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  1. I'm sorry but this guy is garbage, what has he done? We play this man under zone? So what does he do? Seriously " hey guys let the guy catch the ball in front of you and go tackle him". And let's hope it's not past the first down marker? We have the worst field position in the league and everyone is mad a sark for not going 90 years every drive. We can't stop anyone. And yes you can blame it on injuries sure! You have trufant a big contract as a cover corner and we play zone? Huh. beas has done nothing since frenney left kazee is better than Rico, and I like Rico but Kate couldn't get on the field and we gave Rico a contract? Huh cambell is a better rusher than defender, and we don't use like that much. seriously other than a few corner blitzes, what does he really coach? I don't see anything different than I see every week and that last 2 years. Show me different look, show me a game plan for a specific team? Sorry might be a great guy but prevent crap I'm not down with, and I'm done!
  2. The line sucks! Our offense is playaction based if you can run we have problems!
  3. I would like to double dip at dt, settle, either Miami dt , norton or mcintosh josh sweat mark walton i don't care his condition is I would take hurst in the 7th
  4. I like this kid Josh Jackson, want nothing to do with Payne. Don't like bama def players and this kid has 2 good gearbox tape, no thanks
  5. Agreed I really don't like the idea of double dipping since we know Jarrett getting signed, your basically saying can't keep both drafted guys in a few years, unless you get a late round guy in the double dip
  6. A fb picked in the 4th? I stopped reading honestly
  7. Here we go again everyone in the dam stadium knows what's coming
  8. I truest belive and have been saying this Riley has been a big problem. Been screaming for someone else, and losing hags in rotation was a big problem. The 2 new additions I belive helped a lot!
  9. I agree and tweeted the same thing today, trying to keep pounding our small rob up the middle is dumb to me. Now the funny thing is we are still avg the same amount of rushing yards as last year but we are also missing on the big plays. So it's kinda weird to me
  10. Wasn't the qb coach that was highly touted we lost to rams or something? And now there offense is best in NFL? Lefour or something?
  11. So what thier opportunities just stopped from first half to the second?
  12. Look I'm as pissed as you all are but blaming the OC doesn't fix stuff. Look at what's going on? What do you eyes see? Usually you can find the problem or problems. This is what my eyes see. i know some of this might sound crazy or petty but things I see are problems. wheres the pass catching fb? Or fb period? wheres our great pass catching rbs? protection has been garbage? routes are shorter than usually but can't blame due to protection hooper where? we lost Aldrick Rob and I think it's a prob. Last year we had 2 speedsters Julio everything, sanu, tuff and hardy with great hands, the combo was great. We lost that speed this year, look what happened the moment they brought hall in today? tipped passes? Seriously I know we haven't looked great but 4 out of the 7 ints we're right in wr hands can't blame Ryan or OC for that. who or where the **** is duke riley? This guy is a ghost, need some more expiernce in there. doesnt campbell looking better rushing with his size than defending? how is it possible to be worse on run defense? It's the same team and supposedly we got better on the line. are we really missing hags? Babs? And Jackson? So to me it's either Riley, Poe? Or scheme? But something's not right. and finally Quinn needs to man the **** up, and stop waiting on the coordinators. You see NE blaming or questioning OC or whoever is coaching? To me right now it's a team that's lost they look like a team trying to change what people think of them coming off the SB. Do what we do, blow people out and work on how you close out game when you have blown them out! That was the problem! They are in a identity crisis and need to fix this crap soon and stop trying to get through games when they up big! Just freaking score more and we will worry about the last 10 of the game later, but for now just kill people make them fear us again!
  13. Ok where do I start, I'm pissed about today, one thing to get beat another thing to beat ourselves. Plain and simple Ryan needs to make better decisions. He does not loom as comfortable in this offense. Simple thing like we need 4 yards and the rub is wide open and he waits to go to someone else. Looks to me like doesn't know where everyone is? where the **** is the FB? im sorry, but this oline is a problem and might be the thing that kills us this year, really need to find a guard before this becomes a real problem! why the **** do we have like 4 tipped balls for INTs? All of a sudden we can't catch the freaking ball? Honestly part of the problem the balls that Ryan are throwing are high! Yes the wr should come down with it but once again I feel like Ryan is under pressure a lot more can't step up in the pocket and the ball is sailing on him, hence the oline! where the **** is hooper? Like looks to me like could be a serious threat but not being used? our dline got man handled today! duke Riley? Who? Haven't heard that guys name once in 4 games. Thats not always a good thing! trufant, did he lose a step or something? Dude is behind all the time all of a sudden, and he's getting picked on! Maybe a diff in the defense manuel is playing? i feel like we are playing way to safe. Last year I felt like we we a threat at anytime. Big play whatever, deeper routes, I feel like everything is a five yard cross right now, am I imagining things? and I'm sorry I know the tipped balls are not helping Ryan but dam man just some stupid ****, it's Third and one, just freaking run the ball and move on. Something just doesn't feel right. and today there like well Julio and sanu are out, ok well call plays for our quick fast tiny guys, why you trying to throw a bomb to a guy that doesn't do jump balls, throw it earlier so our speed demon can run to it? ok done discuss!
  14. Can't find the thread, told you all this kid would make the team the day he signed!
  15. Dude honestly, you are a donkey, I have no idea where you come up with this slander, what you think they only gonna keep 2 lbers on this team, as far as I'm concerned I look at it this way, Riley was needed they prob not keeping spoon nor wheeler so you were gonna replace them with who? they liked tak so I like tak, now they have 3 lbers, and 2 rushing outside guys that all run under 4.6. That's a lot to deal with. The guard is the only guy I have questions with but we will see. People can talk about the rb, but if we sign free, tevin is gone. This guy is a clone of him. Super smart You do realize this team is not far and just went to the SB, I think it was a very smart draft and look forward to the season!
  16. We already have a hodges, his name is toilolo
  17. I want legget before Hodges, legget has the fire that this team loves, he's a gamer
  18. Brantley beat up some girl, I'm looking at little, Davenport, legget, butt, D.king, Watkins
  19. Bro didn't see anything looked up saw NE on the clock and new they would get rivers! NE type of player and knew it
  20. He is gonna be the wheeler , spoon replacement
  21. Perfect trade back, I love it with all the guards still there, we pick up another pick and can still get one of the top guards ! Bam!!!!!
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