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  1. That freeman strip was my favorite play of his last year. I just about fell off the couch laughing.
  2. "My arms look like a road map! **** I'm ripped!" or "Gotchya B***h!"
  3. Um. the ratio is 14.66:1 so he misses 1 for every 14.66 he makes. He misses 6.8% of his tackles. I think Daniel Cox has a broken calculator.
  4. Haha! No! I am one of the rare allweather Falcons fans. I have a Falcons man cave including the red and black team couches. I assure you I am a real fan, but judging from your avatar I have a sneaking suspicion you may be a bengals fan!?!
  5. Now I'm am a first time season ticket holder and I am very excited I'm in section 132. I would eventualy like to end up between the forty yard lines through yeaerly seat relocation. Has anyone ever accomplished this? how long did it take?
  6. I can deal with A#* holes. lol. Tis will be my first year with season tickets. I'm pumped. Thanks for the responses.
  7. I'm looking into buying season tickets. how are the seats numbered in the georia dome? The seats are in section 132 the seats are #17&18. does anyone know which way the numbers go? is 1 closer to midfield or is 18? Also how many seats are generaly in a row?
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