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  1. We've been grinding out wins and as long as the OLine blocks and the defense can slow down Ahjai, we'll be good for another ugly one....***no blink*** gut response.
  2. Can't figure out why he's not out there more.
  3. Very well could have been. Congrats Ryan family!
  4. Yet you used stats to tell a story.
  5. Run and hit on defense Avoid 3 and outs on offense Score TDs rather than FGs OL must give Ryan time Can we have one big day on ST? Just one?
  6. Ok...apparently it wasn't you that asked me if AB has missed any games yet. Sorry bro.
  7. You asked me if AB has missed any games yet? Correct? So I asked you will he play the next one....LOL
  8. I don't give a hoot about Pittsburgh...LOL
  9. Why the **** would i care if AB missed any....the question is will he play the next?
  10. So whats the point?
  11. 1200+ yards on 76 catches with 2 games left...Julio is a little off
  12. Don't act like it just started happening...
  13. **** Roddy didn't score TDs....we just don't throw to WRs in the endzone....
  14. Ryan and JJ as teamed up and smashed NFL records and some of you all to dumb to enjoy it. Its no wonder we have a reputation for having dumbest fans in the NFL.