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  1. I approve this message..................Carry On
  2. Thoughts and Prayers for your family
  3. I get that part but was he injured or something.I mean you pull up his profile on the team page and it doesn`t even have his photo linked to it. I think he could be a great asset to the team just wandering why we haven`t seen or heard more about the guy.
  4. Really curious as to why Tyler Starr is still on this roster and why we`ve not seen or heard anything since Hard Knocks last year.
  5. Happy Birthday Tandy.................Hope your day was awesome.
  6. That was me brother,Just haven`t had time ya know.
  7. these were some of my favorites for sure.
  8. I have kept up with everything that has happened.Just haven`t been on here to talk football. Trust me I know what goes on these boards been here since before the Mike Vick episode so I`ve seen the good,bad,and ugly.
  9. Wanted to say Hi to everyone.I haven`t been on in about 2yrs I guess. Welcome to the incoming rookie class,our star studded veterans, and our new coach #Quinning. Let`s get this thing started!!!!!!!!! Rise Up Atlanta.
  10. would love to have one and thanks but I`m not making any games this season currently.
  11. The ICEMAN Cometh...2014.

  12. Sorry I missed the camp this week but was on vacation.Thanks Jon for the heads up on the goins on.
  13. Talk is cheap and until I see something from free agency and the draft I`ll reserve judgement.
  14. Ill reserve judgement till after the draft and free agency to see who we get.
  15. Still got the one from 07 in the archives,really wish we make the playoffs but I kinda doubt it.
  16. My wife and I are actually goin to this one..............Please let us win.
  17. I`ll take the wait and see approach.I love the Hawks almost like the Falcons or Braves but to me all are still cursed by being in the ATL. One World title in 1995..............I always wait till next year,I`m ready for that year to be now like most Atlanta fans.
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