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  1. Slow due to fatigue
  2. No but Colin has been exposed as a below average talk show host
  3. agreed the time to use the closer is not always the 9th.
  4. I don't disagree with this philosophy at all. Maybe he shouldn't even be on the team, but the decision was right to not use the other guys.
  5. i remember watching Viz back when he was in Rome and said then I wasn't impressed. He has just never impressed me due to the fact he has no clue where it is going. Jmo.
  6. I completely agree
  7. Can we start the cut Kroy thread back up again...........
  8. I agree that throwing everyday is better for you when done right. I'll take Comcast Internet over the competition.
  9. I agree the ban and HOF should be separate issues. He broke a huge rule and I don't disagree with his life time ban. I think the hall should be judged separate and he should get in based on the player he was.
  10. Yes he did but his play in the field warrants his place in the hall.
  11. That 2 months with out a strikeout. We already have improved.
  12. Jidady k26 long day I probably overreacted. I just took the way it was worded the wrong way. Like I said I love reading the breakdowns you guys give and the way you show the stats to back it up. I just hate when the "old" ways are thrown out just because they are old. I think all the numbers are useful when used in accordance to the game. I agree the object is to reach base and not get out. Call me old fashion I still like the good ole eye test lol. Later.......
  13. this statement is a large reason I dislike saber metrics. New numbers don't just erase the old numbers. They all are important if you use them correctly. You need to look at them all. No one number is the only one to be viewed. I've said it on here so many times I'm even tired of hearing it but I have talked to many baseball guys who have said sabermetrics are not used as much as fans use them. It's just another tool used in the process. I love reading you, k26, and 567 post the numbers and talk about how they apply, but we disagree if anyone says they are all that matters.
  14. Ok coming from someone who liked Frenchy and always hoped he would put it together, and also someone who refused to let myself fall into the same place with Heyward. Frenchy was fun to watch and when he came up looked like he was going to be a homerun machine. Heyward came up also expected to be a machine with high average to go with it. Neither lived up to the hype, but to compare to 2 is laughable. Heyward when clicking had the ability to be a game changer, but didn't stay consistent. French did become consistent as in consistently bad. Defensively JHey had way more range while Frenchy had the cannon to make highlight reel. I understood the trade and agreed Heyward should be traded but he was by far the better player between the 2.
  15. I'm not exact on the numbers but I think it was 5 mil range year 1 and 2 mil range year 2. That's only 1.5 less than the royals offered. That's not what I call lowball. With the contracts guaranteed it doesn't matter what year the money comes. Granted between the 2 offers I would have taken the Royals too especially with a 3rd year option of 10mil. I get you point I'm just not sure I can bash the FO for doing probably the same thing I would have done.