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  1. I sure hope not. I haven't seen Irvin play in some time, but I do remember the name and yes, he will be a nice addition!
  2. They'll beat the
  3. This is not the best idea because we are just 1-1 in the division.
  4. We get blitzed all day and don't have plays to make them pay. Pathetic.
  5. Most recently, James Conner. "He rushed for two touchdowns and 110 yards from 21 carries, pacing the Steelers offense that's largely missed a running game since the season opener while adding four catches for 75 yards in the 41-17 Pittsburgh win."
  6. Good Question.
  7. No Sir...I disagree. Duke Riley is better than he was in preseason, but he shouldn't he be much better from a talent standpoint? Our quality of depth looks like B-team scrubs compared to the replacements that come in games against us and ball out.
  8. This is how I come to the conclusion that the preseason DOES matter...LOL...its to find quality depth...and we haven't done that for quite some time.
  9. I disagree...the offense has done more than enough to win games since game 2. I'm impressed with Sark's playcalling along with Ryan and Ridley's stats.
  10. I'd say it does. We are 1-1 in the division...
  11. LOL...I remember....It's cool. I'm a likable guy, especially if you've been here for some years.
  12. What? Let's just stick with the Falcons and the lack of depth on defense and the ability to make plays when needed. It can be traced back to the preseason for sure.
  13. Talent evaluation....half those guys shouldn't have ever made it to Flowery Branch in my opinion and you basically have nothing to show for a quarter of the way through.