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  1. Quoting myself, I was not serious here or in other thread - but was trying to make the point that things this obvious to outsiders about the poor planning and play calling really causes me to lose any faith or optimism about our offensive staff and Quinn's ability to fix things on that side of the ball. It does appear that they are getting the message loud and clear that things need improving.
  2. As I said in the other thread, someone with insider access needs to send this and similar links to Blank, TD, Quinn, Sark.
  3. Can someone send this link to Blank, TD, Quinn, and any members of the offensive staff still here?
  4. Go Falcons! (What a nerve wracking season this has been so far.) Onward!
  5. I re-watched last week's game this week, and that game was closer than it appeared by the score. A few of our pass defense plays would have interference in regular season, they dropped an easy 4th down pass, some of our 3rd down completions in key drives were very nearly defended, and Ryan could have been lost for the season on that slip and crumple on the bad turf. So I hope we play our best game of the season and score more touchdowns today - the FG game will be affected by cold and wind.
  6. Here's where Ryan throws a pick 6 sideline route.
  7. I have missed some pages in this thread, but he got clearly interfered with in the end-zone on two potential touchdowns last game. The officials don't call it fairly with him, and Quinn does not argue/lobby the refs enough (it seems) for him and Falcons to get a fair call at or in the end zone. I doubt that changes today, either.
  8. I re-watched last week's game and Julio was blatantly interfered with twice in the end zone. Coach needs to get in the refs ears about that, he gets cheated by the no-calls almost every week. If you add up 2 of those plus at least one long drop plus 3 bad throws from Ryan plus constant holding on our dline plus constantly bad special teams, we lost a lot of points last week. The 25 yard punt return with a minute left in game and the blocked FG were near disastrous.
  9. ****. Just realized while driving tomorrow I have to listen to the Saints team on Sirius. ****.
  10. season going down drain maybe here
  11. what he said ^ Go Falcons - keep season alive!
  12. Is 10 days enough time for Coleman to de-concuss?
  13. Team going to have to manufacture the energy, it's not coming from those corporate seats. Go Falcons- keep season hope alive!
  14. Article on now saying Quinn asking for help from fans Thursday, problem is so many were priced out this season. later added: The Falcons have a new $1.5 billion home, complete with martinis, fresh oysters and carved prime rib available for sustenance, and clubs and suites to pamper the rich and well-manicured. But do you know what the Falcons don’t have yet? A home-field advantage. Other than the first regular-season home game against Green Bay -- which may forever be remembered as, “The Night The Roof Was Open” -- crowds at Mercedes-Benz Stadium have been relatively sedate. Then again, fans haven’t had much to cheer for. The Falcons are only 3-3 at home in this 7-5 season. Two days before the Falcons host New Orleans, coach Dan Quinn Tuesday declared fans need to stop using their “coasters.” “We need to make it as loud as we can,” Quinn said. “If you need an excuse later to be late for work on Friday, let me know, we’ll get that handled for you. Let’s get it turned up on Thursday.” He was just getting warmed up. “I used the analogy the other day: We built a billion-dollar house and we need to throw a billion-dollar party. You know, a house-warmer? Sometimes we’re still using the coasters. We need to be as loud and fun as all we represent as a city. I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed. (But) I think there’s (fans) looking at the house, checking it out. Let’s hope this is the (game) that it turns. The home field advantage is real. We’re calling (for) that from a team to see if we can get that even stronger, louder.” It’s not Quinn’s job to be the Director of Fan Pep. He’s the coach. But the fact the team’s top football executive felt compelled to say something speaks volumes about the situation. I’ve seen this before when a sports team moves into a new facility. Fans spend more time in awe of their surroundings, out of their seats and exploring the new eye candy than they did before. The game becomes secondary. And, yes, when the team isn’t scoring 33.7 points per game again, the message becomes: There are fewer reasons to watch. I also believe ticket pricing and the Falcons’ approach to PSLs have a lot to do with it. The team decided to maximize potential profit at the expense of shutting out Joe Fan this season when it decided not to have any single-game sale of tickets. Fans had to purchase a seat license (see: sports economic blackmail) for tickets. The team held back no tickets for per-game sales. So the only seats available to those who didn’t buy a PSL were going to be on the oft-inflated secondary market. When so many every day fans are effectively cut out for financial reasons, there’s going to be a ripple effect. We’ll see if Quinn’s comments make a difference, particularly in a game that could go a long way to determining whether the Falcons make the playoffs. Two of their four remaining games are at home. It’s going to be difficult making the playoffs if they don’t go 2-0.