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  1. we needed the win this past week.
  2. Need this one and to build momentum if this season is still to hold promise. Go Falcons! Beat my inlaws team!
  3. Finally a pass rush - little all season
  4. season hanging in the balance - Go Falcons!!
  5. Go Falcons! Need this one for so many reasons.
  6. The usual suspects at AJC were piling on Blank and the Falcons just as the OP said, during the wait-for-Quinn period.
  7. How was the sound-system in the stadium? That sounded pretty clear. I am curious whether they have 'tuned' things with time delays and such since the pre-season games where the sound was real muffled and unclear.
  8. For the greatest concentration of great photos in one place, I have been following along in this forum, this link is to the current last page.
  9. walkthrough on Facebook
  10. Shading darker at 5 yard intervals also improved the look quite a bit.
  11. Here is the Cowboys War Room thread - not sure if the video discussed here is available still or not.
  12. Where is that thread and video link where Dallas was really ticked in their war room when Falcons swooped over and in on them for Takk?
  13. That move would likely really empty out this draft - can't say I am enthused about that idea for that player.
  14. Much rather have Rex than Josh McDaniels and his Napoleon complex