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  1. Come join us in chat today https://discord.gg/FtdHHC
  2. Bears week 3 and @ Packers week 4 MNF we shall see. Very interesting start to the season if true
  3. Hearing Seahawks in opener and Cowboys week 2 we shall see.
  4. My Julio is scheduled for July and Grady isnโ€™t until September. Yeah the earliest they are shipping is July.
  5. I wanted a black Grady but unfortunately thatโ€™s not an option with the 50% off :,(
  6. Say what now Wow that's a beanpole
  7. Looking like we just traded for Tim Hardaway Jr
  8. Well I was already going to Atlanta to visit a friend and go to a Braves game; but plans changed real quick lol.
  9. My heart my heart so glad we found a way to win!
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