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  1. Planning to drive out from Atlanta early Saturday morning and drive back Monday morning. Low on funds so our plan was to find a spot to tailgate and watch the game from a bar or something nearby. I'll take any suggestions and would love to meet up with other fans who are going.
  2. Smitty is not going to admit the fact that Boudreau gave Dimitroff good advice about drafting Hawley. The guy is a waste of space. We are in trouble if McClure cant get back on the field sooner rather than later. I wish Smitty would be honest with the fans.
  3. What I don't understand about Mike Smith... His freaking brother in law is Brian Billick, the same guy who made Randall Cunningham and Culpepper look better than Joe Montana. Oh and he is the same guy with a super bowl ring. Come on Smitty, Billick will make our offense explosive.
  4. Mularkey too conservative? by: keven lerner September 25th, 2006 | 3:00 PM Sfldaunte092606 Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey has been under scrutiny from fans, especially after the last two games. His simplified game plan against Tennessee certainly benefited Daunte Culpepper, but it’s fair to ask when he will take a more aggressive approach. “It’s something to build on,” Culpepper said following Sunday’s 13-10 victory. Mularkey’s schemes thus far have been fairly conservative, relying on a heavier ground attack and fewer deep passing plays. This offense does have limitations, though, with a quarterback trying to regain his form and an offensive line struggling in run blocking and pass protecting. There’s no question that Scott Linehan’s system last season was more attacking. When asked about the difference between his coordinators the last two seasons, receiver Chris Chambers said, “Scott likes to get guys involved a little earlier as far as throwing the ball downfield, taking more chances and taking more shots.” Chambers said it’s just a matter of time before the offense comes together. “We’ve got some guys that we need to build more chemistry with,” he said. “We take what [the defense] gives us. Those games will come when we break out and have 100-yard games and touchdowns. We’ve just got to be patient and they’ll come.”
  5. Someone should tell Mr. Blank he is getting robbed. There is no way Robinson is actually earning that much money. Such a waste.
  6. This one is on Mike Mularkey and Matt Ryan... Couple of losers. I want a refund on my tix. We could easily go 0-3 to start the season. Eagles are going to kill us, and then all the Vick lovers in Atlanta will call for Blanks head for releasing him.
  7. Been a fan as long as I can remember, going back 25 years. I am very well qualified to call for MM's job. There was no adjustment made to account for a first time starting center and guard who could not block a paper bag. So yes, he should be fired for being so stupid. How many times did the Bears blitz? Newsflash!!! They did not have too. Our line was THAT BAD! Sam Baker is a never was. He is okay at best and a liability at LT. A decent coordinator recognizes a weakness and calls a game to hide those weaknesses as much as possible. Yes he should lose his job today.
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