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  1. I saw a headline this week that simply read something like "Falcons hold off Titans." Like, WTF? It was barely a game.
  2. We should crush them, but I'm not going to overlook them. This is still the NFL.
  3. For those that are unaware, our Falcons all freestyle with one another every Friday after practice. There's a video on here that shows William Moore rapping, and it really isn't bad. I laughed when he said "Come across the middle and I'll break your spine" although I'm sure our FO was cringing at that line Anyways, does anyone have any more information on this stuff? Or some videos/recordings of it? I'd like to hear these dudes spit.
  4. Not sure what your point is, but I don't think anyone is saying they want us to just get into the playoffs by the skin of our teeth. Everyone wants us to win every game, but speaking realistically, we don't need to win them all.
  5. No, but we can only lose one or two more games and still be in the playoff hunt. If we lose two more, we'll be 10-6. If we lose one more, we'll be 11-5. If we don't lose any more, we'll be 12-4. I think it'll take at least 10 wins to get in, and that might be with help. I think getting 11 wins will get us in for sure. Not the best scenario, but we have a good opportunity to do it.
  6. I really wouldn't mind seeing Mularkey go and have us bring in a more explosive OC. Van Gorder has to stay, though, you don't just let a 'stache like that walk.
  7. My opinion? Ryan doesn't get sacked much anymore... so I like it.
  8. After last week's aggressive decision backfired, I was worried that Smith would ease off the gas and be more conservative. Nope. He went for it on fourth down... three times? The actual plays that we run on fourth downs could be improved, but the aggressiveness is all still there.
  9. Did you watch the game yesterday? Matt was running the no-huddle for most of it.
  10. People hate on Turner all the time, but I think that's because they expect so much out of him. If you step back, though, it's easy to see that Turner is probably our best player and he usually consistently puts up big numbers. Gotta love Turner.
  11. We really do need to take these games one at a time, but I agree... our schedule looks very favorable. Here's my analysis: Minnesota @Houston @Carolina Jacksonville There's really no reason why we can't win all four of those games easily. At 10-4 with two games remaining, I really like our chances of getting the Wild Card, especially with all these injuries around the NFC. I could see us potentially losing to Carolina and Houston, but we could easily sweep the next four. @New Orleans Tampa Bay There's really no point in predicting the outcome of a Falcons/Saints game. It can go either way. Also, playing Tampa Bay could get tricky... but I think if our season comes down to winning that game, we will. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, because two more losses would spell big trouble, but I think we have a good chance of winning at least a Wild Card. The NFC South isn't out of the picture, either. The Saints don't have the easiest schedule coming up.
  12. We're going to need at least five wins to get in. I think we'll do it, but it's not going to be easy or pretty.
  13. If he re-injured the same hamstring, he's going to be out for awhile. Part of me feels like we played better without him during those few weeks, but I know that's just stupid thinking. We need the guy. Here's to Julio playing next week!
  14. Yeah, I have no problem with Smith going for it. But everything after that was just a disaster. They had two time-outs to think it over, too. Come on, man!
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