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  1. I also was in the stands for 715 - was quite the party in Underground Atlanta after the game. Still have my ticket and commemorative paper they handed out. RIP Hammerin' Hank
  2. Still going to watch and hope for a win with more goodness and less cluelessness on display.
  3. Could that on-sides kick have been run in for a TD? If not, why not?
  4. I recall being ticked that they did not see enough in McKissic to keep him that first year.
  5. From Glazer's Q&A on the draft (sorry if already posted)
  6. without a physical first? Sounds questionable.
  7. articles available to all: https://theathletic.com/tag/remembering-kobe-bryant/
  8. All of theAthletic's remembering Kobe articles available without subscription: https://theathletic.com/tag/remembering-kobe-bryant/
  9. Let's see how effective Quinn's deck chair rearrangement was.
  10. While Quinn has been terrible at game management throughout his time here, that Super Bowl lack of situation-control is plenty enough reason to move on from him now as far as I am concerned.
  11. Deion ain't been the same lately either it seems.
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