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  1. This type of thread was created only 6 hours ago?
  2. That should be paid for...I'm thinking....
  3. How stupid can we be as "fans?"
  4. Besides...Julio said everything was fine. I hate this....
  5. ....with 3 years left? C'mon man, then why even have contracts?
  6. When players do this, I could care less one way or the other. To do it this way, is really tacky....
  7. Please for the ones that say "pay him," please include how you'd go about paying him since we don't even know what he wants? How would you "pay him?"
  8. I just don't feel this was the best way to go about handling his contract issues. In the TMZ interview, I sorta felt like he was sandbagging, but he said it was no issue. However, running around with the enemy Cam Newton, and "training" with T.O., when he could be helping out at Flowery Branch, mandatory or not...I'm so done with this. This makes him seem greedy and less trustworthy with 3 years left on his current contract. Did he not think to add this type of BS in his contract then? I'm calling BS on this one and quite frankly, I surprised....I hate when players, especially ours, do this crap.
  9. But the typo meant something...LOL! "Gave some dap = Hive sop dap
  10. How does sociology gets in the minds of the opponents...did he mean psychology?
  11. Somewhere around 2002-04....banned once...only had one other screen name.
  12. From what I saw....route running and acceleration after-the-catch....
  13. None...he wasn't a TD machine last year...