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  1. America -- what have you done? Melanie Phillips Spectator.co.uk Saturday, 7th February 2009 President Obama has had, by general consent, a torrid First Fortnight. To put it another way, it has taken precisely two weeks for the illusion that brought him to power to be exposed for the nonsense that it so obviously was. The transformational candidate who was going to sweep away pork-barrel politics, lobbyists and corruption has been up to his neck in sleaze, as eviscerated here by Charles Krauthammer. Despite the fact that he came to power promising to ‘ban all earmarks’, his ‘stimulus’ bill repr
  2. It's good to see there are a few that do understand what is happening and why. You probably also know what it will take to stop it as well. BUT, the problem isn't going to be solved because the masses aren't listening. The politicians have them brainwashed. maybe that'll change soon. Kennedy was assassinated for one reason, or one action he took, the signing of Executive Order 11110. Five months alter he was dead. And anyone that believes he was killed by a gunman in a book depository, get ahold of me. I have some ocean front property for sale in Nebraska at bargain prices.
  3. I fit your description, with exception to the "privileged because of your Daddy" part. Grew up in the 60's and WAS subject to the draft. Saw a lot of friends die in Nam, but we didn't play candy azz chicken s**t and go blowing up stuff no matter if anyone got hurt or not, protesting like a bunch of (edited for profanity).... you get the idea.......... It's called Patriotism and DUTY to your country, the very reason you aren't typing in German or Japanese right now!!!! Ayers "context" is just another word for COWARD and a few terms I used above. He should have been shot for any **** thing they
  4. pretty much like Belushi did a few months back when the camera crew got in his face when he was out on the town with his family. After he took the camera and slapped the dude a round a few times I thought they were gunna have to surgically remove the camera from a certain body cavity. And JB recorded it all. Asked him how it felt..... funny stuff, maybe it's on You Tube now....
  5. Just a select few that have a LEGITIMATE reason for their actions.
  6. Yeah????????? Go get in Tiger's face with a camera 6 inches away from my face and see what happens. As far as that goes, get in any pro's face with a camera (on a course) during competition. I'm wondering how the spectator even got that close to begin with. At least John offered to replace the camera.
  7. Not To Mention - she is listed in Forbes as the 10th richest woman in the entertainment industry with a net worth of approximately $110 million. IF I was hooked up with here I know exactly what I'd do all day and night............ Any d**n thing she asked,................................ TWICE!!!!!!!!
  8. Isn't it convenient how the media can twist and turn something around in their slanted view and the fact they can influence the masses with DISTORTED FACTS. Let's talk about Distorted Facts for a minute. The fact that Joe isn't a State Licensed plumber is irreverent and he is not a fraud for NOT having a license. There are thousands of plumbers, electricians, heating and air, alarm and fire protection, sprinkler system installers, etc working in Georgia and every other State that ARE NOT REQUIRED to have a license. ARE THEY FRAUDS??????? They work as either employees or Sub Contractors of the
  9. House Roll Call: How They Voted on Bailout Bill Friday, October 3, 2008 3:42 PM The 263-171 roll call Friday by which the House approved a $700 billion government bailout bill for the battered financial industry. A "yes" vote is a vote to pass the bill. Voting yes were 172 Democrats and 91 Republicans. Voting no were 63 Democrats and 108 Republicans. X denotes those not voting. There is 1 vacancy in the 435-member House. ALABAMA Democrats — Cramer, Y; Davis, Y. Republicans — Aderholt, N; Bachus, Y; Bonner, Y; Everett, Y; Rogers, Y. ALASKA Republicans — Young, N. ARIZONA Democrats — Giffords, Y
  10. The collection of any taxes which are not absolutely required, which do not beyond reasonable doubt contribute to the public welfare, is only a species of legalized larceny. Under this republic the rewards of industry belong to those who earn them. The only constitutional tax is the tax which ministers to public necessity. The property of the country belongs to the people of the country. Their title is absolute. They do not support any privileged class; they do not need to maintain great military forces; they ought not to be burdened with a great array of public employees. They are not require
  11. Not THE banks, just ONE bank. You do understand the Federal Reserve is privately owned, right?? And how it came into existence? Who controls it? And who owns it? A short history lesson......... In a letter to Thomas Jefferson, John Adams wrote: "All the perplexities, confusions, and distresses in America arise, not from defects in the Constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, as much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation". Responding, Thomas Jefferson wrote:... "And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are mo
  12. That time came many many years ago and is long overdue. A few have attempted to start an uprising, but were squashed by Government henchmen that labeled them as lunatics. IF an organization could succeed, it would have to been well organized and mobilized in an all out blitz on Washington. I have heard rumors that some (local) religious organizations are attempting to stage a MULTI-million man march on Washington now. How that shakes out and the agenda remains to be seen. I don't think there is a lack of people that are willing, the problem stems from making the sacrifices necessary for the
  13. You'll probably like AT&T DSL Dash. No problems with bandwidth caps thus far. At one point I had 4 PC's constantly logged in pulling, shall we say, "Data" 24/7. A close friend is still running 6 now and AT&T hasn't or doesn't seem to care. We have 3 Terrabyte servers and **** DVD's are stacked everywhere. Seems like a full time job keeping up sometimes. I think you know what I'm not saying......
  14. You can get A&T DSL without dial tone, which means you do not have to have home phone service to obtain DSL service. AT&T won't tell you that but it was part of the agreement when the FTC approved the merger. There is a $5.00 per month additional charge though for not having the phone service.
  15. I'm thinking of doing something a little more exciting watching paint dry comes to mind.............
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