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  1. He definitely hasn't been living up to the "Matty Ice" moniker and his early-career reputation for 4th-quarter comebacks the past few seasons. But in his defense, that's been the entire team overall. Dan Quinn's Falcons have collapsed in the 4th quarter in a ton of games. Steelers and Browns aside, we were actually ahead in the 4th quarter in our other 3 losses. And it was much of the same last year in many of our losses.
  2. I'm very disappointed as well. It's shades of Mike Smith all over again. A coach with a solid track record as defensive coordinator who comes in and seems to be a good leader of men, but can't actually build a solid defense to save his life. The one decent defensive season we saw from Smitty was 2012, and the only good defensive season we've seen from Quinn was 2017. I do have faith the defense can rebound next year, but you have to wonder how much longer Ryan can keep playing at this high level. I don't want us to fall into a rut like the Saints did where Ryan is throwing for 5,000 yards every season but we can't get over .500
  3. I'd bench Alford and Trufant and start Wreh-Wilson and Oliver. Things can't get much worse, and they've both looked much better in spot starts this year. Poole has been terrible, too, but I'm not sure what other options we have there. Play Kazee at nickel corner and throw Tandy in at FS?
  4. I can't figure it out, either. Coleman was running pretty well on Sunday, and they completely abandoned the run as soon as we went down by 11 points.
  5. OBJ has averaged 94.7 yards / game through 55 games. At that pace, he'll need 106 games to break the record. So he's actually very close to Julio's pace (97 yards / game), but as mentioned, you have to imagine that pace might be sustainable given NYG's uncertain QB situation.
  6. I liked how the guy in the video analyzed each position. I agree that MVP rarely selects the most valuable player, and coach of the year almost always goes to one of the top 2-4 teams based on record, and doesn't look hard enough at who did a good job coaching their team up.
  7. I actually thought he'd lost some of the players after the beatdown in Pittsburgh, but he's proven me very wrong the past few weeks. I'm excited to see what we can do in the second half of the season. I still think finishing 6-2 and making the playoffs is unlikely, but I'm not going to count these guys out anymore either.
  8. Unfortunately for us, the coaching staff seems to be very willing to actually throw to Duke after Jackson and Haley were fired. That said, I still don't think Chubb and Duke alone will be enough for them to consistently move the ball and score points. As long as the defense plays like they have the past couple of games, I have confidence the offense can get it done on the road. I think the game could be closer than some people think given just how good the Browns defense is, but I'm expecting a win ... maybe something like Atlanta 30, Cleveland 20.
  9. Trufant's actually played pretty well the past few weeks. It just blows my mind how bad his hands are, especially since there are reports he's been working on the JUGS machine every day after practice...
  10. Interesting dilemma once Ricardo Allen comes back for 2019. I've seen some argue that Allen should stay at FS and Kazee should take over for Poole at NCB. But others think Kazee has earned the FS job and we should move Rico to NCB. What do board members think? Or do we run some kind of "big nickel" with Allen, Kazee, and Neal all on the field at the same time, with Neal playing down in the box?
  11. Given the growth of Oluokun - and Riley (!) - the past few weeks, if this is our linebacker corps next season I will be a very happy man: WLB: Oluokun, Riley MLB: Jones, Carter SLB: Campbell, Ishmael Getting that middle of the defense settled will go a long way to us being able to focus on shoring up OL, DL, and CB/S in the draft.
  12. Yeah, if we sign Irvin, Steven Means is almost certainly who's getting cut to make room for him. Irvin would be a monster upgrade on Means as a rotational pass rusher. He'll give us that extra pass rush we would've had all along had we re-signed Clayborn.
  13. I'm not a big PFF fan, but they rated him as tied for our 5th-best defender on Sunday, and his overall season grade his middle of the pack for starting CBs. Conversely, Alford has graded as the worst starting CB in the league so far this season... They've both been playing worse than usual, but you do have to wonder how much of that is attributed to missing Deion/Keanu/Allen and the relatively weak pass rush up front.
  14. Is this the article Jason Butt wrote for The Athletic? I appreciate you posting here for those who don't have a subscription, but let's make sure to credit the author and link to the source...
  15. They're definitely going all-in to win one more for Brees. I'm interested to see how the Panthers match up with the Saints this year, given how poor of a showing they put up against them last season (0-3).