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  1. I must say that w/those Defensive rankings so lopsided, I'm surprised at being 5th on points allowed. Nice to see!
  2. Does that mean we're not allowed to discuss it beforehand? Wasn't trying to be rude, just thought it would be a good topic and maybe a source of inspiration for Peyton or whoever had the task.
  3. I think he said, "You gonna give Dre the moon later, baby?" :ph34r:
  4. While this may be basically true, it does not change the FACT that he didn't get his head around and it happens quite often. -_-
  5. x2 and it scrunches up his whole face, but other than that, he reminds me of Joe Montana! J/K Leeroy. Way to man up. Welcome here anytime. I really thought the score would be a lot closer if that makes you feel any better.
  6. I can't say much, she's really pretty good about leaving me alone and keeping the kid occupied as well on gameday, so I'm pretty much blessed. But I like to watch the game from 60:00 to 00:00 no matter what. She saw the score and knew it was garbage time, so yeah, I had to listen.
  7. This may be reason enough to get in trouble at work tomorrow for surfing the 'net! :P
  8. My wife came in the room and was talking to me when that happened, so I only caught it out of the corner of my eye, but that is hilarious!
  9. There goes that talking in third person ish again. Oh, brother!
  10. I thought he did 'em last week.... y'know... for the bye!
  11. Yeah, I forgot about that! Reckon he might be a shoe-in.
  12. Good point, poutlipper. I don't remember the rules, but staff as a whole may be ineligible. If I had to pick one of them for a nomination, I guess it'd be Mularkey, for not being so daggone conservative like we saw in the Pats game. The D did a great job today, but against what? SF's offense is suspect at best, and I guess I'm still not convinced our D is made of steel yet. Yeah, BVG called the blitzes we're wanting, but against a QB who is relatively impotent at making an opponent pay for that. Do agree that they did their homework and had the team ready after the bye.
  13. Pretty much explained it above. You didn't miss Hill. Moore looked like he's got some hustle in him. I'm encouraged!
  14. Nominate your player here, if ya like. Matty had an awesome game, and I'm very tempted to nominate him - especially after the hustle on that fumble. But my nomination this week goes to Roddy White. I don't remember the stats, but he had to have over 200 yards, and what iced it for me was him smackin' Dre Bly for the stupid showboating. Prime time-ing or not, he was gonna catch him and tackle him. But to get the fumble on top of it - way to turn around and play some nasty D when we needed it Roddy!! He's got my vote. (PS - Tony's catch of the yellow flag in the endzone gets an honorable mention for entertainment value.) :P
  15. We should bump this every minute of every day. Definitely bump! Why can't they just admit they made a mistake and go back to something that worked better? I could give two ****s about all the whistles and bells.
  16. Love your #3 BCEagle, and yes I definitely did notice that. Heads up play - he almost got it too, and I love his moxy. (is it gay that I love Matt Ryan's moxy?) :wub:
  17. Agree that it was nice to see more of that blitzing and pressuring the QB. Also nice to see them move JA98 inside some, and get some results from that. We are fortunate, however, that Hill is not a QB that can make you pay for blitzing. Not so sure that approach would have worked as well (although it would have been nice to see them try) against Brady & co.
  18. Props for the respect. I really believe Singletary will get it turned around. Glad it didn't happen this week, though.
  19. Thank you House. Sanders is much easier.
  20. Good call, Swift! I don't think I posted in here, but I'll be honest, and say I didn't see THAT coming!
  21. That was great! Missed the ball but caught the flag!!!
  22. Excessive Celebration in the End Zone for a 90 yard TD run by Roddy White, just showing the gracious 9er fans a little more of his athletic skills... C'MON, MAN!!!!
  23. I USED to know how to spell it, honest to God!!!
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