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  1. I love to see Brian Hill run. He's a slasher. I was wondering if he could return Kicks and Punts?
  2. Wow...that's is really interesting...the plot thickens now.
  3. I don't quite to know what to make of the "praying hands" emoji....can someone shed some light?
  4. Fromm should have stayed and got his "mojo" back.
  5. We won't really know because DQ will never tell the other side of the story anytime soon.
  6. They'll have to put an identity to the new uniforms. The all white "road" uniform will be a sight to see on the tube!! Can't wait!!
  7. Looks like throw back uniforms to me, nothing modern. They are cool though.
  8. Those are routine plays. I wouldn't necessarily say that Hooper's abilities have been diminished because Hurst can make the plays, it just doesn't cost as much.
  9. Isn't this the blocked Punt game in N.O.? The Katrina game?
  10. I shouldn't make a comparison between Hooper and Hurst, although Hurst is his replacement and cheaper? OK.
  11. These are plays that I'd expect a TE to make. Hayden will certainly makes these plays with less effort because of his speed.
  12. Honestly, I just expect to see football. I hope it happens.
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