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  1. Still going to watch and hope for a win with more goodness and less cluelessness on display.
  2. Yes - the pass rush got a lot worse after he left the field.
  3. Could that on-sides kick have been run in for a TD? If not, why not?
  4. I recall being ticked that they did not see enough in McKissic to keep him that first year.
  5. From Glazer's Q&A on the draft (sorry if already posted)
  6. without a physical first? Sounds questionable.
  7. articles available to all: https://theathletic.com/tag/remembering-kobe-bryant/
  8. All of theAthletic's remembering Kobe articles available without subscription: https://theathletic.com/tag/remembering-kobe-bryant/
  9. Let's see how effective Quinn's deck chair rearrangement was.
  10. While Quinn has been terrible at game management throughout his time here, that Super Bowl lack of situation-control is plenty enough reason to move on from him now as far as I am concerned.
  11. Deion ain't been the same lately either it seems.
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