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  1. We didn't get any calls in our favor either. There were a few times that Philly should have been called for helmet to helmet.
  2. I had mentioned to some friends, prior to the game, that all we needed to do on Offense to stay in the game and neutralize the pass rush, was to get the ball out quick. Let me tell you something, I was ELATED to see the one play, early to Hooper, when he was lined up inside to the left and he fired off the line and Ryan hit him in stride for about 7 or 8 yards. It was a thing of beauty because it was an adjustment from last week and that was my concern. Those slants and WR screens worked all night (See Ryan to JJ on 4th and 3) and opened up other areas of opportunity. I really enjoyed that game, it was different. The defense held true till the end. DQ shouldn't have called that time out when we had them 4th and whatever, but anyways, great win! The whole organization seemed determined to win that game last night.
  3. He put us in scoring position before the last Ryan pick AND he's bigger.
  4. That's not great, that's "expected."
  5. "great rookie" really? After 3+ quarters of football? wow!
  6. I'd love a win.
  7. Yet they had 5 preseason games to figure the basic stuff like FG protection or blocking scheme on the first play of the game. The worse play for me was the throw to Stocker and not because it was an INT. Hooper fired off the line and I thought Ryan should have made the touch pass to him rather than rely on TE #2 to drag across the back of the endzone for a timing route? Stocker was so easily impeded. "Lets hit em with a lil Stocker on the timing route."
  8. Know one knows why the Falcons do what they do.
  9. How they paid this guy $12M+ is beyond me. Maybe the whistle had blown...I didn't have my earbuds in.
  10. I didn't get the impression that anything was wrong with seemed to be a desperate DQ.
  11. The one thing that has been common amongst all the coaching staffs that I have witnessed since '76, they mostly overrate their team because of the names of players rather than 1 solid philosophy. Also, some players get here and get interested in everything BUT professional football.
  12. DQ evaluated and chose Oliver.
  13. I was hoping that this wasn't true.
  14. DQs team didn't look at all prepared.