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  1. I like this. The guy was one of the few defensive players to flash in the XFL. We're super thin at linebacker even after bringing LaRoy Reynolds back, so why not just take a risk on a guy with some upside. If nothing else maybe you can mold him into a special teams ace. And who knows, maybe some of these fringe guys they're bringing in will have some leadership skills. We need more vocal leaders on this team, especially on defense. I'm hoping Fowler can also become one of those guys.
  2. We still haven't replaced Jack Crawford on the roster. We definitely need another pass-rushing DT next to Jarrett. I have my fingers crossed that Javon Kinlaw is there at 16. We can get Trufant's replacement in Round 2 since the CB class is so deep this year.
  3. We need to sign a veteran CB at some point. I keep expecting us to re-sign Blidi Wreh-Wilson, but Desir would be a great pickup if we could somehow afford him.
  4. They're still testing, but you can have a much larger amount in your system without getting dinged, and they won't suspend players who do test positive... They'll work on getting them treatment instead This is a good article that goes over the changes in the new CBA regarding drug use:
  5. Yeah, Grace was released about 2/3 of the way through the season after allowing a blocked punt. We'll definitely draft Campbell's replacement sometime in the first four rounds. Then look for us to bring in a platoon of UDFAs, XFL guys, and veterans to battle with Thomas for the 4th and 5th LB spots in training camp.
  6. The main problem with Person in Atlanta was that we were forcing him to play Center, when he had no experience at all snapping the ball He (and Ben Garland) actually played really well for SF last year at Guard. I'd bring him into the mix for the LG competition if he comes cheap... He would definitely beat out our "awesome" platoon of Gono, Carpenter, and Brown
  7. Our biggest needs on paper right now are replacing Trufant, Campbell, Freeman, Clayborn, and Crawford... I think we've got a good shot at getting one of Kinlaw, Fulton, or Chaisson at Pick #16. (And that's my order of preference between them) It'll be interesting to see if we bring back any more of our free agents between now and the draft. I really think we should re-sign Wreh-Wilson, especially given Miller's early season suspension.
  8. 9.5
  9. Markus Golden would be pretty interesting. He had 10 sacks last year for a bad Giants team, and had 12.5 sacks in his last healthy season (2016) with the Cardinals. It's just taking a big risk on health because he was injured most of 2017 and part of 2018 due to an ACL injury.
  10. Ryan is still the best QB in the division, based on most recent play. But we've got to get him a defense before it's too late
  11. Campbell and Barner are free agents (not cut candidates)
  12. I'm surprised we didn't cut Allen Bailey to save more cap space. Figured his role could be filled by Means and Tuoti-Mariner
  13. Kinlaw and Hennesy is a dream combo for our first two picks. I like different players in the rest of the spots, but I definitely couldn't complain if the draft turned out like this. Nice job... Can tell you've put a lot of thought into our needs.