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  1. From Glazer's Q&A on the draft (sorry if already posted)
  2. without a physical first? Sounds questionable.
  3. articles available to all: https://theathletic.com/tag/remembering-kobe-bryant/
  4. All of theAthletic's remembering Kobe articles available without subscription: https://theathletic.com/tag/remembering-kobe-bryant/
  5. MY in-laws and families are all Carolina fans - Go Falcons!
  6. Let's see how effective Quinn's deck chair rearrangement was.
  7. While Quinn has been terrible at game management throughout his time here, that Super Bowl lack of situation-control is plenty enough reason to move on from him now as far as I am concerned.
  8. Deion ain't been the same lately either it seems.
  9. Going to watch, not with any enthusiasm or great expectations, however. Go Braves!
  10. This offense as DK is calling it is nothing like the Shanahan offense of recent years - and it is showing in not scheming open very often, no run game, no surprise, not having the sense to activate a bruising RB for 4th and 1's, no safety valve receive, not enough play variety of mis-direction, just a mess.
  11. I still have (some) hope - Go Falcons! ... but much less faith....
  12. Ryan was accurate but all those balls were caught also, good job by the receivers for no drops. Some of those high passes, if tipped rather than caught would have been intercepted. I miss all those wide open receivers Shanny use to scheme up. Well when they have been there, Ryan has not seen them. Hopefully that changes.
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