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  1. Ok...just so I can get on the same page as you, what's your angle....LOL?
  2. We'll be there
  3. Yeah because at that point, there was no reason to suspect that Freeman would miss the block so badly.
  4. Is he talking about the missed block from Freeman?
  5. Not a bad bet. The defense should be the same, if not better. Expect the Offense to be the same if, like you said, Ryan is healthy and a few key players on the OL.
  6. He was down 25 points...LOL...he had too throw the ball...
  7. It was said earlier that it was Ryan's fault for getting I figured that it works both ways. I prefer a mobile QB so no....I'm not less impressed by the Patriots OL....and this won't be a debate. In my opinion, Ryan was better than Brady all year and in the SB. Brandy ceased the what....LOL....It's nearly time for football again.
  8. I really just want him to win it when it comes here...this season would be nice as well.
  9. He was sacked 5 times, gave up a pick 6 and nearly another one...LOL...not impressed bro.
  10. I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell wasn't impressive at all...LOL...
  11. Bruh....Brady was not impressive...LOL
  12. With the second pass, Alford skied-up to get a hand on it and that point, it just would have smashed anyone in a white jersey....LOL.
  13. Nearly picked him twice. The WR should have been laid out once the ball was tipped. That BS was luckier than the what the Giants did...LOL!!
  14. LOL..."It is July 20th" yeah...I'm trippin'