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  1. I was just thinking this same thing earlier today. He probably has 2-3 years left in him.
  2. I'm thinking about it. My in-laws are there and I use to live 30 mins outside of London. Just have to figure it out to get tickets.
  3. I agree build the team up so that when Ryan retires all we need to do is plug in a QB.
  4. Looks like needs that fit the long range rebuild plan. We basically tried to shore up the offensive line and defensive backfield this draft. Suspect next year the emphasis will be on the defensive front 7.
  5. I'll give them 2-3 years to get us out of the salary cap **** we're in and the AS type of player the HC wants.
  6. We could end up with Lindstrom at one guard and Mayfield fighting for the other guard position or in a battle for the RT. But I hope it's at one of the guard position for Mayfield. We then have Dalman and Hennessey fighting it out for the center position.
  7. Expect Mayfield to play at one of the guard positions or backup for the guard/tackle positions.
  8. I think that's the FO's line of thinking too. They seem to be looking for diamonds in the rough or steals that have fallen thru the cracks into Round 4.
  9. The FO sees things differently than these boards. Maybe because of the salary cap, they are trying to save money on this year's draft. Though I hate to see some of these players go to other teams. You have to give them the benefit of doubt this first year and see the result this upcoming year. We might be in a mini-rebuild. I have to think they have something up their sleeve. Edit. When they passed on the RB, I suspected the Safety position would be the pick.
  10. Will New England get a chance to get Fields? If so, once again the rich get richer.
  11. Don't post much. But this seems like a safe pick that you can build your offense around.
  12. Must not know about Thor, Captain Marvel, or even the Hulk.
  13. Because they're heritage is defense first and then build the offense. The old saying, "Defense wins championships!" is still true today. NFL owners thinks its sexy to have teams score a lot times and try to handicap defenses. But if you have a good defense, its more easy for offenses to score today than back in the day.
  14. My take is Surtain or Pitts. If not, trade out if the offer is too good to pass.
  15. Same to you and your family. Merry Christmas!
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