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  1. Hoping for the best version of our team today. And a win.
  2. ATT has run DirectTV and Sunday Ticket down into the ground. They incorrectly had the Atlanta game blacked out in the Carolina market until about 8 minutes left in game, I watched on the channel with 8 games pictured, when I was not spending over an hour in chat, on hold, or on phone. They stated on phone they would send email when fixed and include compensation - below is email received. I guess if they had to screw me over for one game, this was a good one to (mostly) miss.
  3. who is hurt? spent over an hour on hold with ATT who crapped the bed and blacked out this channel in my NC market, believing I could get game locally. still don't have game except for the game mix channel
  4. Thought today was the day (for contract). < insert Caddyshack Judge Smails Well. We're Waiting meme here >
  5. I'll just record the later NFL channel rebroadcast (also DirecTv) - have not looked to see if scheduled yet
  6. My concern was the amount of hook Giorgio was getting in his kicks last week. Hard to be highly accurate with that much of a curve involved, it seems to me. His kicks looked better than that last year.
  7. After what I saw from Schaub, if Benkert is done for the season we better bring someone else in at QB - lots of teams have a viable option at backup QB but we don't, in my view.
  8. Recent article at the Athletic
  9. 72 hours is not enough time to get Ryan Schraeder money back, so not a good thing to hear for Atlanta chances.
  10. Does make all those earlier pronouncements by TD (and coach?) about how confident they were in reaching a deal were really just blowing smoke.
  11. why was this moved to Around the NFL? I am not going to read every post to find out though....
  12. Athletic writer Dane Brugler has Lindstrom ranked 4th, with these ranked higher: 1. Garrett Bradbury, NC State 2. Elgton Jenkins, Mississippi State 3. Connor McGovern, Penn State