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  1. Yeah, defense kind of fell apart the last 20 minutes or so. Hopefully they'll continue to gel and learn to play better as a unit without Deion and Keanu.
  2. Sadly we won't have Deion Jones, who seems to be an automatic lock to make a huge interception off of Brees once a game.
  3. Fitzpatrick is Top 60 all time in NFL history in TDs. More than Aikman, McNair, Graham, Van Brocklin, Plunkett... I know that says more about his longetivity and this passing-dominant era, but he's still done something right to throw ~180 TDs. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Koetter keep him as the starter. Don't forget that Koetter didn't draft Winston.
  4. May as well give more playing time to Oloukun, Ishmael, and Nelson next week just to see what we have. If no one stands out, I'd really like to see us give Navorro Bowman a call. Based on how he looked last year, he'd be serviceable until Deion comes back. Also, I sure hope Keith Tandy is ready to be the #3 safety soon, because Jordan Richards is garbage.
  5. Wow, I didn't realize. No wonder he's such a hard hitter. Thanks for the correction.
  6. Because Reid is like 6'1, 220. He's actually big enough to be an enforcer in the run game. Poole, Kazee, and Allen are little dudes. That being said, all 3 guys are solid tacklers. They just physically can't be the same kind of hammer in the box that Neal was.
  7. Good catch. If they have to do that, hopefully it's only for a week, and then we can sign a vested veteran next week and put Overbaugh (or another developmental player) back on the PS.
  8. David Bass is another 4+ year veteran with some pass rushing chops (3.5 sacks last season in a rotational role for the Jets). And he's much younger (27) than Ayers (33) or Robison (35). I'd really like to see us bring Bass in, because I'm really worried about our edge pass rush if Beasley or Takk gets hurt again. It doesn't hurt that Bass also has a reputation as a solid special teams player. If we're not looking for a pass rusher, I'd give a long hard look at Davis Webb. I don't think Benkert is the long-term answer at #2 QB.
  9. Dimarco, as far as losing a player who produced at a high level It was sad to see Babineaux and White go, but both were pretty much done physically Hageman and Collins were both extremely disappointing to me, that neither could get their heads straight and live up to their potential
  10. Jaguars. I've rooted for them ever since their expansion season.
  11. Yeah, it's a conditional 7th round pick in 2020. That's essentially nothing. It just ensures we got him before anyone else on the waiver wire. He could be someone we were interested in before the 2015 draft. Or maybe something about him stood out when we played New England twice last year. Anyway, I'm all for trying something at backup SS. Parker was clearly not the answer. And I'm not sure they consider Lammons a SS, but more of a CB/FS type.
  12. I'd look at DE Danny Ezechukwu or DE Joe Ostman from the Eagles for our practice squad. I think either is a better pass rusher than anyone we have to develop. I'd love to bring Nate Stupar back as a ST Ace and backup LB if the Saints release him. New Orleans may also release LB Hau'oli Kikaha, who could be an interesting flyer as a pass rusher. The Vikings will probably release OL Colby Gossett and CB/S Tray Matthews, 2 players we were interested in pre-draft. The Lions already cut Robert Ayers, so he's a free agent. Detroit will also release either Ameer Abdullah or Zach Zenner. Zenner in particular I'd like to swipe as our #3 RB while Ito has a year to sit and develop. Cleveland will almost certainly release LB Jermaine Grace, who a lot of folks liked last season. The Browns are also probably going to cut DT Trenton Thompson, who had a lot of fans on the boards pre-draft.
  13. The Browns will almost certainly release Jermaine Grace. If we do want to carry 6 LBs, he'd be a natural fit and bring a lot more to the table than Ellerbee, Celestin, or Smith.
  14. The absolute disrespect for Blidi Wreh-Wilson in this thread. *smh*