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  1. Wanna switch screen names?
  2. Explain further....
  3. Love this from Hooper and Ryan as well being that he's throwing already. I wasn't ready to give up on Hooper! Good work!
  4. Free fumbled more and he's starting to miss key blocks, but I can't say trade him....
  5. Look at what they are losing this off season.
  6. Yeah....with good blocking and basically no penalties. Did they even punt the ball?
  7. We don't have the blocking.
  8. Our defense is that good.
  9. Pay that man!
  10. Hank Aaron has done well with his dealerships over the years. They may have already talked.
  11. His 2018 Cap Hit is 8.3M... **MAN...Levitre has started EVERY game with the exception of the few he just missed....IMPRESSIVE!** 141 GAMES? I didn't know that.
  12. Doesn't sound bad at all considering his value to the offense. Also, I'd like to see how they address LeVitre/his position and Schweitzer/his position.