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  1. He has speed, but not a lot of moves and he's light in the butt. Defenders get their hands on him way too much and shut him down.
  2. He just hasn't shown much since then...I would say move on.
  3. For the most part, we've liked our players enough to keep them.
  4. There's no need to re-signing him at any rate because we've seen his ceiling. He's not giving us what we need.
  5. I lost my original board name for being a "bad" boy.
  6. "Nah...we good over here"
  7. I feel like you, but if this OL isn't fixed, it'll put an even larger microscope on this move, which is basically DQ's project. I'll give it 2 seasons of mediocre ball (not that I want to see it) and DQ and company will be gone.
  8. LOL...DLed's source was totally true...Koetter hired!
  9. No video?
  10. "Dirk Koetter has been offered the position of Falcons offensive coordinator, according to one person familiar with the situation." ....He's only reporting....
  11. It amazes me how he's respected everywhere else but in this room...LOL!!
  12. EXACTLY!!
  13. I sure hope not. I haven't seen Irvin play in some time, but I do remember the name and yes, he will be a nice addition!
  14. They'll beat the