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  1. Not the horn...It's not Atlanta...sorry.
  2. What I noticed immediately was crowded food lines converging with pedestrian traffic....that was a real bummer. But that was during the preseason game.
  3. I immediately thought about Ryan's rookie season...LOL...this here is all propaganda. AB, TD and company put this team together after YKW screwed up everything.
  4. I'd like to see "hurry-up" and throws to the RBs.
  5. Wow...Look at this list!!
  6. I'd like to see a balanced game from the offense. I'd like to see this team....finish strong, meaning 2nd half scoring.
  7. ....sure...why not...
  8. game planning....they care not to premature put anything on film...etc.
  9. Meet, greet, and beer at Halftime somewhere? Actually, before the game, at the stadium, maybe better...
  10. As long as I've been knowing you all here, will some of you all be at the game? If so, are we planning a meet up?
  11. That was about 10 steps...
  12. I heard that we were keeping 7 WRS