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  1. did 17 reps on the bench? Was he hurt or something?
  2. That is what this WHOLE POST is about...and you commented on my comment which was about the idiocy of Hip hop and being part of the illuminati...I said that I teach a lot of African American kids and this is what they concern their lives with. Not actually learning math ,science, LA, or SS (which if you look at the EOCT and Graduation test scores, they have the lowest scores in the state)My link,(just look at the data under statewide scores, they break it down into racial democraphics for you, click on the individual tests in the middle and you will see how scary this really is) but wanting
  3. Let's not be so hasty...while the music is the by-product of the streets, his comment has some level of merit in the since that noone seems to care that black on black violence is a HUGE social problem in the US, and our prisons are overflowing with young black males.
  4. That is an intresting take, never really thought of it that way...on a side note, what do you think of a guy like Mansa Musa? I think he is one of the greatest figures in world history. Tried to do good, but put the spot light on Africa in an unrelated way.
  5. While I have to agree that America has hurt Africa more than it has helped, it has done more than England, France, Belgium, or any of the other Imperialist countries that divided Africa in the 1800s. America never had a colony in Africa, but where are the Europeans now?
  6. I watched 2 guys in college eat 50 Krystals at one sitting as a bet. Both finished.
  7. If you say so pencil...you are the mayor around here...anytime someone says something about Vick or hip-hop or Obama around here they are a racist. Maybe you should change your name to Al or Jesse.
  8. If you say so fan...it makes me laugh that people actually think that a all powerful secret world organization would include a bunch of loud mouth boastful "entertainers" that talk about swag and biatches all the time. So you can keep listening to the *** clown circus if you want, but base god is not for me.
  9. but can he take over for Dahl or Blaylock...I think that if Clabo goes we are looking at some real trouble...we need to make sure we pay this man.
  10. What can you tell me about Renyolds and Johnson or any of the other guys we have as backups? It is likely that at least 1 maybe 2 of our lineman from last year will be gone. Also does Hawley have the potential to really be a good C for us? Thanks
  11. "Money is not the sole standard of success or the sole desire of the wise." That
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