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  1. You sound between the lines.
  2. Clayborn abuses a backup and we wanna know if DQ is calling the plays
  3. The rhythm of the play calling and getting to the line, resembled the efficiency of last season.
  4. Who long as we get to see the game on TV...
  5. Yall reaching for anything to b*&tch about....enjoy the win.
  6. The question is, did He or Matt call the plays on offense?
  7. Sure hope so....sure hope so.
  8. Would you have to give up a roster spot, if so, who?
  9. There was a thread made at 1:10 on Sunday, with plenty of co-signers, about how terrible the defense was....yet that same defense held the team to 1.95 yards rushing...judge for yourself rather than jumping on a bashing band wagon.
  10. wow...Eagles on the come up!
  11. LOL...this was created at 1:10 pm yesterday....most likely after the Jets scored on their first possession like they did against the Patriots and at least one more other team.
  12. 1st down? He dropped a TD...LOL