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  1. How does sociology gets in the minds of the opponents...did he mean psychology?
  2. Somewhere around 2002-04....banned once...only had one other screen name.
  3. From what I saw....route running and acceleration after-the-catch....
  4. None...he wasn't a TD machine last year...
  5. That's why this year's draft is paramount. There's gonna be some difficult decisions to make.
  6. I can remember Tuggle telling us about him during TC of his rookie season. I remember thinking that if Tuggle said he is the truth, it pretty much the truth.
  7. ....then how would you sign the other pieces?
  8. ....But this OLINE though....
  9. It's more of an indictment on our OL rather than Chubb, especially seeing how Alabama shut down the running lanes.
  10. That one pass against ND was his only catch all know our RBs catch the ball....
  11. Well you said, "great runner between the tackles, perfect fit for the Falcons," I disagreed and you've been sensitive every since.
  12. Dude....calm down and try and have a conversation....
  13. I heard top 5 the other day...