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  1. Yeah, I can't see the new GM re-signing him given our salary cap **** and the fact that we just drafted Hennessy to be his successor. Hopefully he can sign with a true contender if he wants to keep playing. Someone else mentioned the 49ers, but it would also be kind of cool to see him return to the Browns.
  2. I want an OG to replace James Carpenter in the first 2 picks, but I wouldn't mind double dipping at edge rusher later in the draft ... kind of like what we did with Calvin Ridley / Russell Gage or Deion Jones / De'Vondre Campbell
  3. Is there an example of a coach who had a good record in the NFL, went to college football and stunk it up, and then came back to the NFL and had success? I can think of NFL coaches who went to college and came back, like Pete Carroll, but they were actually successful in college
  4. God please no why would anyone want Harbaugh after his disastrous stint at Michigan
  5. Pretty sure Hill is a free agent. Our only RBs on the roster next year at the moment would be Smith and Ollison.
  6. I thought it was hilarious that Julio caught a 21 yard TD last week... we should just stay at the 21 yard line and throw to the end zone from there all the time, since we're so bad in the red zone.
  7. I'm going to be surprised if we sign a single free agent from another team for anything beyond the vet minimum. Given our cap constraints, and the fact we have a lot of draft picks this year, I could see the new GM focusing just on re-signing a few of our own guys and then just trying to add via the draft this offseason.
  8. Rico is a great guy, but he is our #1 most likely cap casualty this offseason. Cutting him would save over $6 million.
  9. If we wind up picking in the 10-15 range, I'm really hoping we take Creed Humphrey or Wyatt Davis. Having two elite guards would make Hennessy's takeover for Alex Mack that much smoother, and also help whoever the running back is next year. Gurley's stats would be much better if he would stop trying to bounce so many runs outside. He's leaving a lot of yards on the field by trying too much to make something happen, when a lot of times he should just settle for the 4-5 yard run that his blockers have set up.
  10. Patriots should've traded that 2nd round pick for Hurst, not for Sanu 🙃
  11. Foye deserves to be in the Pro Bowl this year, but I think it will be a situation like Grady where he has to wait 1 more season before he gets the national recognition he deserves
  12. Yeah, no way. I'm 6'1, 205 and he's like twice as big as me lol
  13. For me personally, it's Wilson just because I think the Packers and Chiefs are much better teams overall. I don't think the Seahawks come anywhere close to a winning record with a lesser QB, especially given how porous their defense has looked at times this year. Chiefs and Packers would definitely still be winning a lot of games with lesser QBs given their overall talent. So right now I would give Russ MVP and give Mahomes Offensive Player of the Year.
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