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  1. Quinn is veteran pass rusher I like the most if we're looking for cheaper options. Mario Addison would also be a solid add. Just please don't bring back Beasley.
  2. Ryan should be a lock for the hall of fame if he plays 4-6 more seasons at a high level, Super Bowl win or not. But I sure hope we can win at least one title with him before it's all said and done.
  3. If we keep Freeman and don't draft a running back somewhere in the 2nd-4th round to replace him I'm going to lose my mind. There are like 8-10 RBs who would be immediate upgrades to the position available for us with one of those four selections. I also really want us to draft a possession WR. Jones, Ridley, Gage is a nice 1-3, but our depth is pretty rough behind them. I think we'll move on from Hardy, and Blake and Gray are just guys, so we need a real #4 in case Jones or Ridley gets hurt again. Claypool, Johnson, Edwards, Victor, Jennings... all big guys who could shine and be available in the 3rd-4th round.
  4. Pretty sure we'll be drafting a running back in Rounds 2-4 with one of our four selections there. Freeman has to be gone at this point as a cap casualty, hopefully with the June 1st designation to save even more money. As more of a dark horse pick, I really like Eno Benjamin in the 4th round.
  5. I agree that an outside GM may be hesitant to come in if TD is fired, but we do have other former-GMs on staff. If Blank wants to fire Dimitroff but keep Quinn, he could just promote someone like Ruston Webster or Phil Emery to GM. I could also see Dave Caldwell coming back if the Jaguars let him go, given his familiarity with our front office. Not want I want to happen, but there are options.
  6. This was a tough question. Currently, it's definitely Blidi Wreh-Wilson. I was always confused when we'd make him inactive on game days, because I thought he was our 3rd best corner the past few seasons. Glad to see him finally getting solid starting time and showing that he deserves to be out there.
  7. I texted the same thing to my parents yesterday -- that rule should read something like "no more than 5 players on each side".
  8. I'd rather have @Emmitt
  9. Wish it was for the Rams/Chargers instead of the 49ers! Good luck finding someone to take these off your hands.
  10. Unfortunately, a team friendly deal for Beasley would probably be closer to 6-7 million, not 2-3. Adrian Clayborn got 6 million from the Patriots last year, and Beasley (theoretically) has a higher ceiling due to his younger age and one flash season. At this point I'd rather just see him walk and get the compensatory pick in 2021. I think we can find a pass rush of equal talent in the draft this coming year with one of our first 3-4 picks. The Pats got Chase Winovich in the 3rd round this year, and he has 5.5 sacks.
  11. So all we have to do is send Quinn down to the NCAA for a decade so he can learn how to coach like Carroll did.
  12. I wanted Quinn fired last season. Get him out of here ASAP.
  13. Mike freaking Person
  14. I think he might even be safe at 6-10. That's still going 5-3 in the second half of the season. It depends on the nature of our wins and losses and if the defense continues to play well. I just really don't want us to go 9-7 at this point. There's basically no way we'd make the playoffs, and it would really hurt our draft stock. Yes, it's been awesome watching the team smack down the Saints and Panthers, but we still need to improve at multiple positions to have a shot at a Super Bowl run next year.
  15. Peak Falcons would be to win just enough games to draft at #8 instead of #3