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  1. So Lovie Smith was a good head coach because he looked for self-motivated players...."motivated" to the point where they are contemplate retirement for the "past 2 years". I know a lot of people are shocked, but a lot of poeple arent bears fans. I think the answer to why he was fired actually lies within this article
  2. I dont know if they do that, but I think that is VERY smart idea. especially with our history of messing up in the playoffs. like, mess up THIS weekend pretending to call plays in the film room and fix it for the do-over (real game) next weekend. Good idea... did you just think of that or have you heard this somewhere?? I'm gonna do this with my friends this weekend lol
  3. whatever it takes...we got to get EVERYONE in the dome and being crazy by 12:30 LATEST. not getting downtown at noon or packing up the tailgate at 12:15.... but like actually walking in with enough time to be in our seats, filled to the brim and going nuts half an hour before the game (when TV starts getting stadium shots) Hopefully the Falcons will step up and do something to get ppl off their ***, but if not (and prob not) its going to take something big like massive cultural change and lazy people receiving a huge dose of cognitive learning via negative reactions.
  4. how hilarious would be if lions fans were like " oh they're a fraud...they won't win in the playoffs"..... LOL, yes, thank you for your insight...LIONS fans.....
  5. So carolina and the raiders outplaying us and losing is worse than minnesota and NYG outplaying the 49ers and winning????????
  6. I have 4 tickets in sec 309 for the Falcons/Saints game in Atlanta that I will trade for 4 to the Falcons/Saints game in new orleans.... anyone help me out?
  7. yeah but if you're first and goal from the 2 and you run it 4 times and dont get it, thats not the OC's fault. thats OLine or RB. when you rollout and run a huge sweep and all this crazy stuff, thats on the OC. Dont let it be your fault Koetter!
  8. what calls were questionable that favored the falcons??? howabout the fact that we uncharacteristically gave them the ball 3 times in situations we could have scored or allowed them to score. by my count, without the mistakes, we could have won 41-20.
  9. In general I'm fine with more passing in this offense...but when you consistenly get to 3rd and 1 or 1st and goal from the 2 and you NEVER just run forward (always a 30 yard pass attempt or some crazy sweep play), then only 14 carries per game is a problem. we left points on the field bc we tried to get too cute when we should have ran turner up the middle on short yardage situations
  10. LOL, I think you touched on it though...its like "oh awesome, we're 4-0," " awesome, we're 5-0" ..."6-0..".... but no matter how many we win, it doesnt give us a playoff win. likes its not really addressing the problem we REALLY want to fix. an anxiousness to get to the playoff and win there already. but keep in mind that 6-0, 7-0, 8-0...etc.. leads us to a top seed, homefield advantage and rest, thereby giving us our best chance to finally get that playoff win and possible super bowl appearance
  11. We def did not play well, yet we still managed 30 points and a win. Thats good... but whats bad is that teams will start to learn how to get us to make mistakes. Washington is a team I expect to play similar to carolina. If wash wins, or even makes us look bad- every team use that as a blue print against us. Either we stop it now, or stop it when our backs are against the wall this game will be very important....maybe not record wise, but long term it will determine our path
  12. I will give someone 2 free upper level (sec 309 row 9 ) tickets to any home game except denver or carolina to someone who can help me.... I need someone who is a fishing expert bc my gf wants all the right fishing neccessities and I want to give them to her for her birthday on sept 6. I am not very knowledgeable in the area so if you are hit me up! I have more season tickets than I actually use so basically I'm offering a couple of the extras in exchange for some good consultation. email me at tim@stephenstechnologygroup.com
  13. I"ve been on bourbon st after the Falcons win.... its not empty....its full of red and black
  14. Your argument that it should be about the team and not one player is not an incorrect statement... its just the incorrect response to your situation. You're ignoring A. age and B. the salaries of all the other players on the team. YES, I will grant you that brees is better than ryan, at least now (whos knows about the future ), but signing him, even after losing ryan puts us immediatley in the same situation or worse even than the saints will be in the next 2 years. Think about it, you're making the claim that money won't an issue in the same thread where posters have posted detailed accounts and the major major money issues the saints are about to have!! outside of QB, I will take the rest of our team over the saints ANYDAY and you dont want end our window next year or the year after just because brees may throw for more yards in 2012... Plus factoring in age, which IMO is a much much bigger deal than money, you'd be gambling that we will win a ring in 2012 and sacrifice 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. and that only saying Matt Ryan has a 12 year career. Brees, great yes, came into the leage 8 years before ryan! Dont forget, the saints did not win the super bowl immediatley after signing brees, it took them 3 years. They had to build around him... if we sign brees, we wont have the same 3 years to get to that point ( meaning we'd have an aging brees not a progressing one and we wouldnt have cap space to keep adding) The honest truth is, whether you love the make up of our team or not, at this point...we are kinda stuck with it. we can move some complimentary pieces around here and there... maybe replace turner, abe and TG gradually in the coming years but to seriously retool means ENDING this window of opporunity and starting over. like 3-13 starting over. So if you're really about the team first, you might as well stick to our guy. Besides, Ryan at his age is comparable to brees at his...so why can't he get there as well. He sure has better weapons!!
  15. If we sign Marcus McNeill theres no way its a competition between him and Baker lol. Baker would have to be INSANELY impressive in camp just to make it into the discussion
  16. tune in, listen and leave comments or call in!!! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cpstylin/2011/10/26/falconsnfl-wrap-up-week-7#.TqbW7bdk9Jc.facebook click the link to listen
  17. www.blogtalkradio.com/cpstylin/2011/10/26/falconsnfl-wrap-up-week-7#.TqbW7bdk9Jc.facebookdd49543fc45f463 Tune in tonight and listen to our Falcons/NFL Wrap up show 9 pm There is a comment box if you'd rather leave a comment vs call in and talk to us!
  18. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cpstylin/2011/09/28/falconsnfl-wrap-up-week-3#.ToDcgp_V4z8.facebook Listen tonight at 9:00! call in or write in the comment box All Falcons talk
  19. but wait its not fair.... I thought it was all about the SEC and who ever BSU plays... yet I didnt see alabama and florida take any snaps nor did boise st stop to let nevada or fresno st go.... wait, you mean you actually have to be good not just play in a good conference??? hmmmm so confused!
  20. so none of you have been able to find them online anywhere?
  21. I'm trying to find one of the old road jerseys with the black letters from the early 90's and I havent seen it anywhere where I can buy it. I don't even really care about much it costs! any one know where I can find it?
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