else
  3. it was up for all of last season. It may have been down during the 18-19 season, but It's definitely been back over a year now
  4. Nah he’s not sticking it to nobody. He’s just being himself, the RB killer. Shoulda never brought him back, he was cheeks the first time
  5. Now we can see Ito get stuffed for 2 more weeks. This is silly, that people really think the backs are the problem lol
  6. only because he gets spot carries and defenses don't key in on him. As soon as his carries increases, he's getting stuffed too.
  7. Koetter ended Turner's career. Wasn't much of that happening in 2012
  8. after having 100 different backs average under 4 ypc, you'd think people would look at the common denominator.
  9. low football iq post. RB is a plug and play position when your line and scheme is good. The running game has sucked because Koetter is horrible at running the ball. His track record reflects this. It's crazy people expect RBS to consistently run through multiple defenders in the backfield
  10. Crazy to think we have a top 10 pick we haven't seen yet
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