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  1. whens the last time the Patriots have used a high pick for rb ?? Seems like they use everyones throw aways and do fine.
  2. Problem is RYan never gets hurt so its hard to hype a qb that sits on the bench.
  3. give RYAN his 2015 o line and he will regress. Its really as simple as we have a legitimate center and the emergence of Ryan Shraeder . We still have spotty guard play but Ryan is good enough to overcome that.
  4. Ryan isnt paid to run. He used his arm to get the ball to the best receiver in football and a guaranteed first down . I would rather my starting qb stay healthy than open himself up to a cheap shot UNLESS it was absolutely necessary to do so - IT Wasnt.
  5. I would love to see this defense simply pin its ears back and play aggressive as **** versus getting picked apart all the way down the field. We have an offense that once its in rhythm is hard to stop. I just hate to see us take our foot off the throttle.
  6. I think Julio will make an impact when hes needed. DUde has been banged up a little the last couple weeks - why have him banging if we dont need him to ?
  7. Ryan is gaining confidence in this o line. Its really that simple. But the Saints defense has to be dead last with ours right next to it. All I can hope is that the offense get even better like it was in 2012 when Matt carried them to the 2012 NFC championship or the defense grow up in a hurry. We cant continue to win these games playing better opponents with the defense totally sucking balls.
  8. if we stay healthy our young defense will get better as the season goes on. Glad to see Matt get comfortable with Hooper. Hang on and enjoy the ride.
  9. yet he gets blame for tipped pass int's - you cant have it both ways.
  10. maybe instead of dismissing or blaming him you look at what else has been consistent with this team - a ****** defense and a ****** oline. Despite it the guy has stayed healthy and gave us chances to win. He won for years with just a solid offense and average o line. Once that was gone he couldnt catch up with the points and yards the defense was hemorrhaging . Is it any wonder he had so dang many comebacks wins when he had a running back and decent o line. ?
  11. if you can calmly without pressure scan the field and follow your progressions a player like Julio is not needed. If you dont have time to find Julio because of pressure it doesnt matter how great a talent he is.
  12. thta it factor is an oline that gave him time and a defense that gave our line fits and shut our run game down.
  13. and everyone wants to talk like Winston is stud. Dude had time because they were playing the ****tiest pass rush in football at least 3 years running
  14. he also won a lot of games despite a declining Turner, a bad o line and a poor defense. We had a lot of turnovers on defense but we gave up a **** load of yards . We made it there because of Matt Ryan - not in spite of him. We were in the game sunday because of him. If the defense plays well we win. If Ryan had sucked we would have been blown out .
  15. and a defense that could get off the field. Something Matt Ryan has never had.
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