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  1. I approve this message..................Carry On
  2. Thoughts and Prayers for your family
  3. I get that part but was he injured or something.I mean you pull up his profile on the team page and it doesn`t even have his photo linked to it. I think he could be a great asset to the team just wandering why we haven`t seen or heard more about the guy.
  4. Really curious as to why Tyler Starr is still on this roster and why we`ve not seen or heard anything since Hard Knocks last year.
  5. Happy Birthday Tandy.................Hope your day was awesome.
  6. That was me brother,Just haven`t had time ya know.
  7. these were some of my favorites for sure.
  8. I have kept up with everything that has happened.Just haven`t been on here to talk football. Trust me I know what goes on these boards been here since before the Mike Vick episode so I`ve seen the good,bad,and ugly.
  9. Wanted to say Hi to everyone.I haven`t been on in about 2yrs I guess. Welcome to the incoming rookie class,our star studded veterans, and our new coach #Quinning. Let`s get this thing started!!!!!!!!! Rise Up Atlanta.
  10. would love to have one and thanks but I`m not making any games this season currently.
  11. The ICEMAN Cometh...2014.

  12. Sorry I missed the camp this week but was on vacation.Thanks Jon for the heads up on the goins on.
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