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  1. Not sure if she's actually a fan or just likes the throwback jerseys haha
  2. 40 yard dash: 4.56 (6th) 20 yard shuttle: 4.12 (2nd) Vertical jump: 37" (6th) Broad jump: 10'3" (t-4th) I'm sure you can beat Foye at all of these numbers, too. Guess the Falcons should've drafted you in the 6th round instead.
  3. I'm very surprised about all the people saying #3 pass rusher is the biggest need. Take away the fluke Dallas game, and Reed was just as good as Clayborn and Beasley last year. Yeah, we probably need to identify a fifth defensive end, but I expect Jones or Winbush to step up... and they'll be inactive on game days anyway, barring any injuries ahead of them on the depth chart. FB is the only true roster hole, but Coleman only played 22% of the offensive snaps last year, so whoever wins the battle between McNitt and Marx won't play that much. Whichever one is better on special teams probably wins out. I'm also not overly concerned at linebacker. We only started with five on the roster last season, and our five right now are Jones, Campbell, Riley, Ishamel, and Oloukun. If the team really wants a sixth linebacker for depth or special teams help, I wouldn't be surprised to see us bring back Reynolds or even Weatherspoon. To me, the biggest question mark right now is kick returner / punt returner. I think we have a lot of guys who could win the job (Ridley, Oliver, Smith, Hall, Davis, etc.), but I have no idea who it will be.
  4. People on here clamoring for Hankins over McClain, when Hankins is trying to get paid $8-10 million a year and McClain can probably be had for $2-3 million. Even with the Ryan extension, and Toilolo's money coming in June, we're still super cash-strapped. And a lot of the money we did free up is probably going to Jake and Grady.
  5. Yeah, I think he and JT Jones are fighting for that fifth defensive end spot behind Takk, Beasley, Reed, and Shelby.
  6. That's Alabama's strength and conditioning coach, Scott Cochran ( Saban and that coaching staff just keep producing champions.
  7. Joined sometime in 2003-2004
  8. To OP's original question, I also thought Ryan would be good enough to win a couple of Super Bowls after his rookie season. (I also didn't expect Manning and Brady to play so long, so I thought things would be a little more wide-open league-wide). I agree with JDaveG here: We probably should have won in 2012, and we definitely should have one in 2016, so that expectation for two rings was pretty spot-on. Really hoping Ryan can bring at least one home before all is said and done. I think our Super Bowl window is still open for the next couple of years.
  9. Yeah, and Dimitroff has said they see Foye as a backup MLB. I fully expect him to make the 53-man roster given his only competition for the #5 LB spot at the moment is the UDFA rookie crop.
  10. Oliver was a solid punt returner his sophomore season. Not sure where you're getting the "hasn't really shown that he can have value on special teams" thing from.
  11. I was just about to say the same thing, haha... Why does everyone think Gesicki is a Jaguar?
  12. Edit: This double-posted for some reason
  13. I do think one reason we were content to sign Poe to a one year deal last offseason is that this year's DT class was projected to be extremely deep. And one reason we probably drafted Takk was that we knew this year's DE class was projected to be pretty weak. Like others have said, it's a factor and you try to look 2-3 years ahead, but I don't think you can really identify specific players per se. There's too much variable from year to year with college players... guys come out of nowhere to be 1st round picks, and other guys who look like superstars plummet to UDFA status.
  14. I really wanted Joe Ostman as an udfa. I think the Eagles got him? I think he has a chance to contribute as a situational pass rusher with some coaching. Tray Matthews is another player here we looked at pre-draft. I'm not sure where he wound up...
  15. had Gono rated as the 13th-best guard in the draft They also had JC Hassenauer as the 14th-best center available I'm excited to see how both guys look over the next few months, assuming they stick around