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  1. I think JA98's been very serviceable this season in that he's aided tremendously in run support and pressuring the QB. My issue is not with the player; it's with the fact that He as of yet has not returned the investment of being a top 10 pick. I know Mario Williams was sort of in the same situation, but he's living up to his potential now. Maybe and hopefully JA98 and the coaches have found a formula for his success. That said, what do we need to do in the offseason to address a more disruptive pass rush?
  2. I take it you took the short bus with the tinted windows and the lift in the back, right?
  3. I just had a bacon double cheeseburger from Children's Hospital. Man, there food is tons better than Barnes Jewish Hospital!
  4. We are near the bottom in every defensive category. There's no way our 1st pick or our large FA signing does not go to a pass rusher.
  5. Nah, only the ones that threw the snowballs.
  6. Yes, we did. It just didn't cost the Saints the game.
  7. Bad calls are made on both teams in every game across the league every Sunday. We lost because the Saints made plays more than we did. I acknowledge that. But don't sit there there with 51 f*&^%$# posts and pathetically Saints fan bias and tell me that your p*&^%-azzed receiver was pushed out of f*&^%$# bounds! That's a stupid-azzed assessment; you saw it, the whole country saw it, and you f*&^%$# know it.
  8. Reason #1: Jason f%*&^%$ Elam Reason #2: No depth ANYWHERE! Reason #3: A terrible play call when your 4th and 2 and your season is on the line Reason #4: Crispy Houston (d*&% you Chris,just d&^% you!) Reason #5: Rich McKay, and the heaping mess he left TD to clean up. Reason #6: Officiating (call it what you want, but it was oh so s*&^%y yesterday) All us Falcons fans should be given prescriptions for antidepressants.
  9. Look, I'm hurt, too. Trust me, I've had enough experience with this organization to know that the pain will go away (at least until we play the Saints next year), and we'll look forward to the draft and begin redemption. You'll be OK. Oh, and the Saints are just a good football team. Deal with it.
  10. I was at the acceptance phase once they showed the replay of Gonzo being wide open and I took my 2nd shot of Bushmill's. Time to focus on other things until the draft. Next year is our year!!!
  11. I'm sorry coryb, but I still feel the sting of this loss, as I saw another season slip away after much (not unrealistic) anticipation. I can agree with the great effort, but after 3 decades of this,. it just doesn't get better. At the end of the day, the worst play out of an infinite # of better plays was called and cost us the game. I know that a loss is a team loss, but Elam lost 2 games for us and Mularkey lost it for us yesterday.
  12. The longest shot is us beating the Saints. We essentially have a JV team. We can't win with that.
  13. Schwarz, I thought that maybe BVG is so hesitant to blitz is because if we bring a saftey, our CB's will be even more on an island, and he knows that we're bad at that position.
  14. Yeah, we have to address our line situation, both starting and depth. Otherwise, we'll have a repeat of this season.
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