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  1. I like Zacchaeus, but let's see if he even makes the roster first. He should be behind Ridley, Gage, Sharpe, and Darby on the depth chart. This new regime also re-signed Blake, so he may have an edge on OZ. And don't forget about Chris Rowland, who profiles very similar to OZ athletically. So at best he's competing for WR4/WR5 and at worst he may not even get a practice squad spot if the team likes some of the other competition better. I personally am intrigued by both Nunn and Badet.
  2. Miller was great at Penn State, but he's a player who's probably going to struggle to ever find reps on defense in the NFL. I could see him becoming a really good special teams player though
  3. Yep, WR is bound to be one of our top 3 selections next year in the first 2 rounds
  4. A 2nd round pick + Chase Winovich from the Patriots would be pretty nice
  5. Happy to have Martin and Newcomb back, and hoping we can get Greene in there ASAP, but we also need starting pitching help with Soroka's return nowhere in sight. Morton and Smyly just aren't delivering. Here's hoping AA can secure a top starting pitcher via trade sometime this summer. I'd personally love to see us somehow get Jon Gray from the Rockies.
  6. Yeah, this is technically a re-signing
  7. The staff feeling comfortable enough with Gage that they traded Sanu away is the only instance of this that comes to mind right away, and even that was a mid-season move
  8. I'm a big fan of Erroll Thompson. He might not make the Final 53, but I feel like he's a good shot to make the practice squad at least. I'm surprised Bryce Hargrove didn't make this list. I think he's a better guard prospect than Neuzil or Schulthorpe, personally...
  9. I don't think there are any "hidden gems" on this roster from the previous regime. But I do expect Cominsky, Hennessy, and Davidson to all step up and contribute this year. I'll be surprised if Senat or Ollison make the Final 53...
  10. Congrats to everyone, especially those who also got 3! I was lucky enough to get Darren Hall on my final list, and am kicking myself for including Earnest Brown instead Ogundeji.
  11. We're pretty much on the same page with some minor differences. QB [3]: Ryan, McCarron, Franks -- I think we'll have to protect Franks by putting him on the 53-man roster if we want to keep him around. I've made room for Franks by not keeping one of the WRs around. RB [3]: Davis, Huntley, Hawkins -- Give me Huntley over Ollison, who the current regime has no ties to. WR [6]: Jones, Ridley, Gage, Blake, Darby, Patterson -- I'm listing Patterson as the WR6, but we know he can play RB as well. I think Darby is the Zaccheaus replacement at WR5 as our situational deep threat. And I think Bla
  12. I got 3 as well (Pitts, Grant, Hall) and am kicking myself for not putting Jalen Mayfield and/or Adetokunbo Ogundeji on my final 30
  13. He's a guard/center: https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2021/04/joe-sculthorpe/ NFL draft scout had him as the 19th best guard in this draft class, so there's some potential there for a backup-type player
  14. The full name of the university is "South Dakota School of Mines & Technology" ... talk about digging deep into the scouting reports
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