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  1. I hope Smith gives Smith a fair chance to really play a significant number of snaps today.
  2. I fear that S Jackson is somewhat washed up. He is still strong but he cannot produce like he did in STL anymore. Compound that with our subpar OL and I think it is time to go with younger blood.
  3. Nugent misses three FG's and we are still down by a TD. And now they get the ball to start the second half.
  4. It is sad that we always need more than one defensive player to tackle Bernard!
  5. OK, 2:11 to go in the first half. We better score here and not give the ball back to the Bengals for the rest of the half.
  6. We need better line protection. You cannot throw the ball short on 3rd and long. MR needs more time!
  7. Let us hope you are right, 504. Hopefully the young guys can start to bond like Seattle does. It is amazing what camaraderie can do for you. Some of that leads to the type of "swagger" the Falcons currently dont have need, but sorely need.
  8. After watching todays Seattle performance, TD realizes he has far more work to do than he previously thought he would have to do beginning Feb 3rd (if that is even possible).
  9. I suppose there is some element of luck and destiny involved, but winning a ring requires good talent evaluation. Just comparing the skill, depth and overall talent of the Seattle roster to the current Atlanta roster makes me sick. Let's hope that we win a title before any of the newer franchises do.
  10. I think the Falcons need to upgrade the DT position on the roster. We do not have a dominant DT on the roster like Wilfork or Knighton. A good DT will make the DE more effective. So instead of just trying to directly upgrade the flashier DE position, I wonder if we need to upgrade the DT position. The ability to beat the G and C and the opposing OL and collapsing the pocket is very important.
  11. QB's typically get more credit and blame than they deserve. It's just the way it is in todays day and age.
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