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  1. I only use my iPad or phone super easy.
  2. Yeah I sure do. Just hoping people will give it a try. If I could have people join then maybe it can actually become something cool.
  3. Come join my server where we can chat or voice chat. I'm trying to model it after our beloved forum. Hopefully you all will give it a try and like it. Invite link below
  4. Yeah only Fredrick made it smh.
  5. Unfortunately Mack didn't make it.
  6. New episode tonight numbers 80-71.
  7. I watched it yesterday and they stated that Fredrick was the only Center on this years list. Yet he was constantly given the title of best FA pickup last year. Really mind boggling to me. Oh well nothing that we can do except complain in this forum
  8. interesting indeed.
  9. I mean I know it's a popularity contest but come on.
  10. The more I think about the more it ticks me off. Alex Mack comes over in FA and takes us from 8-8 to 11-5 and if he didn't get a hairline fracture in his leg we would be Super Bowl champs. Yet he doesn't make the top 100, but AP does with only 72 yards rushing
  11. Well that's straight garbage
  12. Dang it forgot to put Vic on there.
  13. I mean Ryan and Julio are given Freeman and Mack should Maybe Neal How many Falcons do you have on the list?
  14. Yeah. That's what she was thinking.
  15. When I worked at the hospital a lady tried to name her baby Shi*head until someone pointed it out to her