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  1. This guy seemed to rush the passer quite nice to me.
  2. Bro...Mumbles? That had me cracking up...LOL!!
  3. The roster has MD listed as 5'9, 220lbs and Ollison at 6'1, 232lbs.
  4. He can catch out of the backfield as well...imagine that?
  5. LOL...you beat me to it. I was just about to post this. He looks like he's going to be a REAL problem.🙂
  6. I would love to see him continue to play here, but the $$...and why hasn't he restructured again? If we can get something to help this team, I'm ok with a trade. It shouldn't be so much pressure to get the ball one guy as it has been to get the ball to JJ. However, he and Ryan and had some memorable seasons...can't lie....I'm all over the place...😆
  7. Yeah...so I haven't been in here in a while and its good to see you all, but this question was posed in another forum and that person thought it was a REALLY big deal that he's never coached a QB. I was like..."it happens all the time" so I thought I'd ask here because I know you all would "tell it like it is."
  8. I'm a bit interested in this move and wondered what some of you think about it.
  9. The spin on the story is how Smith resurrected Tannehill's career. Matt is safe for now, because its easier to get the running game going than to go away from Matt without telling me what we'd get. Might as well maximize those Matt and JJ dollars.
  10. Why do you say that he's not the most eloquent guy in the world. Are you saying that he isn't as persuasive? My mind didn't think about eloquence.
  11. I once lived in Adamsville, and don't have a clue what this means...LOL
  12. I'd be surprised if Gurley play let alone the Falcons trying to "pound" the Saints with him.
  13. Of course, JJ is proven year in and year out.
  14. Julio is not terrible at scoring.....its the QB that's throwing to Metcalf.
  15. Yeah...and there's that as well. I don't understand why Ryan has never had carte blanche when it comes to this offense.
  16. Bruh....DK Metcalf is heading in that direction.
  17. Those defenses are confusing Ryan, he holds the ball way too long, and he's more inaccurate than I remember in a very long time.
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