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  1. Dude honestly, you are a donkey, I have no idea where you come up with this slander, what you think they only gonna keep 2 lbers on this team, as far as I'm concerned I look at it this way, Riley was needed they prob not keeping spoon nor wheeler so you were gonna replace them with who? they liked tak so I like tak, now they have 3 lbers, and 2 rushing outside guys that all run under 4.6. That's a lot to deal with. The guard is the only guy I have questions with but we will see. People can talk about the rb, but if we sign free, tevin is gone. This guy is a clone of him. Super smart You do realize this team is not far and just went to the SB, I think it was a very smart draft and look forward to the season!
  2. We already have a hodges, his name is toilolo
  3. I want legget before Hodges, legget has the fire that this team loves, he's a gamer
  4. Brantley beat up some girl, I'm looking at little, Davenport, legget, butt, D.king, Watkins
  5. Bro didn't see anything looked up saw NE on the clock and new they would get rivers! NE type of player and knew it
  6. He is gonna be the wheeler , spoon replacement
  7. Perfect trade back, I love it with all the guards still there, we pick up another pick and can still get one of the top guards ! Bam!!!!!
  8. Elder is a great pick and he won't be there that late. He's a playmaker and a sure tackler. You need a guy who jumps routes in the slot. Although with the true signing I don't think they even draft a cb this year.
  9. Nice mock, i like the draft except for kpass, not that I don't like him I just don't see the need. I think they will go true dt, if they get rivers, pass is like to many guys on this team. They got 3 of those types right now. Next year they gonna have to redo the dt, if Poe leaves and not sure about hags yet. The elder pick I love, kid is a playmaker
  10. Smart move! Free will be next!
  11. Listen at the end of the day lamp would no doubt be a good pick and I'm sure most people would be happy but is it the right pick? No you can always get the 2 or 3 best guard in the whole entire college football in the 2nd round, you get the 10-15 best edge player in 2nd round. listen a few years agao everyone made this big dam deal about the 2 guards warmack and the guy from NC can't remeber his name now they were the best 2 OLine guys in the whole draft!! And warmack isn't even with the same team anymore. So I know we need a guard, and good one, but we don't need 1st round one. Get the best talented guy Quinn like to help out Vic and grab a G in the 2nd. It'd bit----Not a big deal but the money has been so lopsided off to def, that 2nd round guard will help the books out as well,
  12. Poe visits with Indy today, but atl, and Mia on deck next. We will see what happens I haven't seen anything with Hankins though
  13. I just hope we get one of the dt's!
  14. Poe has a visit with the colts first, Logan visiting the redskins, syelvester just signed, Williams already signed, and like 5 more teams in on Poe now, not looking good for us at this point. We wee said to have the inside track, but.... need to come out of this FA with one legit starter at G,DE,DT