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  1. There will have to be a SIGNIFICANT decline before management would even entertain the idea and you can thank YKW for this.
  2. We sure are loading up and I'm praying that it won't affect the NFL season.
  3. He doesn't stop until they are on the ground I noticed.
  4. This makes me feel good. I saw his numbers and they are OK, but he doesn't have to be "lights out" we have a solid backfield.
  5. I really don't get the messageboard because had he gone to TB...some of you would have lost your minds.
  6. He did ok last year unless he was hurt. I, as well, wondered about a physical. However, teams are doing physicals through mutual physicians.
  7. He is fast and tough.
  8. Jimmy G to the Patriots...LOL
  9. When did they say no...I missed that.
  10. For real? Was it because of the full autonomy that Brady was seeking?
  11. What'll be crazy is if he hooks up with Shanahan and the Niners.
  12. He's got good size and speed. I can say that. He'll be needed to keep the defense honest. I can see why his numbers are low. I just hope it works. We really need to hit it hear. We need so much.
  13. Wonderful...I'll just look here if I miss anything. Great idea!
  14. This sums up my thoughts rather precisely.
  15. He was moving right here and he's got some swag. I hope we keep that other TE as well. He's a young dude.