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  1. Lions game bump 37 minutes until kickoff
  2. Game day bump
  3. The Highlander got to get the Jerk Chili!!!
  4. 30 minutes until a new season!!!!!
  5. Season Opener let's go!!!
  6. Last bump for tonight.
  7. Bump for Preseason game 4 chat. 45 minutes until kick
  8. Hey man like really my bad I didn't even mean it like that. I read my post again and I see it. It didn't come how I intended. Was basically trying to say you don't have to the download the app on a computer. Only on your phone or tablet. Yeah I miss the chat from here also, but it hasn't worked in two years or so. So I'm just going to say sorry again. If you try it again and have any questions just let me know.
  9. I'm hoping for 10-0, but yeah 8-0 in the regular season.
  10. All good man I would have been ticked if I had drafted them though.
  11. First off wasn't insulting you or no one else. Sorry you felt that way buddy.
  12. Once again I don't draft until next Sunday just like every year. I literally said targets as in targeting the player on my draft board. I appreciate everyone's input though.
  13. I didn't next Sunday. I said one of my targets not players
  14. I know I'm a day late in this response, but I was at the game yesterday and just saw your posts.
  15. Yes it's the one now and Cappy is on it and helps run it. Really not that hard to figure it out you can use a computer. Phone and iPad if you download the app. Just join the server and click on #gamedaychat. You can explore around the server I built it similar to these forums as possible. Also includes voice channels which is a cool feature.