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  1. Won't happen but would be nice to have a front line starter
  2. bump to get it back past the crap that was posted
  3. Briscoe is a weak link in the secondary
  4. I'm sorry but to me this is a complete joke. I watched video of his tryout and it wasn't that good. He swung and missed anything low. He ran bad routs to the ball and his accuracy wasn't that good on his throws. He wasn't even a D1 caliber. He is getting this contract by name only to move tickets and jerseys. He is taking a spot from some kid that has actually worked for it and deserves a shot. Dont nut get me wrong I respect Tebow as a man, his beliefs, and his character. That's not the same thing as I'm complaining about.
  5. Yea I first started watching him when he was 13. My son was a teammate of his a couple of times.
  6. You haven't seen nothing yet. I've been watching him since he was just a kid.
  7. I watched Lewis several times this year. He was impressive each time. He hit for power, avg, and showed great speed.
  8. I typically agree that it gives them more incentive, but it can also be a negative. Some local players don't want to play for the home team especially high prospects. They feel they can not just play and grow as everyone is watching every detail. Any and all mistakes are magnified. Have a bad game someone you know personally saw it, make a bad play... Someone you know saw it. I've heard this first hand too.
  9. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a great day with your families. Look forward to reading your post again this next year.
  10. I agree I hate trying to read through 47 pages just read about 1 thing I'm looking for That would be incorrect.
  11. He is such a great kid, and his family are such great people. My son played with him on a few teams. He is not only talented, but humble.
  12. Oh I don't care about either player or this situation. I was only responding to the comment of the unwritten rules. Harper's hustle and talent are the only things I can admire about him. I can not stand him as a person or his attitude. I haven't been able to stand him since we played his team st 16.
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