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  1. Kubiak is out of the running. Just been signed by Denver.
  2. My condolences to his family.
  3. It isn't Ryan, it's the way the team was built. Team built to be a pass first team with the load all on the QB. Ryan is not that type of QB. Now if this team was built to run effectively do play action pass then he's very effective. But it's no built that way. Successful teams are built on solid defense and play-action passing. This team was setup for passing to bring in fans and not set up for winning. TD try to build this team like New England with an unstoppable pass offense like Tom Brady's offense where you beat people by passing and not by solid defense and solid offense.
  4. Think we need an OG first to protect the QB and then go DT. To plug up the middle Teams have been running down the Falcons' gut all season long.
  5. I say blow it up too, but I would keep Quinn. Matt Ryan is not an elite quarter back. He is not a poor man's version of Tom Brady that TD wants so desparately. Ryan's receivers are what make him as good as he is not the other way around. He stares down his receivers before he passes to them. He always looking for Julio Jones. You could give our receivers to the Saints and they would be unstoppable. They're almost unstoppable now with off the street, not drafted receivers. Brees is an elite QB. He can take nothings and make them into something. Can Ryan do that? Can Ryan take off the street receivers and turn them into world beaters like Brees? Get some draft picks by trading Jones and Ryan and starting building inward outward. I mean build the lines first and then worry about the skill positions. Flame away.
  6. If would be nice if you would put a player's position with their name.
  7. That's why he's a DB and not a WR.
  8. Keep an eye out for no. 13. That's my nephew, Bennie Fowler.
  9. One of the Falcon sponsor should offer Julio an endorement deal if he signs. One that might make of the difference between what he wants and what the Falcons are giving. Flame away.
  10. Let him know much endorsement money he's going to miss out on if he gets traded to some small market NFL team like Green Bay or Jacksonville or Minnesota.
  11. Welcome back!
  12. Looks like he can be a diamond in the rough?!
  13. Who do you suggest for DT or RG?