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    mountain_jim3 reacted to atljbo in Falcons interested in Vinny Curry   
    Yea i heard that interview... was just waiting to see what happens..... The more nothing happens the more i  think he will sign here... Just waiting for that june check to come in.
    But yea to me Vinny is a better version of Clayborn...He is a rotational rusher who can rush from either End positions and from the inside
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to k-train in Falcons interested in Vinny Curry   
    My one & only mock draft in 2012 had us taking Curry in the 2nd round:

    Me begging TD to trade for Curry in 2014:

    Me still begging TD to trade for Curry in 2015:

    Better late than never???
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to g-dawg in Who should we sign when Trufant's money comes off the books?   
    the draft class
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to ramonezy in Deone Bucannon signed   
    TD has done his job as GM. He's stocked the team with top flight talent... Let's see what the coaches do with it. 
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to CrimsonFalcon in Deone Bucannon signed   
    If you don't know The Dude's drink... you should reevaluate your life choices...
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to SoCalFalconFan in Deone Bucannon signed   
    I like this signing. This front office seems more focused on building a squad with depth than usual. It’s about time. 
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to KRUNKuno in Deone Bucannon signed   
    Gtfoh great signing.  This is actually a guy who I wanted us to go after
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to g-dawg in Matt Ryan and Hayden Hurst have been playing throw and catch   
    Yeah,  I agree.
    I am very high on what Hurst can be with Atlanta - I believe he has more physical talent than Austin Hooper and is more of an explosive weapon.    Obviously it has to play out but I am expectant of a nice year for Hayden Hurst.
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to ya_boi_j in Matt Ryan and Hayden Hurst have been playing throw and catch   
    Hurst said from day 1 he would do whatever it took to get his offseason reps in with Matt. Love to see it
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to Schwarzwald in QB performance metrics since 2008   
    Since 2008:

    Last 4 years:

    And...since 2012:

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    mountain_jim3 reacted to Knight of God in Why the LSU game endeared A.J. Terrell to Raheem Morris the most   
    I actually had him in a mock a few months ago in the 2nd round. Mainly because that’s where he was projected. Honestly it’s his physical nature that I’m digging. I don’t care about a loss, especially in a CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Most of the guys taken in the draft don’t make it THAT far. So it’s stupid really. He may actually be the best corner in this draft. 
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to Knight of God in Things I Like About Hawkins   
    A first, I was like “meh”. He’s a good back up. I was underwhelmed by his highlights and a few other loose objects here and there. While sitting here recovering, I was on the phone with a buddy of mine and he knows way more than I ever will. He’s telling me we got one of those sleepers. 
    Was a WR coming out of college
    Runs a sub 4.5 (colleges have field day)
    Is very physical, hits like Neal 
    Is a film guy, loves the game and loves to study 
    His best trait is his football IQ, second best trait is his incredible range. Possibly top five in this draft as far as range, likely #1 or #2 in football IQ.
    Lined up at EVERY defensive back position successfully 
    Plays every coverage at every position very well
    Best suited for Strong safety, but can be a great FS and is compared to Amos.

    So, I went back and looked at anything I could find. I’ll just say, he may be what I’m looking for. Likely our fastest safety, hits like Neal, has Allen’s work ethic, hawks like Kazee. I’m intrigued.
    I think we got one.
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to atljbo in Dan Quinn interviews   
    In the 2nd interview i agree with coach... I think where Todd Gurley will shine on this team is when we get in the redzone (getting in the endzone) and getting those 3rd and shorts... I also think he will shine as a receiver.
    Todd Gurley is 6'1 224 + lb back... I know alot of ppl are tripping about what Dirk said (even tho he really  didnt say nothing) and even tho i would have rather drafted a cheaper option, I think Gurley will shine here.
    We dont have to run the offense thru gurley like a bellcow 30+ carry work horse..... We have Julio and Ridley so  the box will rarely be stacked in the run game plus he will have that LB matchup in the run game.
    Also one of the biggest things is coach is used to managing a guy like Julio..... His snaps and practice reps
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to g-dawg in Why the LSU game endeared A.J. Terrell to Raheem Morris the most   
    I never thought the LSU game was bad for Terrell.   He was close enough in both of those TDs.     Sometimes you have good coverage yet still give up a TD - most fair-weather fans or casual fans don't know this.  There is no defense for a perfect pass - a perfect pass gets it done almost every time.
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to wartownfalcon in Why the LSU game endeared A.J. Terrell to Raheem Morris the most   
    AJ also got pushed off during that game and didn’t get the Off PI call
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to Goober Pyle in Why the LSU game endeared A.J. Terrell to Raheem Morris the most   
    One game shouldn't overshadow an entire career, but A.J. Terrell's performance against Ja'Marr Chase in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game had a massive impact on the public's perception of him.
    It also had a pretty big impact on Falcons defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, who knows a thing or two about coaching cornerbacks at the highest level. But while public opinion soured on Terrell because of his play against LSU, Morris came away with an entirely different reaction.
    "The things that people didn't like about him was his LSU game that he got beat on a couple of times, but that was what made me like him probably the most," Morris told AtlantaFalcons.com. "In that game, I saw a guy go out there and challenge a guy. Get beat, not be afraid, make a play. Get beat, not be afraid, make a play."
    It's true that Terrell did get beaten by Chase, who finished his sophomore season with 84 catches for an NCAA-best 1,780 yards and 20 touchdowns, in the title game, but practically everyone did in 2019. A mere glance at Chase's stat line from that game – nine catches, 221 yards, two touchdowns – might leave Falcons fans anxious, but there are two important things missing from those raw numbers.
    The first, Clemson had so much faith in their top corner that they tasked Terrell with shadowing Chase around the field and often asked him to cover him one-on-one. Seeing how Terrell didn't back down from that challenge and seemed to relish it gave Morris even more belief in the player he can become.
    "That's kind of our game, that's kind of the life we live, especially when you live at corner," Morris said. "People call it an island, but when you have the ability to go out there and play in a big-time game and be competitive that way and not be afraid to lose sometimes, which is going to happen, to be able to come back that next play to really make a play, those are the kind of guys that I love."
    The second aspect of Terrell's performance against LSU that's important to consider is that he played much better than the stat line reflects. Terrell was in position to make a handful of plays against the nation's leading receiver, who also benefitted from having Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow throwing him the football. On a couple of occasions, Terrell was in the right place at the right time only to have a Burrow dime make the difference.
    When you're playing in the title game, that's how life is sometimes.
    However, that performance doesn't change what the Falcons like about their newest first-round corner, namely: his speed, length and competitive attitude. It's not as though Terrell hasn't proven he can play against top competition, either. If he had ended his college career after returning an interception for a touchdown against Alabama in the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship Game, Terrell would have been riding high heading into draft season.
    Instead, he enters the NFL coming off that LSU performance, but it might work out in the Falcons' favor. Terrell now has a chip on his shoulder that will motivate him to prove he's more than one game.
    "You know, I always carry a chip on my shoulder, but that one game definitely gave me a chip on my shoulder," Terrell said after the draft. "… For me, that game was definitely a learning experience of just never being satisfied. I'm just ready to get back to work, get back in the lab."
    That's the kind of mindset Morris can't wait to work with.
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to SoCalFalconFan in The Rise and Fall of Todd Gurley: A Film Breakdown of what REALLY Happened   
    This is solid work by Alex Rollins. I couldn't agree more with him. Good watch. 
    Edit: I'm old, and I can't remember how to embed a youtube video. 
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to Xfactor in I’m really pulling for this kid now   
    'Mama, we made it': Falcons draftee Marlon Davidson fulfills NFL promise to his late mother
    Marlon Davidson stood at his mother's gravesite hours after the defensive lineman was selected by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the 2020 NFL draft and recited those words: "Mama, we made it. We're here now."
    Amid the chaos of the family celebration, Davidson slipped out of his aunt's home in Greenville, Alabama, hopped in his truck, and drove 20 minutes to the Ridgeville Baptist Church cemetery to honor the person who paved his NFL path.
    Davidson's mom, Cynthia Carter, died on Feb. 23, 2015 at the age of 47 due to complications from a blood clot in her right leg. She collapsed and hit her head while leaving an immediate care facility, but it was the clot circulating to her heart -- not the fall, as had been reported -- that was the cause of death, according to Davidson's aunt, Debra Moorer.
    Davidson, a junior in high school at the time of his mother's death, went to live with Moorer. Reflecting on the tragedy makes his voice quiver.
    After losing my mother I can’t even imagine the distractions, emotions and grief at such a young age. It’s a wound that never heals go big man.
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to Tandy in Strength of Schedule and no back to back games   
    So, I remembered that it wasn't long ago that we had the number 1 toughest strength of schedule prior to the beginning of the season and that there was a year where we had home-away-home-away-home-away scheduling - so I went back to look it up -
    2012 (4th toughest SOS) - Games were scheduled Away - Home - Away - Home - Away - Home - bye - Away - Home - Away - Home - Away - Home - Away - Home - Away - Home
          In 2012 - our record was 13-3 and we went to the Conference Championship game - but lost to SF
    2016 (Toughest SOS - tied with SF) 
         In 2016 - our record was 11-5 and we won the NFCC game - but lost in the SB
    So, while the past isn't necessarily an indicator of the current season's success, I'm not going to let strength of schedule or the odd home-away-home scheduling bother me.
    Just a little tidbit of info for those who are interested.
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to Cole World in Alex Mack focusing solely on this season after Falcons draft likely successor   
    Alex Mack focusing solely on this season after Falcons draft likely successor
    Atlanta Falcons six-time Pro Bowl center Alex Mack, who has one year remaining on his contract, said he is "taking it one year at a time'' regarding his NFL future after the team drafted his possible replacement.
    Mack, who turns 35 in November, had hoped to play at least 10 years when he entered the league as a first-round pick of the Cleveland Browns (2009). Now heading into his 12th season, Mack will let 2020 play out before deciding how to proceed.
    "Going into Year 12, I feel pretty good and excited for it, ready to take it on,'' Mack told ESPN. "I'll play the year out, see how I feel -- how my body works and how much I'm enjoying it -- then make the decision at the end of year if I want to keep going or what. The future is unknown, and that's the way I'm looking at it. Every year is one year at a time: keep going, prepare, and play, and do everything as best as I can. Then I'll see where I'm at.''
    The Falcons drafted center Matt Hennessy from Temple in the third round, but Hennessy initially will line up at left guard. He figures to be the center of the future. Mack, a team captain and respected leader, called it his duty to help Hennessy develop even if the plan is for Hennessy to supplant him at center.
    "I told him like, 'Hey, glad you're on the team. I'll help you as much as a I can,''' Mack said. "And I don't know. Will he play center in the year? Will I be out of the league? Will I be on a different team? Will I still be a Falcon? The future is unknown there. But it's my duty to help him be as good as he can be. If he's a teammate or a former teammate, if I can help the younger guys learn more, it only helps you. It makes me a valuable part of the team to be able to coach people.
    "And you want good people next to you. If he ends up being the left guard and I helped him a lot, well that helps me. If I get hurt and he steps in and plays awesome at center, well all my teammates that I care about now have a better [prepared] center. I'm fortunate to be in a position where if I coach him so well and he takes my job, well, I'll be OK. I'll survive. I'll move on. I'll retire from football or I'll go somewhere else. I'd love to be able to have the right attitude and help.''
    Mack said former Browns starting center Hank Fraley was helpful when he came to Cleveland and eventually replaced Fraley as the starter.
    The Falcons signed Mack to a five-year, $45 million deal ($28.5 million guaranteed) in March 2016. He is due to make $8 million this season with a cap number of $10.55 million. Mack has started all 69 games with the Falcons including the playoffs and has played 4,292 snaps. The Falcons limited some of Mack's practice reps last season to keep him fresh.
    The Falcons, who made it to the Super Bowl in 2016, face a must-win year coming off back-to-back 7-9 seasons. Mack was asked if the success of the team in 2020 could play into his decision.
    "If we have a really good year and do everything we want, and I feel great and they want me back again, absolutely, let's do it again,'' he said. "There's no real use in me worrying about it too much now. You take it as it comes. You play the year out and see where things are when it is time to make a decision.''
    Mack is working out at home in California during the coronavirus pandemic.
    "One thing that is really tough with the whole quarantine is that it's tougher to take care of your body,'' Mack said. "Usually we'd be at OTAs and we'd have an army of trainers and physical therapists working on things. Now, all that stuff has to be done at home on my own. In that regard, the quarantine and this virtual offseason is difficult. You have to be smart with how you take care of yourself.''
    Mack, treasurer of the NFLPA executive committee, offered his thoughts on how the league should proceed in preparing for the season.
    "I think we're in a good position in terms of not having to make any hard decision yet,'' Mack said. "I think the season is still a good deal away, and we're still learning about this virus.
    "The biggest thing will be health and safety of the players and the league. I think everyone wants games to be played. I think the players do. The NFL does. The union. The fans. Everyone wants football to come back. If we can find a way to do that safely, let's do it. But we want it to be good for society.''
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    mountain_jim3 reacted to falconfansince66 in Is Atlanta playing chess? (Charles Harris film breakdown)   
    Chess?  Probably not.  Seems more like 'Craps' to me, let's just hope those dice aren't 'loaded'.
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