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  1. The only free agent who I think could really come in and make a difference to this team in 2021 is Olivier Vernon (9 sacks last year for the Browns), but he's currently recovering from a major injury and probably isn't going to be healthy enough to help any team out in the immediate future. If we're looking for a serious upgrade at offensive line, it's gonna have to come via internal improvement or a trade. Any guy we sign off the street, like the 2 we added to the practice squad today (Isadora, Witzmann), might be slight upgrades over Mayfield/Dalman/Gossett, but there's no bonafide starter just sitting out there in free agency at the moment. I know folks here are clamoring for Easton, or Schofield, or Osemele but they're all very mediocre at this point in their careers... there's a reason they're not employed by any of the other 31 NFL teams.
  2. I like this a lot. Was really hoping we'd get one of the RBs that SF or NE let go... they both had way too many good backs for them all to stick. Gallman is more than "just a guy" based on what he showed last season. He averaged 4.6 YPC behind a mediocre Giants Oline that saw a ton of 8-man boxes because no one was scared of Daniel Jones throwing the ball. He's not a superstar, but this should be a huge upgrade on Ollison. I'm pretty happy now at RB with Davis, Gallman, and Patterson.
  3. Yeah, sorry I should've mentioned it was just to their practice squad. I'm shocked there wasn't a single team who wanted him for their final 53.
  4. Who knows? At this point, I wouldn't be shocked if Colby Gossett is the Week 1 starter.
  5. A 2nd round pick who's playing a completely new position and a 4th round pick are major disappointments before they've even played a single snap in a regular season game Some of y'all are really wildin' out this offseason 🙃
  6. Yeah, it was Nizialek. He has actually held for Koo before -- they played together for the Atlanta Legends in the AAF back in 2019.
  7. No, Obinna was with us earlier in the preseason -- he just got cut a few weeks back in the first wave of cuts. He probably got brought back instead of Kobe Jones after Jones had that awful fumble in the Cleveland game 😐
  8. We still have 5 other CBs, plus TJ Green who's like a flex CB/S. I think whoever takes Sheffield's spot won't be a defensive back. I could maybe see a 4th tight end getting added.
  9. Ledford was his coach at Appalachian State too, I think?
  10. It's Zaccheaus, but I expect both Pitts and Hurst to get more targets than our WR3.
  11. I mean, the Quinn/Morris coaching staff was terrible, and we blew games across multiple seasons that we should have won. Heck, I was in the minority of members on here that wanted Quinn fired after the 2019 season for his Quinning ways. But even under the new regime, I'm expecting the Falcons to hover right around .500 this year. Obviously, I'll be ecstatic if they make a deep playoff run -- I just don't know that we have the talent to do so right now.
  12. I think a lot of people here are optimistic about the future of this team under Arthur Smith. But it's not pessimistic to think a team that went 4-12 last year isn't suddenly going to turn around and go 13-4 this season just because we got a new coaching staff.
  13. 49ers had a ton of injuries last year. Just some of the main ones off the top of my head were Jimmy Garoppolo, Richard Sherman, Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, and George Kittle. They also had critical players miss games because of Covid, like Deebo Samuel and Trent Williams. I don't think anyone's going to be shocked if they're much closer to the 2019 team that almost won the Super Bowl this year, especially if Trey Lance proves to be a major upgrade at quarterback. I'll give you the Chargers, though. Herbert looks great at QB, but I don't know what they really did to upgrade in the offseason that puts them way ahead of the Broncos or Raiders. They all look like they're still way behind the Chiefs.
  14. AFC: Broncos, I guess? I honestly don't see any other surprise team, because I wouldn't consider the Patriots, Chargers, or Dolphins a surprise if they do well. A real surprise would be the Jets, Jaguars, Texans, or Bengals but I don't see any of those teams coming anywhere close to .500. NFC: Don't see any potential surprise teams outside of the Falcons and (ugh) Panthers. Again, it's not really going to be a surprise if the 49ers or Cowboys bounce back, given the injuries they had last season. I don't see the other bad teams from last year, Eagles and Lions, doing well at all.
  15. I'd be really interested in Trace McSorely if the Ravens don't keep him on their final 53 man roster. He's apparently been doing a great job in Baltimore as the #3 QB.
  16. My optimistic guess when I first saw the schedule was 12-5, but the realist in me thinks we finish 8-9. I'm still very concerned about LG, RB depth, and our edge rushers. It also really hurts that we essentially have 10 road games and just 7 home games, thanks to the London trip. I think the coaching improvements alone are going to keep this team more competitive than last year though, especially if we can stay healthy. I'm expecting a Top 12 offense and a Top 24 defense.
  17. I remember watching Falcons games in the late 80s when I was just a little kid, with Chris Miller at QB. I had NFL bedsheets and a stuffed toy that was a Falcons player. We couldn't watch for a few years in the 90s because we lived out west, but we would follow the scores in the newspaper. Was finally able to start watching again in the late 90s, when Chris Chandler was at QB. We lived in Virginia in the late 90s and early 2000s, so I was very familiar with Mike Vick's work when we drafted him. Since he was so popular, the Falcons were actually on TV a lot while I was in college. (We lived far enough away from DC that the local station just showed whoever it wanted to on Sundays, instead of the Washington Football Team) My dad got me into them -- he's been a fan since Day 1 of the franchise and I'm still can't believe they blew SB 51. He was so heartbroken after the loss, knowing it might be the last time in his lifetime he got to see them win a SB after 50~ years of rooting for the team.
  18. At this point, Frank Darby might not make the Final 53 unless we keep 6 WRs. If we only keep 5, seems like it's going to be Ridley, Gage, Zaccheaus, Sharpe, and Blake.
  19. Really need Ynoa to come back the way he was playing before he hurt himself, because Drew Smyly is really starting to fade. I'm hoping Ynoa (and Anderson) can both re-take their spots in the rotation, allowing us to shift Smyly into more of a long-relief type role moving into the postseason.
  20. He was the backup LG to Tomlinson, he wound up playing some center for them as well due to injuries. (He played both G and C for us too... not to mention DT)
  21. I didn't see anything at LB out of Skipper, Obinna, or K. Jones so I would imagine it's gonna be one of them.
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