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  1. Pile on 'em while you can. But you guys lost to them too. Two teams that were better than the Cardinals, supposedly, and two teams that just couldn't get it done. Not saying my team would've either. Just saying it's easy to kick someone while they're down
  2. Mora was officially named head coach of the 09 season a long time ago. I think he'll do alright. It's not like the Seahawks don't have talent. Their injuries just piled up this year. I can think of at least 5-6 pro-bowl talent players on their roster.. Hasselbeck Walter Jones Julian Peterson Patrick Kerney Marcus Trufant Lofa Tatupu Can't say that for every team
  3. Gonna have to go with the Falcons on this. S24F is right. Cardinals were by far the worst team. They really didn't belong in the playoffs, and wouldn't have been if they were in a better division. The Falcons had a great year and Ryan looks like a stud. But they laid an egg in this one.
  4. Worst team still in the playoffs? Yeah. They weren't the worst team this weekend. Thus far that's looking like the Falcons.
  5. I actually want them to win. But I have a feeling the Falcons will lose this one. Just a gut instinct (which has been wrong on many an occasion)
  6. he's actually done a bit better than the last regime, in his defense. Not a fan of Allen or Gruden. But looking at it objectively he's picked some pretty darn good players.
  7. Did I call it or what? I'm not at all surprised. Good luck Panthers and Falcons. Represent the NFCS well.
  8. If the panthers can't beat them, surely the Falcons can't. Your homerism is off the charts lately.
  9. When I start seeing people walking around LA with Ryan jerseys, I might start agreeing with you. Vick had a man-love fan base bigger than any other player in recent memory, imo.
  10. I can say -I- am in a state of shock. Unfortunately it wouldn't at all surprise me if we lost to the Raiders tomorrow. Sad.
  11. Saying we're better than the 'skins and eagles is rather generous at this point. I'm not sure if we could beat either team.
  12. Those are Gruden fans? I'm a Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan =) I'm sure a lot would jump ship, just like the Vick nut huggers.
  13. Don't need to send Dungy a thank you card. It was the TB Buccaneers that won the superbowl that year. Not the Indianapolis colts. My allegiance lies with no coach. It lies with the team.
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