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  1. Yep. If he does go at #3, I'm hoping we can trade down a few spots (maybe Denver, if they don't get Deshaun Watson...) and then take Slater or Darrishaw. But I want OL with that #1 pick.
  2. Denver is the prime trade-back partner in my mind. We could probably squeeze a lot out of them to trade up 5 spots, but it still leaves us in position to get someone like Slater, Darrishaw, Pitts, Surtain, Farley, or even Lance. They've got 9 draft picks this year, so they have some extra ammo to trade up with. Plus I'd always rather see us trade with an AFC team...
  3. I think Holland is the best overall But I'd be very happy with Moehrig or Grant Honorable mentions for Cisco, LeCounte, and Blankenship
  4. Yeah, he's right up there with Zaven Collins as the best OLB. They should both go in the 1st round.
  5. Richie Grant would be a great safety for us in the Pees defense next to Keanu Neal.
  6. In his defense, those 49ers and Giants teams were BAD teams with basically zero talent at pass rusher. That Giants team had just moved on from JPP and had basically no one except Markus Golden, who exploded kind of out of nowhere.
  7. Bucs have really nailed a lot of their draft picks the past 2-3 years. Huge reason why they're playing in the NFCCG tomorrow. Hopefully Fontenot can do the same for us!
  8. This^^ Q: How many of the starting QBs in the league right now were taken in the Top 4 of the 1st round? A: 12 out of 32. And that's including a handful of guys who may not be starters next year: Darnold, Newton, Smith, Trubisky, and Wentz. Just because drafting extremely high has produced our last two franchise QBs in Vick and Ryan doesn't mean that's the only way the Falcons can obtain a starting QB in the near future.
  9. Plenty of good FS targets who will be there in the 3rd or 4th round. This is a solid and deep rookie safety class, especially at FS
  10. "Fontenot has been with the Saints for the last 16 years, the last six of which he's held his current role of director of pro scouting. His responsibilities include recommendations for player acquisitions and monitoring the waiver wire. He was a pro scout for seven seasons before getting promoted. According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Fontenot has a great reputation and played a key role in improving the Saints' roster. After Ryan Pace left in 2015 to become the Bears GM, Fontenot's job title remained the same but he "definitely had more of a voice," he told NOLA.com that year. "M
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