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  1. Athletic writer Dane Brugler has Lindstrom ranked 4th, with these ranked higher: 1. Garrett Bradbury, NC State 2. Elgton Jenkins, Mississippi State 3. Connor McGovern, Penn State
  2. Did not read every post in thread, but how ironic is it that DLed appears to have been proven right, that Gurley was the pic over our invisible pass rusher.
  3. I thought I saw him back in later.
  4. Just honoring the tradition with the earliest thread post possible.
  5. It appears to me we need more deception, like on that infernal outside toss play, needs to be some counter options or fakes to something else, to stop defenses from being there before the RB is.
  6. Thanks Falcon Blitz and hopefully that's the case.
  7. ^ same feeling I have.
  8. I hate to say it but all I have read, including this quoted comment in locker room after per Butt at the Athletic, I am afraid he tore it and is done for the year.
  9. AJC said Bryant was 'dejected' in locker room after - not a good sign for a quick recovery. Well it was Dled so maybe.
  10. Play-calling and screens is one way to address the pass rush and blitzing - and Sark is not doing as well there in adjusting as Kyle Shanahan was.
  11. Still waiting for the day when Quinn complains about a bad call.
  12. Sadly, no Grady this week, which author was not aware of at time of this piece.