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  1. This is a guy I could see us pulling the trigger on in the 2nd round with the way he's already looking at the Senior Bowl. He's one guy I really want to continue to watch throughout the process, along with Connor McGovern and Vosean Joseph. I'd love to somehow get all three players in Rounds 2-4.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. We have plenty of picks (9) this season for a roster that should only really need help at OL and DL after we get through free agency... TD trading up at some point is way more likely than trading down, especially since comp picks are now tradeable.
  3. I joined during the 2004 season but didn't regularly post until the 2007 season. I usually just lurk around until the offseason, as my favorite part of AFMB is discussing free agency and the draft with everyone.
  4. I don't think we necessarily have to go OT in the first round to find a solid RT. We have the luxury of Jake Matthews at LT. We can go with someone like Christian Wilkins / Rashan Gary at 14 and still grab our futute RT at 45.
  5. I thought Chip Kelley would've been really intetesting. Mike McCoy was available, but we're lucky to have avoided him. He's been terrible the past 2 seasons. If LaFleur or McDaniel had stayed, they'd probably be an HC somewhere else and we'd be back to square one anyway. Ryan's OCs become HCs, guaranteed.
  6. -Let Ishmael and Carter walk in FA -Sign Davis Next year's LB corps: D. Campbell, J. Grace D. Jones, T. Davis F. Oluokun, D. Riley
  7. Take another look at what Koetter did in Jacksonville with MJD. He is more than capable of putting together a top 10 running game. Heck, when we hired him in 2012 a lot of posters here thought it was a bad choice because they expected the passing game to regress. He was never able to establish a run game here because he was saddled with a used up Michael Turner / washed up Steven Jackson and an offensive line cobbled together by draft busts (Lamar Holmes, Peter Konz) plus dudes picked off the garbage heap (Jeremy Trueblood, James Stone). Give him a chance with the talent we have on offense now, especially after we add 2 new starters along the offensive line this offseason (I hope).
  8. Christian Wilkins and then a pair of offensive linmen would be a fantastic draft. We have the draft ammunition to trade up if we need to, as TD loves to do. I like McGovern as a guard who could bring some of that "nasty" DQ wants. In free agency, I want us to move on from Beasley and go all in for Demarcus Lawrence if the Cowboys don't re-sign/tag him. If they do, Trey Flowers would make a really nice consolation prize.
  9. Have you looked at who is actually available in free agency? Even before teams re-sign their own free agents, it's a very thin free agent market along the offensive line. The best available guard might be a twice-injured Andy Levitre. Just don't be so sure we can fix the offensive line through free agency alone.
  10. So who are we interested in besides Gary Kubiak? I've seen a few people floating bringing Dirk Koetter back in, but I am not onboard with that idea at all. I'd rather have Todd Monken if we're stealing coaches from Tampa Bay. Anyone have thoughts about Jim Caldwell or Rob Chudzinski? Is there anyone else around the league people are excited about? Or someone from the college ranks?
  11. I think many of us would be happy with Kris Richard or Ron Rivera. A dark horse candidate I'm interested in is Mark Duffner, if all of Tampa Bay's coaches get fired. He's done wonders with Tampa Bay's defense since Smitty got fired, and if you look at his track record, he was a part of some really strong defenses in Green Bay and Cincinnati as a linebackers coach. He also has an alma mater (William & Mary) connection to Coach Quinn, although they weren't there at the same time like Quinn and Mike Tomlin. And I know nobody is interested in promoting another young coach from within, but I'd be curious to see how Jeff Ulbrich would work as a defensive coordinator. He at least has experience as a play caller from his time at UCLA.
  12. Ansah's produced 48 sacks over his past 80 games. He's missed 13 out of 93 possible games due to injury, or 14%. You don't want a guy who averages 9.5 sacks a season because he may miss 2-3 games out of the year due to being nicked up? The Falcons haven't had a pass rusher of Ansah's capability since John Abraham -- who (dun dun dun) had a reputation of being injury prone in his first several seasons as well. I think that worked out okay for us.
  13. I highly doubt Julio will come anywhere close to catching Jerry Rice, but I think he has an outside chance of getting to #2 on the list. He'll probably have to play 4-5 more seasons to get there. They key to everyone at the top of the list was health + staying productive enough to keep playing well into their 30s: 1. Jerry Rice - 22,895 (20 seasons) 2. Larry Fitzgerald - 16,108 (~15 seasons) 3. Terrell Owens - 15,934 (15 seasons) 4. Randy Moss - 15,292 (14 seasons) 5. Isaac Bruce - 15,208 (16 seasons) 6. Tony Gonzalez - 15,127 (17 seasons) 7. Tim Brown - 14,934 (17 seasons) 8. Steve Smith - 14,731 (16 seasons) 9. Marvin Harrison - 14,580 (13 seasons) 10. Reggie Wayne - 14,345 (14 seasons) 11. Andre Johnson - 14,185 (14 seasons) ... 35. Antonio Brown - 10,973 (~9 seasons) ... 37. Roddy White - 10,863 (11 seasons) ... 41. Julio Jones - 10,483 (~8 seasons) ... 46. Andre Rison - 10,205 (12 seasons) Of course, if Julio could somehow play 15-16 seasons, then he does stand an outside shot at catching Jerry. I'm just not sure his body is going to last longer than 12-13 given how banged up he's been throughout his career. And he could always just fall off a cliff in his early 30s like Roddy White, Keyshawn Johnson, Chad Johnson, or Torry Holt ... or decide to retire early like Calvin Johnson.
  14. I think we're already there... only team to have not won a game in the past 5 weeks.
  15. Yeah, I can't believe posters on here think Ansah is a bad player. Per PFF, through 14 weeks: Detroit Lions: Ezekiel Ansah has gotten pressure on 29% of his third-down pass rushes this season, which is the highest rate for defensive players.