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  1. The question is who is the high risk people. Someone may be high risk, but doesn't look high risk. That is the problem with the virus. You never know who has it. Just today the president's militart valet was diagnosed with it or had the antibodies. Me, myself and I will not be going out anytime soon unless I have to.
  2. Liked the last 2 picks, so I'm gchoose files... Click to choose files oing to give the FO the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully, they know or have seen something in Terrell that the majority of us haven't.
  3. No Hennessy, but I do have some Remy Martin or Courvoisier.
  4. Kind of off-topic, but I thought we had 2-2nd round picks. Or is it 2-3rd round picks?
  5. So KOG who do you think we should have picked at 16 tonight, given the way the draft was going? You know I respect your opinions. You have been on these boards for as long as I can remember.
  6. Brady, Bridgewater, and Brees will probably have a field day with Terrell. Hope I'm wrong.
  7. The question to ask is TD going all in since this might be his last year here?
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