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  1. Where did you read the blog? Thats rather interesting.
  2. Inside out is what comes to mind everytime i think about this team The thing I love about it is that we have a team of scrappy over achievers Gone are the days of talented underachievers at least that the direction we are headed towards and it feels good
  3. Great post I agree on everything Although I think TD is a genius :P Im looking at our talent level on the OL and DL and I cant help but to think what will happen when we add some blue chip athletes Change is coming
  4. Great comparison, he is the MLB we expected E. Hartwell to be He makes his presence felt every tackle that he makes I love the idea of Nicholas, Lofton and Boley being "Da Future" (sorry GaFan couldnt resist I know your in this thread somewhere lol)
  5. Great point Gritz that the x-factor Ryans' mental makeup is alot stronger than Carrs' its the intangibles that seperates them more than anything and thats what separates most QB's in this league
  6. My prayers go out to his family Rest in peace
  7. Sam Baker is in his Jr. year form he is sound technically he slides and mirrors extremely well, plays with great leverage and holds his ground on bull rushes T. Taylor has a nose for the ball, #53 is always in the mix I did see him get washed out a couple of times by the Guards Speaking of MLB's Lofton stacks and sheds pretty well for a rook and he makes his presence felt on he makes contact Decoud fills really well on run plays he gets to the ballcarrier and finished his tackes Milloy is a bulldog, C. Houston once said that Milloy is the most physical player he has seen and that he makes y
  8. Great thread like you said Dire we will have football players here, not workout warriors guys that have more production than potential Baker is looking really good thus far and that right side is downright scary I know that Indy was dinged up but they played off eachother well and were technically sound Ryan impressed me he is poised with pressure in his face and has a crazy amount of pocket pressure (intangibles) and knows where to go with the ball quickly
  9. thanks for the post, very interesting blog and Im glad to see that Ryan and getting the rokkie treatment as he should Ovie is an interesting cat and he's definately laying the foundation for his post football career
  10. I understand the judgement (19 ints) but the kid has great mobility and awareness in the pocket
  11. Yea Jackson was a monster at LSU he has such great instincts and hes agressive, prototypical cover 2 cb
  12. I loved this article sounds completely different atmosphere than last year
  13. I actually really respect Wyche I remember a couple years back he was on NFL radio and he was talking about how many drops our wrs had during camp and sure enough White, Jenkins and Crump all had numerous drops throughout the season......
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