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  1. Well it's gonna be this way until we can find somebody to play some "consistent" CB. It is what it is.
  2. I like Wright too, but what is he doing in this video? We can't have this.
  3. Good pick. I like it. He was more of a 5-6 tho.
  4. We pick again at 209. Maybe we still get a good player then Bosher won't be so bad.
  5. Green Lefedge/Johnson Ryan Jones
  6. The only CB I would take now is Chykie Brown.
  7. This late in the game I would rather just get one in FA. I like R. Marshall or D. Florence.
  8. I like Fannin too. He would be my 4th choice behind Hunter, Todman, and Locke.
  9. I like the TE's I mentioned and for RB's I like Locke Hunter, and Todman.
  10. I take that back. I can see RB or TE in the 5th. Especially RB. But there are still good TE's out there like Stocker, Green, Cameron, Thomas, Williams. So yeah I can see that.
  11. They are my favorite two. I'll take either one but I don't think we take one now.
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