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  1. Can the Braves ask for the mercy rule and just move on to the next game?
  2. Still can't believe Edelman somehow kept that ball from touching the ground...
  3. I believe he's referring to Kevin Winston, the Falcons' VP of Player Affairs. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/team/front-office-roster/kevin-winston
  4. Unfortunately, I see no reason why the Chiefs wouldn't come back against us just like the Patriots did, or like KC did to the 49ers.
  5. My dad really likes the gradient jerseys, so I want to get him one for Christmas, but I'm not sure which player to get. His favorite guy on the team was Austin Hooper. 😕 I personally like the white ones, but I'm gonna hold off for now because I already own 3 jerseys (Ryan, Julio, Roddy). I might grab a Fowler jersey if he plays well this season, though. Haven't had a defensive Falcon jersey since I had an old Kerney one years ago.
  6. Chris Rowland. Think he wins at least one of the KR / PR jobs and makes an impact as a receiver in 4-wide sets.
  7. 2012, for the players on that team 2016, for me personally because it was the first playoff game I had seen live with my parents since Vick was QB
  8. I put a lot of weight on postseason success, so right now, I have to slot our coaching staff ahead of the Bucs staff given the fact that DQ is 3-2 in the playoffs and Arians is just 1-2. I also think our total talent on the defensive coaching side is better than theirs. Special teams is a wash. The Bucs do have the offensive advantage, so I voted them ahead of us in the second poll. Panthers are bottom tier across the board right now just because they're such an unknown quantity.
  9. Sticking with TD / Ryan era players -- Offense: Antone Smith or Justin Blalock Defense: Kroy Biermann or Erik Coleman
  10. Can't believe there are so many people on here saying Warford wouldn't immediately be the best left guard on our roster. Who would get cut? Gono, Wetzel, McCray ... take your pick.
  11. Harris actually had a pretty good rookie season, as the #4 pass rusher behind Cameron Wake, Andre Branch, and William Hayes. His 31 pressures (with 20 QB hits and 2 sacks) that season are more pressures than Takk had in 2018 (25) or 2019 (20) or than Beasley had in 2018 (20) or 2019 (18). If we can help Harris regain some confidence in himself, I think this could be a big win. You're not going to find a pass rusher in the 7th round with the potential to put up 30+ pressures -- in a limited role, nonetheless. As others have stated, the big key to Harris is if the coaching staff can teach him another pass rushing move besides just relying on his initial burst to win. I don't have a lot of faith in our staff, but maybe this guy will be more coachable than some other pass rushers we've had to work with. As the #4 guy behind Fowler, Takk, and Cominsky, I think this is a pretty good move. Low risk, potential of high reward, and if it doesn't work out you didn't really miss out on much. We haven't had a single 7th round pick stick on the roster under Dan Quinn, so it's not like we're missing out on much.
  12. Definitely feel like he's the favorite to win the TE3 job right now behind Hurst and Graham
  13. He's playing for pretty much the vet minimum, so he doesn't count toward the comp pick formula.
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