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  1. My sentiments exactly. It seems like we win the 1st halft and the other team wins the 2nd half and the game. It's almost like we show our whole game plan we have in the 1st half and the other team shuts down our game plan in the second half.
  2. It seems like teams figure out our offense at half time and shut us down. We're winning the first half of games, but losing the second half of games and the game.
  3. I've been overseas and in foreign countries too. Unless you were born Black and grew up as a Black person in this country, you will never understand. As an old-timer I can remember the civil rights era of the 60s and we are going backwards, not forward. Right not there are 35 states wanting a constitutional convention so they impose their racist and sexist views on everybody. They only need 3 more states and then all bets are off. This is bigger than just some game and players. I wish Black people would go back to boycotting stores, entertainment venues like we use to do in the old days. Hit them in their pocket book where it hurts.
  4. I said before the game this would be our 1st real test and we failed. The defense is not quite there yet. The defense needs to be able to hold the other team to 24 points or less for us to win our games. If not, then odds are we will lose. I am starting to notice a disturbing trend. It seems like we can score at will on our 1st 3 scoring drives. But then after that, the offense is unable to score or dictate their will. I hope I'm just seeing things or dreaming, but this is starting to concern me. The defense is still a work in progress. It still cannot impose its will when it wants. For us to go to the Super Bowl and win it. The defense has to be able to stop teams and impose their will when it's needed. Then is almost a rehash of the Super Bowl. The pundits are going to have a field day with this. Just watch.
  5. This is a good benchmark game to see exactly where we are as a team. We win, the sky's the limit. We lose, then we may not be as good as we thought we are.
  6. That's what my daughter says. She says football is barbaric and she's right!
  7. You can't pass if you can't protect the QB. Right now we cannot protect the QB.
  8. Is it my imagination or are we getting beat on the edges. Seems like our defense is letting the runners turn the corner. Not sure if it's over pursuit or something else. But the Falcons need to stop letting the runners turn the corner on us.
  9. Great photos and congratulations!
  10. Thanks for the update KOG. Sorry to hear that about Gritz. Will pray for him.
  11. Same here. I get it with my laptop.
  12. Wish I could take you up on that offer, but I'm working.
  13. I noticed Carolina was not in the top 6 while New Orleans was.
  14. My condolences to him and his family. Always remember tomorrow is not promised.
  15. Well I will say this. There is a lock of hacking and cloning user's accounts of FB. A lot of my friends accounts have been cloned. It's so bad I've put out a warning to all my friends if they get a 2nd friend request from me, delete it.