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  1. I voted Smith for the 2008-2012 seasons, finally getting us back-to-back winning seasons, and generally turning the franchise's fortunes around. I understand why many others aren't voting for him, though, and that 2014 season was really rough. I hope Quinn gets things turned around real quickly this year, because otherwise I think most of us can agree he'll be gone... Probably before Week 17.
  2. Read a tweet today that 48 UDFAs made rosters this year, compared to 59 last year. Just a weaker UDFA class across the board. Really, the entire draft was a bit top heavy... Seems like there was lots of talent in the first five rounds but then not much of anything after that. That's why I don't feel too bad that we missed on Marcus Green. The one player drafted after him who I think we missed picking is Jimmy Moreland, but I get it... We'd already taken Sheffield and Miller.
  3. That defensive stop on 4th and 1, where Neasman got the TFL. Feel like I haven't seen a Falcons defense stop that in a long time.
  4. I think the Falcons have the talent to beat anyone at any time. But the front half of the schedule is brutal and we're adjusting to brand new coordinators in all three phases. The new offensive line may also need time to gel. If we get through our first 5 games without any major injuries, I'd be content with a 2-3 record at that point. Save the hot streak for November and December.
  5. Not open to the public. The team is supposed to post information on public practices here:
  6. Putting that Ivy League education to good use!
  7. I'm really rooting for Crawford to shine throughout camp and into preseason
  8. Crawford had the 3rd-highest pressure % in that conference after O. Ximines and J. Feguson. I'm excited to see what he can offer as a pass rusher in the preseason.
  9. Thanks for posting
  10. Backup LB and backup QB are my greatest concerns. We don't have solid depth at either position if a starter is lost to injury.
  11. Linebacker is the glaring weakness on the roster right now, especially because we saw last season how bad it was to have to really on Riley or Ishmael to start. I'd be on the phone with the Jets trying to get Darron Lee, if they're willing to dump him for a low 2020 pick. He wouldn't cost very much cap-wise since he's still on his rookie deal. Other than that, I'd try to sign a veteran like Josh Bynes, Jamie Collins, or Zach Brown. I'm sure we'll be scouring the waiver wire for some veteran additions to the 90-man roster before camp starts.
  12. I think @rcky_mtn_falcon narrowly wins because they got 1 of the 3 players AND correctly predicted our second pick (OT). I could be wrong though... Will defer to our glorious game master haha Congrats to everyone who played this year, though. Tough year... We zigged where a lot of fans thought we would zag. This is probably the second time I will have lost due tiebreakers. I'm coming for that crown in 2020! :-)
  13. To be fair to Williams, NFL Network didn't show any highlights of Chris Lindstrom either...
  14. Who ******* cares
  15. When all is said and done, our top 4 needs on paper appear to be OT, DE, DT, CB. The wild card, to me, is LB. The team was very interested in LVE and Evans last year. Did Oluokun do enough to make LB a lower priority? Keep in mind the team may not be able to pay Campbell. But they may wait until next offseason to worry about that given this year's LB class is pretty weak after White and Bush.