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  1. We have a win to gain..... With Sanu ruled out, I'd like to see both of them out there. The way the Bucs have been playing and the way we have been playing, we need all the help we can get. Knowing our game, it's going to be decided on the last drive no matter who we play.
  2. I love the idea of Jimmy vs Neal, but I just don't see DQ playing man to man. More likely scenario is a cover 2 with Jimmy doing damange middle of the field. Now my hope that that neal or jones smashes him in the face (without causing a flag) early to make sure he doesn't try that again.
  3. by 'most' I am sure you're talking about CAR. As I watched each game. Only TE that did damage at the very end (which could have easily allowed CAR to come back)
  4. Fact check.... NO's TEs 7 catches 109yrds TD OAKs TEs. 10 catches 74 yrds TD CAR. TEs. 8 catches 93 yrds TD TB. TEs 4 catches 34 yrds TD only team that didn't put up numbers is DEN, but keep in mind they had a rookie QB that just didn't put up numbers and their #1 TE (Virgil Green) was out.
  5. At this point I think there is a bigger chance we move up, than down.
  6. Nope I saw it along with all the other rubbish articles that were also false ( Bennett seeking a trade) Think about the questions though, he had very talented players to work with. Then look at the numbers and notice that the production actually dropped off.
  7. What you are saying is so off topic. The thread is about 1 single player, which I'm seeing all over the place, my question is what makes us think that he will create that " 1 piece" he does not have a track record of doing that.
  8. I don't understand why everyone seems to think that Dan Quinn will make anything. Everyone mentions Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett as examples... If that is the case, here's a quick trivia for ya.... 1. When did Avril have his best season (most sacks, most tackles, most pass deflections, most forced fumbles, most interceptions, most TDs) 2. When did Bennett have his best season (most sacks, most tackles, most pass deflections, most forced fumbles, most interceptions, most TDs)
  9. Being selected to the pro bowl and the actual "pro bowl event" are two very different things. One is an achievement the other is a joke. Think about the amount of players that we have go from our team...
  10. Totally agree we still have a shot at making the playoffs. Provided I don't think we have enough to make a big splash in the playoff, but I don't think that will change in a year either.
  11. I think more so concerning than the fumbles were the missed blocks that caused sacks. They were not efficient in pass protection.
  12. I would not be very surprised to see us lose. Right now we are very inconsistent. I am would be shocked by anything from this team, we have the power to beat high caliber team and get steam rolled by teams like the Bucs.
  13. After beating the saints everyone was hyped up and stating claims like 13-3 or whatever. Our defense is not even close to there yet. The offensive line is not deep enough to be competitive in this league. We were a 8-8/9-7 team since day 1. Anything above that we should consider it luck. Superbowl, don't think so.
  14. Ryan had 448 yards 3 TD's and 0 INTs ,lets give the guy a break.
  15. Truth be told our defense didn't look good. Had we lost the game (which we almost did) it would have been all on the defense being unable to make a stop. Provided the aints have one of the best offenses we will face, we just couldn't get pressure up front.
  16. Comparing apples and oranges here. You can show an apple how an orange looks till you're blue in the face it won't change into an orange. The hawks have quality & confidence, we are miles away from that. Sherman didn't even have to do anything, he was still a stud, untested all game. Glowing with confidence and they continue to build. We need to establish ourselves one day at a time. Instead of looking at the hawks, we need to look at our own tape and point out what we are doing right and build on that. Establish confidence in our player, instead of beating them down to a point that they have to hide in their shirts.....
  17. Not to mention that S. Jax is not getting cut, no way no how.
  18. I don't know why people don't mention this but I think Chris Ivory should be on our radar. Kid is really good and he could be an all down back. Young, listed at 6'0 and very explosive.
  19. This week i'm actually okay. Feel like the monkey is off our back, so I'd say 2 or 3 at best.
  20. I feel a sense of relief as well. I can only imagine how the players feel. I think we see a totally different team than we did last week. Even Gonzo said, when the Hawks were rallying back into the game that "maybe it just wasn't meant to be". I think the players no longer have that mentality.
  21. Who has the advantage and why? What is going to be the key match up? QB-? HB-? TE-? OL-? WR-? ST-? DLINE-? LB-? CB-? S-?
  22. Well that is one of the reasons why the TE was wide open the whole game. Our linebackers played Zone/Spy while they are in zone, they don't really drop back due to run ability. That is why the TE is open at time in the back.
  23. I picked the Falcons, but it highlighted the pats..
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